June 19 2017

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 Online Auction 

Monday June 19, 2017

This auction’s Location:

632 E Main ST, Berryville, VA 22611


Furniture, glassware, collectibles, tools, etc

 click here for catalog

Online Auction starts to close at 6:04 pm

Preview Day: Monday June 19th from 9am to 4pm

One Day Pickup Day: Tuesday June 20th from 9 am to 6 pm

 TERMS: 15% Buyers Premium. Cash or Good Check with a 10% Buyers Premium with local pickup.

To take advantage of this buyer premium discount, you  pay cash or check on pickup day and remove all items by Tuesday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

A 10% non removal fee will be added to your purchase total for the items that are not paid for and removed by our schedule pickup deadline


1 – Small garden bench, small metal garden bench with wooden painted American flag painted on it, bench measures 20 inches long by 19 inches tall
1a – catalog updated closer to auction date
2 – Bird bath, concrete bird bath with seahorses for the base, top does remove measures 17 inches tall
3 – Washtub, wash tub with small watering can
4 – Garden lot, includes four planters a small bird bath
5 – Wash tubs, two metal wash tubs they both show some roughness but still can be used for something, the bottom is out of one
6 – Patio table, small patio table measures 19 inches tall
7 – Metal bases, two small metal bases
8 – Swing, wooden porch swing with cushion measures 48 inches long
9 – Lawn decor, solar powered light up lawn ornament measures 57 inches tall
10 – Vintage kids bike, vintage kids huffy bike
11 – Vintage bike, vintage adult J.C Penny bike
12 – Vintage bike, vintage adult bike not sure of brand
13 – Lawn decor, includes a tripod that has solar lights on it, and a hall tree that has gourds made into bird houses one measures 60 inches tall and the other measures 55 inches tall
14 – Bathroom chair, handicapped bathroom chair
15 – Metal porch chair, red painted metal porch chair
16 – Group of home decor, includes baby crib pieces magazine holder and wooden duck door stop
17 – Cage, chicken cage measures 24 inches long by 20 inches wide
18 – Shepherds hooks, two small shepherds hooks
19 – Sleds, four kids plastic sleds
20 – Folding chairs, 10 plastic folding chairs
21 – Filing cabinet, three drawer filing cabinet with safe inside do NOT have a key or the combination can’t get the top two drawers to open your buying as is, measures 28 inches long by 15 inches wide by 38 inches tall
22 – Porta potty
23 – Pet carrier, pink pet carrier measures 22 inches long by 16 inches wide
24 – Fans, industrial fans measures 48 inches long
25 – Shop vac, 16 gallon shop vac not tested by us
26 – Seat, tractor seat
27 – Quikrete, three bags of Quikrete, good bags here guys there not all hard
28 – Tools, crate and bucket full of tools
29 – Extension ladder, part to an extension ladder
30 – Water softener, has all the plumbing
31 – Group lot, includes handicapped walker and grab bar
32 – Paint sprayer not tested by us
33 – Propane tank, feels empty
34 – Propane tank, feels empty
35 – Little tikes car
36 – Propane tank, feels empty
37 – Step stool, Costco brand step stool seller code PZ
38 – Reel mower, Scotts brand real mower blade measures 13 inches
39 – Spreader, Scotts brand spreader, seller code MQ
40 – Chairs, three green plastic chairs
41 – Work bench, workmate bench
42 – Two metal plant holders measures 66 inches
43 – Spreader, Scotts brand spreader
44 – Spreader, Scotts brand spreader
45 – Two piece lot, includes bird house and metal pump base, if your feeling crafty you can put the bird house on the base
46 – Two metal stands measures 25 inches long by 13 inches wide
