July 6 2017 – Lovettsville

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Online Onsite Auction

Thursday July 6, 2017, first lot closes at 6:04 pm


Hash Auctions  has been chosen to sell the  shop contents for Mr. Tom Bullock of Lovettsville Va.

He is selling many of his wood working and blacksmiths equipment.

Anvils, blowers, tongs, and more. 

This auction will be one of several.

Auction location:

38619 Stevens Rd, Lovettsville, VA. 20180

First time bidders, register here:


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PREVIEW:  Auction Day July 6th 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

PICKUP: Friday July 7th 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

1 – Thank You for viewing this Auction Mr. Bill Tillett and Hash Auctions are pleased to bring you part one if this auction for Mr. Tom Bullock of Lovettsville Va. He is selling many if his wood working and blacksmiths equipment. Anvils, blowers, tongs, etc
2 – Old tin ware kettle years of use wear but neat decor piece
3 – Vintage fuel can in wooden box container
4 – Horse Harness, grouping of 2 collars and selection of old leather harness pieces hanging on wall
5 – Electro Therm Digital Thermometer, model SH66A
6 – Drill Bit Doctor electric drill bit sharpener
7 – 10pc set of “T” Allen bit drivers with holding rack fastened to wall
8 – Iron Works Lot, grouping of vintage items, skillet, snow bird, ladle, carpenters square, fork, plus advertising Thermometer from “Bankgebaude Stein”
9 – Stanley Level, old wooden carpenters level 30″ long
10 – Saddle Vise this decor piece is the vise from a leathers workers stand
11 – Old carpenters type hatchet tool with wood handle
12 – Butter Print this is the handled “Wheat Mold” a print piece
13 – Cannonball, Cast Iron Ball 5″ in dia.
14 – Early tin ware fuel can decor piece showing years of use
15 – Old leather pouch bag 12w x 14″ high
16 – Early wire Trap small wire mouse trap type piece I believe4.5″ tall
17 – Carpenters Mold Edge Planes, set of 6 nice all wooden planes
18 – Tool Lot, 4pcs early cabinet makers tools, 3 scribes, crank winch,
19 – Automobile Sun visor vintage tinted glass visor framed marked Night Driver
20 – Tire Pump parts, older pump not complete
21 – Tool Lot wooden vise screws, draw knife, etc
22 – Two planes, spoke shave type, one marked Stanley No.80
23 – Drill Press bench top style 5spd heavy duty drill machine 1/2″
24 – 4 wood planes
25 – Drill Brace Lot, 2 drills Yankee hand crank type plus one soldering iron
26 – Eagle Bulls Eye Mirror, the frame has some use wear but still usable
27 – Saw, early wooden framed early carpenters saw
28 – 3 spigots, 2 all wooden barrel keg and one early brass value type
29 – Set of Blacksmiths Tongs
30 – Set of Blacksmiths Tongs
31 – Set of Blacksmiths Tongs
32 – Set of Blacksmiths Tongs
33 – Set of Blacksmiths Tongs
34 – Set of Blacksmiths Tongs
35 – Set of Blacksmiths Tongs
36 – Set of Blacksmiths Tongs
37 – Set of Blacksmiths Tongs
38 – Rasps, 2 early wooden file rasps
39 – Plumb Bob, and a old miter box type saw
40 – Early wood divided box filled with early hoof type farriers nails
41 – Anvil, made from railroad tie piece but with long horn type point 34″ long
42 – Matheson Gauges, set of tank gauges
43 – Craftsman Gauges, set of tank gauges
44 – Union Carbide Gauges, set of tank gauges
45 – Craftsman Gauges, set of tank gauges
46 – Harris 601 Gauges, set of tank gauges
47 – Matheson Gauges, set of tank gauges
48 – Auger Bit, wooden “T” handled auger bit
49 – Auger Bit, neat unusual crank handle type bore auger bit
50 – Iron Works Lot, saddle stirrups, pot handles, other fireplace type irons, hanging on the wall beside window
51 – Vintage Box, old oak tool case box early finger joint corners 10w x 7.5 x 7.5″ high
52 – Old Leather case, box type possibly an ammo bag/case 14w x 9 x 9″ high Marked US
53 – Old Iron pull wheel rope pull type
54 – Horse collar and dome misc old leather straps on wall
55 – Wooden Door very early barn board type ade with hinge and some hardware 28 x 46″
56 – Shop Counter Stool, padded seat top advertising for Siemens
57 – Floor Jack no handle 4000lbs
58 – Stone Grinder this early set up with grinding stone in cast iron saw stand with wooden fly wheel, with electric motor
59 – Wooden tool tote box tool or nail type tote 26 long x 13″ wide
59a – Flux Mig welder: Chicago electric welding systems model 150T