47 – Metal table measures 30 by 30 and is 30 inches tall
48 – School desk wood needs to be replaced but not a bad looking desk here guys
49 – Air conditioners, skid lot of four Air conditioner not tested by us
50 – Bi fold doors, two sets of wooden Bi fold doors that measure 77 inches long
51 – Corner shelf brackets, set of six
52 – Extension cord, heavy duty
53 – Shop vac, craftsman brand 5.5 horse power shop vac not tested by us
54 – Shop vac, Dayton industrial shop vac not tested by us
55 – Skid lot, includes shop light hand spreader and router table
56 – Skid lot of misc garage items
57 – Gas cans, two gas cans one is 5 gallons and the other is 2 gallons
58 – Gas cans, three gas cans two are two gallons and the third is half a gallon
59 – Cart, feed cart
60 – Spreader, Scott’s brand spreader
61 – Group lot, includes old pump handles and two shovels
62 – Water fountain, plastic water fountain measures 49 inches tall
63 – Plant stand, metal plant stand has some veneer peeling off the top measures 27 inches tall
64 – Tools, tool lot includes axe and snow shovel
65 – Vice, work bench vice
66 – Umbrella stand, metal patio umbrella stand
67 – Wheel, iron wheel
68 – Hedge trimmer, electric hedge trimmer
69 – Tool lot, includes hand saw paint roller and paint roller handle
70 – Two wooden garden trellises one measures 95 inches tall and the other 85 inches tall
71 – Tool lot, includes roller and extension pole to help clean windows
72 – Baseball net, couldn’t get it to stand up
73 – Mail box
74 – Metal framed patio chair, seller code EA
75 – Metal framed patio chair seller code EG
76 – Metal framed patio chair seller code EG
77 – Metal framed patio chair, seller code EG
78 – Large animal trap
79 – Bucket, blue bucket good for mucking stalls
80 – Closet shelving
81 – Ladder, 6 foot wooden step ladder
82 – Trash can
83 – Pet carrier, large pet carrier measures 33 inches long by 23 inches wide does have some damage but still usable
84 – Ladder, 8 foot wooden step ladder
85 – Skid lot of misc, includes weights and misc metal
86 – Metal framed patio sofa no cushions measures 42 inches long does show some surface rust
87 – Trash can
88 – Cart, Rubbermaid four wheel dolly
89 – Car jack, craftsman brand car jack seller code DG
90 – Stadium seats two stadium seats
91 – Metal plant stand measures 16 inches tall seller code D6
92 – Concrete Christmas tree stand
93 – Coolers, two coolers seller code TX
94 – Igloo cooler
95 – Metal framed patio rocking chair
96 – Metal framed patio rocking chair
97 – Fishing hand cart seller code D6
98 – Concrete planter measures 29 inches long by 14 inches wide
99 – Patio table and two chairs table measures 38 by 38 by 28
100 – Lounge chair seller code MQ
101 – Hammock frame ONLY
102 – Step ladder, four foot step ladder
103 – Lawn cart, does have flat tires still usable
104 – Kids bikes, two kids next bikes do show some roughness
105 – Bike, centrix moutain bike does need air in tires
106 – Pacific mountain Bike
107 – Tool box, black tractor supply tool box no key and your getting the contents with it
108 – Skid lot of pool rafts, they’re not blown up because we didn’t have anything small enough to use
109 – River tube
110 – Small river raft
111 – River tube
400 – Tools, box flat of misc wrenches
401 – Saw, electric circular saw with box
402 – Group lot, two boxes of misc tools
403 – Sockets, tool box with socket heads
404 – Tool box, with misc tools
405 – Staple guns, two staple guns with staples
406 – Drill, flexicharge drill looks like it’s never been used
407 – Group lot, includes air conditioner cover utility hangers and decal remover
408 – Hand cart, small hand cart
409 – Tool lot, includes electric hedge trimmer garden claw