60 – Blacksmiths Tongs parts both for decor only as broke from many years of use
61 – Delta Sander, 4″ belt 6″ belt bench top sander model 31-460 type 2
62 – 8 old wood beam spikes, these are the early wooden nails or spikes that hold old barn beam frames together just a neat decor group here
63 – Grass Seeder, early seeder the canvas bag has damage but the seeder base is neat
64 – 2 barrels and stock for decor hangers
65 – 2 claw hammers
66 – Cast blacksmiths Cone, this safety von shaped is solid and heavy guys this is a never find at auction so font miss out 36″ tall and heavy
66a – Well saw 400 portable power hand saw with several extra blades and the manual showing pages wear cord needs replaced on saw
67 – Oil filler funnel with flex spout, and old flour sifter
68 – Old red globe lantern light, maybe railroad or beacon style
69 – Chair Rush Cane, 2 rooms almost full of chair seat rush cane type material
70 – 3 drill braces
71 – Dunlap Carpenters wood plane
72 – Champion hand crank grinder clamps on table with the grinding stone
73 – Old Automobile Jack, all iron piece with the side hand crank nice working order
74 – Grinder Another hand crank stone grinding wheel with stone clamp on the table type
75 – Gambling stick and small wooden spice box with partial label
76 – Machines Vise type to bolt to work bench
77 – Lathe Vise clamp vise that fastens to table
78 – Cross Cut Saws 3 total 2 are blades only one is complete with handles
79 – Old Milwaukee drill needs cord replaced
80 – Milwaukee Palm Sander with dust bag
81 – Old electric drill needs cord replaced
82 – Old carpenters level long wooden framed type General 3 way plumb type No. 845
83 – Craftsman electric drill 3/8″
84 – Makita Palm Sander
85 – Dewalt saws all rechargeable type but no battery
86 – Uniweld torch nozzle with hose and set of gauges
87 – Wen Wet Wherl, electric wet wheel grinder bench top style
88 – Porter Cable saws all electric but needs cord repair
89 – Old brass plumbers torch
90 – Antique marble vanity sink with brass faucets 28″ wide
91 – Clock old wall regulator clock for a project repair or parts on wall
92 – Clock old wall regulator clock for a project repair or parts on wall
93 – Iron Blacksmiths coal forge scrapper piece for raking coals in furnace
94 – Old single tree, shows some age wear on wood Shafer still great for decor piece though
95 – Plow, this is the all wooden frame to a horse drawn plow hanging from ceiling now
96 – Blacksmiths Tongs
97 – Blacksmiths Tongs
98 – Blacksmiths Tongs
99 – Blacksmiths Tongs
100 – Blacksmiths Tongs
101 – Blacksmiths Tongs
102 – Blacksmiths Tongs
103 – Blacksmiths Tongs
104 – Blacksmiths Tongs
105 – Blacksmiths Tongs
106 – Blacksmiths Tongs
107 – Blacksmiths Tongs
108 – Blacksmiths Tongs
109 – Blacksmiths Tongs
110 – Blacksmiths Tongs
111 – Farriers set of nipper tongs
112 – 4 very old forged bolts with very unique design nuts just thing you won’t find any more folks
113 – Carpenters Draw Knife
114 – Carpenters Draw Knife
115 – Carpenters Draw Knife
116 – Vintage tool Fray tool
116a – Telegraph key
117 – Bench, guys this is a lovely old wide board top peg legged work bench that you will never find another like 68″ long x 18″ wide x 27″ high the board alone is 2.5″ thick don’t miss out here
118 – Vintage Pull this one has a 3 variable speed steel pull and 3 old wood Wheel pulleys
119 – Blacksmiths Anvil, thus one us as big as I have seen seller says 400 500 pounds 33″ long x 6″ wide x 14″ high, unable to find or make out a makers mark see photos this one is big heavy and has a lot of useful life in it
120 – Old rocking chair bedroom type needs cane seat repaired
121 – Onan Generator RS 12000 Genset this whole house outdoor type generator has the control box included owner says runs from start but needs the governor replaced as it was taken off determined to be bad but never replaced runs off of propane gas loader avail
122 – Commercial Singer Sewing Machine old treadle base type
123 – Craftsman Wood Working Router, this complete unit includes the router table fixed to a heavy duty steel table bench and approximately 40 plus shaper bits in the wooden wall mount tray box
124 – Antique Wheel Chair , old wooden Chair with the cane seating that needs replaced but nice condition on chair frame and wheels
125 – Post Vise old barn post working vise