410 – Group lot of saws and saw blades
411 – Moving pads, group lot of furniture moving pads
412 – Saw, meat cutting saw
413 – Tools, group lot of hammers and levels
414 – Group lot, includes tool boxes and box of misc
415 – Saws, group lot of saws
416 – Trimmers, two hedge trimmers
417 – Snow board
418 – Riding mower, not sure of brand, is missing hood does crank but will not turn over your buying as is
419 – Cart, feed cart
420 – Bike rack
421 – Weed eater, homelite weeded term not tested by us seller code Y3
422 – Suncast storage box slash bench measures 49 inches long seller code LT
423 – Sleeping cot, callapsable sleeping cot seller code MQ
424 – Push mower, yard machine brand 21 inch cut push mower really nice mower here guys
425 – Gas powered edger not tested by us
426 – Reel mower
427 – Chain saw, craftsman chain saw not tested by us
428 – Push mower, brigs and Stratton 3.75 horse power 22 inch cut not tested by us
429 – Weedeater, not tested by us
430 – Push mower, snapper brand 6.5 horse power push mower not tested by us
431 – Push mower, Murray push mower 6 horsepower 22 inch cut not tested by us
432 – Push mower, Quattro 4 horsepower push mower not tested by us
433 – Push mower, yard machine brand push mower 20 inch cut not tested by us
434 – Push mower, MTD brand push mower with 20 inch cut not tested by us seller code MQ
435 – Push mower, kobalt brand electric mower with 21 inch cut not tested by us seller code LT
436 – Push mower, craftsman brand 6 horsepower 22 inch cut push mower not tested by us seller code MQ
437 – Snowblower, Aires ST7 24 snow blower not tested by us
500 – Sterling weighted candle holders
501 – Sterling weighted candle holders
502 – Sterling, Sterling weighted candle holder and bud vase plus Sterling dish
503 – Sterling, two sets of salt and pepper shakers, two salt dips, and five Sterling coasters
504 – Sterling, Sterling flatware weighs 525 grams and four Sterling handled butter knives
505 – Sterling base dessert cups set of 6 – bases weigh 75grams
506 – Nepali and brass necklace, turquoise and coral
507 – Nepali Tibetan silver necklace, turquoise and coral
508 – Nepali brass necklace, turquoise and coral
509 – Lighters and pocket knives
510 – Gold jewelry, 14k necklaces (2) and 10k earrings damage
511 – Sterling jewelry
512 – Binoculars, lemaire Paris with case
513 – 10k gold Chaplin pin and one cufflink
514 – Viking ship cork screw
515 – Costume jewelry tray of
516 – Old Roseville wall pocket does have a small chip has a Woodward and lothrop store sticker on back
517 – Army military patches
518 – Four cigars
519 – Wooden box with keys
520 – Vapo cresolene medicine lamp, germ destroying lamp with box
521 – Two gemstones
522 – Three lighters, one crown royal
523 – Three harmonicas, the 64 chromonica M, Hohner Germany, super 48 chromatic, and Kuo Kaunda China
524 – Shotguns shells, western super X 12ga 2 3/4in length 1 1-4oz 2 shot
525 – Lincoln head cent book, starting 1909 not complete 108 pennies
526 – Pocket knives
527 – Fishing tackle- soft lures, hooks, etc
528 – Stamps, various places and designs
601 – Sterling Silver CZ Tennis Bracelet 10.2 Grams 7.5″
602 – Gold Plated Sterling Silver Bracelet w/ Real Diamonds 13.9 Grams 7.5″
603 – Gold Plated Sterling Silver Bracelet 8.3 Grams 7″
604 – Sterling Silver Heart Diamond Bracelet 11.8 Grams 7.5″
605 – Sterling Silver Black Onyx Cuff Bracelet 14.1 Grams 3″ in diameter
606 – Sterling Silver Coral Cuff Bracelet 12.4 Grams 2.5″ in diameter
607 – Gold Plated Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet w/ Heart Charm 11.8 Grams 7.5″
608 – Heavy Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet 19 Grams 2.5″ in diameter
609 – Double Stranded Sterling Silver Bracelet 5.6 Grams 11.5″
610 – Sterling Silver Bracelet w/ 2 Small Heart Charms 2.6 Grams 8.5″
611 – Sterling Silver Bracelet 3 Grams 7″
612 – Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet 10 Grams 3″ in diameter
613 – Sterling Silver Circle Bracelet 11 Grams 2.5″ in diameter
614 – Gold Plated Sterling Silver Bracelet 14.4 Grams 7.5″
615 – Sterling Silver Diamond Allusion Bracelet 8.2 Grams 7.5″
616 – San Marco Sterling Silver Bracelet 19.6 Grams 8″
617 – Sterling Silver Omega Link Bracelet 5.1 Grams 7″
618 – Sterling Silver CZ Tennis Bracelet 9.3 Grams 8″
619 – Heart Shape & M Shaped Links w/ CZ’s Gold Plated 925 Bracelet 11.8 Grams 7.5″
620 – Sterling Silver Star Link Bracelet 3.9 Grams 7″
621 – Sterling Silver Anchor Link Bracelet 3.4 Grams 7″
622 – Sterling Silver Bracelet 8 Grams 7″
623 – Gold Plated Genuine Diamond Bracelet 11.7 Grams 8″
624 – Sterling Silver Bracelet 10.3 Grams 7″
625 – Sterling Silver Rope Link Bracelet 8.9 Grams 7.5″
626 – Sterling Silver Turquoise Cuff Bracelet 8 Grams 2″ in diameter
627 – Sterling Silver Omega-like Link Engraved Bracelet 7.9 Grams 7.5″
628 – Gold Plated Sterling Silver Snail Link Bracelet 8.4 Grams 8″
629 – Sterling Silver CZ Bracelet 7.4 Grams 7″
630 – Sterling Silver Snake Chain Bracelet 2.5 Grams 9″
631 – Sterling Silver Herringbone Link Bracelet 3 Grams 7.5″
632 – Sterling Silver Bracelet 5.6 Grams 7.5″
633 – Sterling Silver Figaro Link Bracelet 3.9 Grams 10″
634 – Princess Cut CZ Sterling Silver Bracelet 16.1 Grams 7.5″
635 – Sterling Silver Engraved “Love” & CZ Bracelet 10.5 Grams 7.5″
636 – Sterling Silver Gold Plated Rope Link Bracelet 8.2 Grams 7.5″
637 – Sterling Silver Bracelet w/ Charms 4.6 Grams 9.5″
638 – Sterling Silver Bracelet 3.8 Grams 6.5″
639 – Sterling Silver Bracelet w/ CZ’s (2 Missing Stones) 9.2 Grams 7.5″
640 – Bead & Bar Link Sterling Silver Bracelet 6.2 Grams 7″
641 – Sterling Silver Cable Style Link Bracelet 17.3 Grams 7.5″
642 – Sterling Silver Bracelet 3 Grams 7.5″
643 – Gold Plated Sterling Silver Princes Cut CZ Tennis Bracelet 11.5 Grams 7.5″
644 – Sterling Silver Figaro Link Bracelet 9.3 Grams 8″
645 – Sterling Silver Gucci Link Bracelet 4.6 Grams 8″
646 – Heavy Sterling Silver Figaro Link Bracelet 20.5 Grams 8″
647 – Sterling Silver Cuban Link Bracelet 7.8 Grams 7″
648 – Sterling Silver Smokey Topaz & Allusion Diamond Bracelet 10 Grams 8″
649 – Large Sterling Silver Spinner Cross/Praying Hands Pendant 22.9 Grams
650 – Sterling Silver Circle Pendant w/ Square Hole in Middle 24.7 Grams
651 – Sterling Silver “Made in Israel” Malachite Pendant 12.9 Grams
652 – Sterling Silver Dolphin Pendant 2.6 Grams
653 – Sterling Silver Black Onyx Pendant 13.8 Grams
654 – Sterling Silver Dream Catcher Like Pendant w/ Coral & Turquoise 10.1 Grams
655 – Gold Plated Sterling Silver Jelly Fish CZ Pendant 2.1 Grams
656 – Sterling Silver Pearl in Cage Pendant 1.9 Grams
657 – Sterling Silver Pink & White CZ Necklace 3.1 Grams 20″
658 – Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pink & White CZ Heart Pendant 4.8 Grams
659 – Yin & Yang Sterling Silver Black Onyx Pendant 7.9 Grams
660 – Sterling Silver Pearl & Marcasite Pendant 6.6 Grams
661 – Heavy Sterling Silver Pendant w/ Starfish 17.1 Grams
662 – Sterling Silver Blue Eye Pendant 1.6 Grams
663 – Sterling Silver Heart Pendant w/ Synthetic Ruby & CZ’s 2.4 Grams
664 – Sterling Silver Amethyst & Marcasite Pendant 3.4 Grams
665 – Gold Plated Sterling Silver USNR Pin 3.8 Grams
666 – Tiny Sterling Silver Man-Made Opal Pendant 1.8 Grams
667 – Tiny Sterling Silver Starfish Pendant 0.6 Grams
668 – Sterling Silver Flower Engraved Heart Pendant 6.3 Grams
669 – Sterling Silver Dolphin Holding Turquoise Pendant 2.5 Grams