126 – Old wooden feed box slanted lid design it has the interior of a carpenters box saw holders the front bottom has a removable board to access storage below, note the right front foot area is bad and will lean so repair needed on that foot 35 long x 18 x 35
127 – Cast Iron Fireplace Crane, this is as big of a crane as I have seen big old home fireplace crane 51″ in arm length no mounting brackets though
128 – Old Beam Post, this old barn beam post to tapered “A” framed design 81″ long 8″ beam just neat for lots of reasons great decor for many places
129 – Gossip Bench, phone stand bench seat mahogany finish
130 – Antique Mower, this antique push reel type sickle bar mower is wheel gear driven meaning to works when you do wood handle marked Dixon Ill U.S.A. 17″ cutting bar
131 – Spinning Wheel 45″ dia. wheel there are some of the parts in a box and have some damage and may not be all complete, the stand and Wherl are nice though and makes a nice decor piece if nothing else
132 – Two old wood stirrers apple butter kettle type stirrers both as one lot
133 – Cast Flat Iron, clothing iron
133a – Big wood tree slab, roughly 27 x 35 x 10 thick
134 – Sade Iron clothing iron with 4 total irons and the wooden handle
135 – Antique Oak Commode Water Tank, yes very unusual find nice shape oak with the copper interior water liner and with the original push button dispenser hardware also think outside the box for this one
136 – Delta 12″ portable Planer bench top style with some extra blades model No. 22-540
137 – Tool Lot, old ball peen hammer, azz head, and blacksmiths hammer with another head see photos
138 – Stillards Scale with 2 big weights one is 25# other not marked but 15 or 20 maybe looking at size but both come along with this one
140 – Chatillon Stillards Scales with one weight
141 – Steel animal trap
142 – Door Hardware, early twist pattern design main entrance door pull
143 – Qest 1/2″ cable crimper’s
144 – Carpenters edge mold wood plane missing one wooden tension knob for screw vise
145 – Old Iron Fireplace and irons base stands set no tops just the footed base pieces
146 – Metal decor group, horse shoe, set of sheers , and wall bracket with iron candle globe ball
147 – Three blue glass electric insulators
148 – Iron Hardware, pieces of iron hardware used for old wood beams bracket fastening hardware
149 – Three old Iron front porch post foot brackets used to fix post to keep from sitting on the ground or porch itself riser feet if you will
150 – Barn Hay Fork Trolley System, includes the trolley, hay grab forks, 4 wooden pulleys and one steel pulley plus the hardware brackets all as one lot
151 – Snow Birds 2 five gallon buckets filled with very early cast roof top snow birds nice group lot here folks they even have the roof mount brackets
152 – Blacksmiths Forge Blower, now look here very unusual one I think having the old cast iron stand with double belt driven pulley system, by Marietta MfG. Company, Marietta Pa. there is one arm type piece broke clean break but needs brazed back together about
153 – Champion Forge Blower, Lancaster PA Champion blower and forge company nice working order blower
154 – Fireplace fender/apron, all hand done forged sterling by Mr., Tom Bullock about 42″
155 – Collection of Bottles, here you are getting of big starter collection of glass pharmacy bottles of various types and in colors plus a couple soda and wine bottle, apron 50 bottles on bench shop table only
156 – Workforce 7″ tile wet saw
157 – Metal 2 drawer index file box green metal office type
158 – Collection of bottles, on shelf is 17 various bottles brown and clear glass medicine bottles and one ink well bottle
159 – Two shop hammers long handled
160 – Long handled blacksmiths hammer
161 – Wood mallet long handle hammer
162 – Two iron pieces fire place poker, and ash/coal rake tool
163 – Cross Cut saw with wood handles
164 – Set of deer antlers hanging on wall 8 point set
165 – Old wooden canoe ore
166 – Blacksmiths Hammer forming type head
167 – Blacksmiths Hammer, with chisel type head
168 – Blacksmiths Hammer, with spike type head
169 – Blacksmiths Hammer, with forming type head
170 – Blacksmiths Hammer, with spike type head
171 – Blacksmiths Hammer, with spike type head
172 – Blacksmiths Hammer, with shop type head
173 – Blacksmiths Hammer, with forming type head
174 – Blacksmiths Hammer, with shop type head
175 – Blacksmiths Hammer, with shop/forming type head
176 – Blacksmiths Hammer, with shop type head