670 – Sterling Silver CZ Heart Pendant 1.9 Grams
671 – Gold Plated Sterling Silver Emerald & Diamond Pendant 1.6 Grams
672 – Tiny Sterling Silver Blue Eye Pendant 1.2 Grams
673 – Sterling Silver Engraved Locket 16.7 Grams
674 – Sterling Silver Kokopelli Pendant 7.3 Grams
675 – Sterling Silver Bracelet 3.5 Grams 7″
676 – Small Sterling Silver Figaro Bracelet 1.4 Grams 7.5″
677 – 1964 Quarter 6.3 Grams
678 – 1941 S Quarter 6.1 Grams
679 – 1954 Quarter 6.1 Grams
680 – 1964 D Quarter 6.3 Grams
681 – 1957 D Quarter 6.3 Grams
682 – 1908 D Half Dollar 11.8 Grams
683 – 1925 Quarter 6.1 Grams
684 – 1930 Quarter 6 Grams
685 – 1917 Dime 2 Grams
686 – 1964 Quarter 6.2 Grams
687 – 1951 D Quarter 6.2 Grams
688 – Sterling Silver Genuine Diamond Band 1/20 PT 1.9 Grams
689 – Sterling Silver Garnet & Jade Ring 3 Grams
690 – Sterling Silver Rope Chain Bracelet 5.7 Grams
691 – Waltham Watch w/ No Band Grams
692 – Antique Luxus 17 Jewel Women’s Watch w/ Genuine Sapphires Grams
693 – 14 K Gold Plated Antique Scarab Circle Pin Circa 1960’s 4.2 Grams
750 – Ruger model SP 101 revolver With case Model SP101 Revolver 357 magnum FFL background check will be required. Two forms of proper ID will be needed, must be 21 years of age to purchase. Out-of-state residents will need a FFL transfer to their state Serial Number: 575–64294
751 – Smith & Wesson pistol 9 mm With case and 2 clips Model MP nine shield Pistol 9mm FFL background check will be required. Two forms of proper ID will be needed, must be 21 years of age to purchase. Out-of-state residents will need a FFL transfer to their state Serial Number: HUV 1659
752 – ACP 1911 pistol With clip, case and holster Model 1911 U.S. Aren’t Pistol 45 caliber FFL background check will be required. Two forms of proper ID will be needed, must be 21 years of age to purchase. Out-of-state residents will need a FFL transfer to their state Serial Number: A0A16080
753 – Winchester model 190 rifle with Tasco 3 x 9 x 32 scope Model 190 Rifle 22 caliber LR FFL background check will be required. Two forms of proper ID will be needed, must be 18 years of age to purchase Serial Number: B1476208
754 – FIE model P 22 revolver with leather holster Model P22 Revolver 22 caliber LR FFL background check will be required. Two forms of proper ID will be needed, must be 21 years of age to purchase. Out-of-state residents will need transfer to FFL dealer in their state Serial Number: TA 55241
755 – Rohm Gmbh sontheim Model 63 revolver With soft case Model 38 special Revolver 38 Special FFL background check will be required. Two forms of proper ID will be needed, must be 21 years of age to purchase. Out-of-state residents will need transfer to FFL dealer in their state Serial Number: HF 125336
756 – Rossi combination youth long gun package Shotgun and rifle barrels with soft case Model M2022 Rifle/shotgun 22 caliber barrel 20 gauge barrel FFL background check will be required. Two forms of proper ID will be needed, must be 18 years of age to purchase. Serial Number: SP523208
757 – Ammo cartridges and ammo box: 11 boxes of 7.9mm (8mmMauser) 15 per box and metal ammunition box
758 – BSA Bronze scope BZ4x32 BSA
759 – Rifle buttstock
760 – C.A.I. Rifle With sling Model M91/30 Rifle 7.62x54R FFL background check will be required. Two forms of proper ID will be needed, must be 18 years of age to purchase. Serial Number: 9130150226
761 – Mossberg 12 gauge barrel chambered for 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells 28 inch Accu-choke
762 – Remington 12 gauge barrel, two and three-quarter inch or shorter shells
763 – Remington 12 gauge barrel for two and three-quarter inch shells
764 – Remington 12 gauge barrel for two and three-quarter or shorter shells
765 – Dolica monopod, model WT1003, four section monopod with case and cardboard box
766 – Galco TR224 Triton TR224 Fits Belts up to 1.75″ Black Kydex
767 – Blackhawk Glock 17/22 close quarters concealment holster
768 – Outers shot gun cleaning kit, 12 gauge
769 – Outers shot gun cleaning kit, 20-28 gauge
770 – Parts of a shot gun cleaning kit not complete
771 – Hoppe’s shot gun cleaning kit, not complete
772 – Gander mountain hard gun case
773 – Gander mountain hard gun case
774 – Gander mountain hard gun case
800 – Framed print, artist signed. EASTERN MEADOWLARK. 15″ x 19″.
801 – Framed and matted print of THE OLD MILL & POWER PLANT. 21″ x 17″.
802 – Wooden framed mirror. Shows some age. 17″ x 23″.
803 – Small framed print of settlers repairing roof. 11″ x 8″.
804 – Framed and matted print of country manor and garden. Shows discoloration, age and wear. 16″ x 13″.
805 – Framed still life painting. Vase of flowers, artist signed. 23″ x 29″.
806 – Framed picture of windmill and canal with sailing vessel. 25″ x 31″.
807 – Framed and matted print of dogwood and violets. 34″ x 16″.
808 – Framed and matted drawing of birds in water. Artist signed. 12″ x 15″.
809 – Framed painting on canvas. 26″ x 30″.
810 – Wooden framed, battery operated wall clock. 15″ x 15″.
811 – Nice plastic, oval framed mirror. Has kickstand for tabletop display. 15″ x 19″.
812 – Modern metal sculpture picture. Wine bottles. 16″ square.
813 – Brass finished, shell shaped wall pocket for artificial greenery, or mail. 12″ x 15″.
814 – Wooden wall sculpture of dolphins. Does have some splintering. 22″ x 10″
900 – Small area rug in white with pastel accents. M Madein Spain. Match to lot# 901. 4′ x 5’9″.
901 – Small area rug in white with pastel accents. Made in Spain. Match to lot# 900. 4′ x 5’9″.
902 – Wool oriental rug with white center with leaf pattern and leaf border measures 63 by 93
903 – Wool oriental hallway runner rug with orange center with tree design and border with flower design measures 28 by 110
904 – Wool oriental rug with green center with flower center and tan flower border measures 41 by 74 does need to be cleaned
905 – Two green and tan hallay runner rugs with green centers with flower design and tan border with flower design measures 24 by 94 do need to be cleaned
906 – Wool room rug with native American design, has center tan madalion and green border measures 109 by 141 does have some fading but still a nice rug
1000 – China, Royal Ducal “Florentine” 12pc teacups and saucers
1001 – Brass Pail with copper bottom with early forged wrought iron handle 15″ dia 8″ tall
1002 – Wedgwood, royal wedding plate 1981, city of London, and potpourri dish
1003 – Candle decor, four candle holders with candles and brass handle basket vase
1004 – Political works books, Scott, Milton, Byron, and pope
1005 – Stoneware bean pot, brown USA made with lid
1006 – Covered candy dish clear glass
1007 – Ball jars, two ball ideal and one mason ball jar no lid
1008 – Platter, Clear glass platter 14″ dia
1009 – Nippon glassware, celery dish, four salt dips, and bowl
1010 – Irvings works books, box with 16 books
1011 – Tea set, Asian theme tea pot with five cups
1012 – Candle decor, four brass candle sticks and candles with multicolor marble vase
1013 – Canvas art, wall hanging artist signed picture 29×33
1014 – China, Bavaria Germany tea cups and saucers set of 6
1015 – Books, “World’s 100 best short stories” set of nine
1016 – China, mixed lot with Royal Doulton, Bone China, England,
1017 – Clear glass, handled basket dish, covered candy dish, and decanter with glass
1018 – Framed picture, “Out” – girl riding tricycle artist signed 334-350 30×24
1019 – Poetry books, poems of Alfred Tennyson-son