177 – Blacksmiths Hammer, hardy type piece spike head anvil type piece
178 – Two small pick heads no handles
179 – Another hardy type piece long “T” style hardy anvil use type of piece
180 – Old galvanized bucket filled with chains
181 – Two wooden nail kegs
182 – Craftsman all purpose electric motor with 4 variable speed pulley
183 – Diehl 1/3hp electric motor with 4 variable speed pulley
184 – A. C. Electric motor no pulleys
185 – Sears Roebuck Lathe variable speed with chisel rests
186 – Two carpenters scribes
187 – Carpenters caliper
188 – Vintage set of eye goggles, with the wire mesh glass sides
189 – Collectors bottles, DR. Pepper, Certo brown glass bottle with papers, 2 medicine bottles, and a glass bird feeder
190 – Old Pipe Wrench
192 – Wood Planes, Stanley No. 78 edge mold plane and one USA made but no blade
193 – Tree Bark Spud
194 – Tree Bark Spud
195 – Spanish Knife, military style issue with the metal sheath
196 – Adlake lantern no glass Hobe just nice kerosene lantern housing
197 – Honing type aze axe
198 – Vintage meat grinder, big use type clamps on table
199 – Fray tool,
200 – 25″ long carpenters wood plane missing the hand held handle
201 – Carpenters wood plane 22″ long
202 – Carpenters wood plane 15″ long
203 – Vintage fuel can with outer wood housing
204 – Vintage fuel can with outer wood housing bigger size can
205 – Old cast iron urn planter with lid which has some damage on lid, 9″ tall overall
206 – Cast iron kettle pot
207 – Cast iron Gipsy pot
208 – Craftsman Wood plane
209 – Antique tool, sort of a pick in style but note the outer two forks with hook ends
210 – Westinghouse electric fan table top style
211 – Auger bore bit with wood “T” handle
212 – Military portable trench shovel with leather head protector marked U.S. match to lot 213 also
213 – Military portable trench shovel with leather head protector marked U.S. match to lot 212 also
500 – Older rough hewn wooden door with hand forged nails. 38″ x 71″.
501 – Solid wood, older six panel interior door. 30″ x 69″. Some scribbling on one side.
502 – Older wood door with six pane window, missing one pane of glass. Center section is removable. 34 1/2″ x 73″.
503 – Wooden door with barrel bolt and latch hardware. 32″ x 72″. Blue on one side.
504 – Nice older wood door with hinges. 29″ x 80″.
505 – Older wooden door. Pretty solid piece. 30″ x 75″.
506 – Rustic wooden interior door. Ready to hang, complete with doorknobs, latch and hinges. 32 1/2″ x 76″.
507 – Older wooden framed screen door. Will need new screen. 38″ x 76″. Handle and hinge intact.
508 – Wooden door made from tongue and groove. 30″ x 69″.
509 – Older wood door. Pretty solid. 29″ x 78″.
510 – White door with 12 pane removable window insert. All glass intact. 29″ x 80″.
511 – Pair of solid window shutters. Nice chippy paint. 16″ x 64″ each.
512 – Solid wood door. Short. Maybe an attic or cellar door. Lots of chipping paint. Includes hardware. 31″ x 63″.
513 – Pair of wood shutters. Solid, not louvered. Only one hinge piece still intact, and it is only partial. 21″ x 83″ each.
514 – Small four panel interior door. Attic maybe? 29″ x 56″.
515 – Wooden twelve pane window frame with eight panes of glass remaining. Overall 34 1/2″ x 61″.
516 – Two heavy wood window frames with heavy sills. 25″ x 51″.
517 – Six panel wood door with damage. 36″ x 72″.
518 – Large, solid wood, exterior door. Six panel. 40″ x 81″.
518a – Large wood mantelpiece. 81″ x 56″.
519 – Large, thick window jamb. Shutter holders still intact. 31 1/2″ x 55″.
520 – Wood door made with random width tongue and groove boards. 29″ x 59″.
521 – Narrow, three board wood door. 20″ x 59″.
522 – Very narrow, short door with hardware and part of door frame. 22″ x 56″.
523 – Three board wood door. 32″ x 70″.
524 – Nice mantelpiece. Paint scraping started. 49 1/2″ wide and 46″ high.
525 – Our of older window shitters. 16″ x 56″ each.
526 – Thinner wood door. 39″ x 72″.
527 – Small door from rough hewn lumber. With some hardware. 28″ x 46″.
528 – Pair of red wood shutters. 16″ x 63 1/2″ each.
529 – Two mismatched shutters. One louvered, one solid.
530 – Wood door made with tongue and groove. Handle hardware attached. 28″ x 63″.
531 – Shop or library ladder/stairs with banister. Roller hardware still attached, ready to be placed on rail. 12′ long and 18″ wide. Bring an appropriate vehicle for hauling.


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