1020 – Bone china, Royal Albert “Tea Rose” 17pcs tea cups and saucers, creamers and sugar, dessert plates etc
1021 – Silver plate bowls, Gorham, pewter, and Reed and Barton
1022 – Dickens’ Works, seven books Oliver Twist, David Copperfield 1&2 etc
1023 – Limoges china, 17pcs teacups, saucers, and dinner plates
1024 – Canvas art, oil on canvas beach scene picture 22×18
1025 – Hull pottery, brown and white bean pot with eight soup bowls
1026 – Silver-plate lot, casserole dish and stand, platter 19″ long, divided covered dish, etc
1027 – Books, “Journey through Bookland” Sylvester set of 10 guide and 1-9
1028 – Couroc serving tray, whale design 18″ long
1029 – Transfer ware, 7pc Mason’s and Woods
1030 – Clear glass, cake stand, candy dish, etc
1031 – Washboard, Home Aide
1032 – Decor lot, mixed lot with candles, clocks, pictures, candle snuffers, etc
1033 – 70pcs of Johnson Bros. China “Old Brittain Castles” transfer ware China complete 4 place setting plus lots of extras mugs-saucers-bowls-plates
1034 – Framed message or dry erase type message board
1035 – Silver Plated Dishware, handled 3 section serving tray, gravy boat with drip tray, creamer and sugar dish with tray nice clean ready to use
1036 – Thackery’s Works Books, 15 books hardbacks some have a little binding damage on top ends mostly
1037 – Glassware Group, etched serving charger, candle sticks, small dishes, and a small cake pedestal stand all clear glass
1038 – Silver Plated Dishwares, tiered snack tray, cream and two sugar sets, tea pot, serving tray, bowls, etc all nice clean
1039 – Wall Art, designers framed floral still life board print nicely done
1040 – J. G. Meakin China, 22pcs of transfer ware meat platter, cake plates, berry bowls, other bowls, tea cups, etc
1041 – Presidential Decor, Barack Obama Inauguration Day frame has damage
1042 – Asian Decor, grouping of brass bowl dishes, wooden carved vanity dish, painted China plate, ring box, etc
1043 – Vanity Wares, grouping of pieces white milk glass rose bowl and vase, floral painted dresser bottle, brass makeup mirror, dresser box
1044 – Refrigerator Dishes, group of 5 dishes 2 with lids all clear glass
1045 – Bookends, pair of glass Horse Head bookends
1046 – Jadeite Fire king mixing bowl
1047 – Handbags, 3 ladies fashion bags purse type one marked Ellen Tracy, all nice condition
1048 – Pyrex Bowls 2 white with blue rooster decor mixing/serving bowls
1049 – Tole serving tray, rose decor painted metal serving tray
1050 – Bookends, pair of bronze type metal bookends with embossed scene of father reading book with son
1051 – Kitchen Appliances Group, electric skillet, toaster, can opener, blender, cake tin, tea kettle, food processor,hand mixer, knives with block, note the knife block is 2 short of being complete
1052 – Home Decor Group, vanity lamp, brass wall mirrors, wooden tribal bowl on stand with spoons, bird glass figures, pottery vase, trinket wall display with ceramic animal figures plus more
1053 – Longaberger Pottery, three custard size bowls in the blue trim
1054 – Kitchen Wares, nest of 3 stainless bowls, glass juicer, nut grinder with jar, and syrup dispenser
1055 – Kitchen Wares, 2 copper jello molds, tea kettle trivet, fruit design trivet
1056 – Taylor digital food scales battery operated
1057 – Mixing Bowl pottery with blue strip 7″ 1.5qt size marked Robinson on bottom
1058 – House wares, Facial Beautifying Mister, bathroom scales, and small ceramic heater
1059 – Kitchen lot, group lot to include vintage canisters, Fire King mixer bowls, Corelle casserole, microwave browning grill, small utensils and more
1060 – Lamps, group lot of vanity and dresser lamps, measure between 13″ and 21″ tall.
1061 – Glass, miscellaneous glass and pottery
1062 – Decor group, group lot to include painted china display plates, vintage condiment server, ceramic cream and sugar, candlesticks, American Limoges plate with pewter border
1063 – US Marines uniforms, hats, pants, shirts, ties, belts and more. Various sizes some med and large, shirt size 17
1064 – DVDs, box lot of 19 DVDs
1065 – Le Creuset ceramic canister set, three from 9″ to 12″ tall, seller code MQ, in nice condition
1066 – Backpack, USMC backpack, blue with black trim
1067 – Football, San Francisco 49’s limited edition football in box
1068 – 24 DVDs , Season one, three and four boxed sets, seller code Y3
1069 – Zrike, ceramic bakeware, casserole 13″ x 9.5″ and loaf 12″ x 6″, seller code MQ
1070 – Military sleeping bag and miscellaneous covers and straps
1071 – DVDs, box lot of 20 DVDs, seller code Y3
1072 – Telescope, Vivatar 50x/100x refractor telescope with tripod, new in box, box is rough
1073 – Quilt, summer weight quilt, in good condition just needs washing, measures 67″ x 80″
1074 – Quilt, summer weight quilt, in good shape, has a few spots and needs washing. Measures 70″ x 80″
1075 – Open sign, LED sign, with angling chain, tested, works. Measures 24″ x 12″
1076 – Decor group, large group lot of home decor, includes door harp, wooden street block, brass wall sconce, wreath with large candle and hurricane globe and more.
1077 – DVDs, CSI seasons, 1, 2 and 4 boxed sets and CSI Miami, seasons 1, 2, and 3 boxed sets, seller code Y3
1078 – Display shelves, two 2 step acrylic display shelves. One leg is loose, each measures 18″ wide. Shelves are 5″ deep.
1079 – Phone speaker, play devices through speaker, battery or ac adapter , seller code Y3
1080 – DVDs, box lot of 21 DVDs including the Lord of the Rings trilogy
1081 – Victorian village, Victorian house village set in box with additional pieces, seller code HV
1082 – GI Joe, Marine Scout Marksman, still in box
1083 – DVDs, box lot of 40 DVDs, seller code Y3
1084 – Dishes, 17 pieces of Racheal Ray “Cucina”
1085 – Child safety lot, group lot here of home and car safety items for small children. All appear to be new in the box. Instant baby shower gift here. Seller code Y3
1086 – DVDs, box lot of 19 DVDs, seller code Y3
1087 – Nativity set, rustic porcelain nativity set with box,
1088 – Party lights, group lot of 18″ black light, UV party light and two bulbs
1089 – Coleman camp stove
1090 – Toys, group lot toys of mega blocks, fort kit and organizer with toy soldiers and craft supplies. Seller code Y3
1091 – DVDs, box lot of 39 DVDs, seller code Y3
1092 – Soft side briefcases, group of two soft side laptop size shoulder bags.
1093 – Soldering gun and jack,
1094 – DVDs, box sets of Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men and Joan of Arcadia. Seller code Y3
1095 – Kitchen group, group lot to include hot dog cooker (tested works), bread machine (not tested), stainless bowl and colander, pasta bowl and heart shaped bakeware
1096 – Plastic sheeting, heavy duty 4mil. Plastic sheeting. Appears to be full roll.
1097 – DVDs, box set of 3 seasons of Supernatural and 2 of Bones, seller code Y3
1098 – USMC uniform insignias, flat full of insignias, most still in wrappers
1099 – Camping lot, folding camp seat, air pump (tested, works), 2 6v batteries and a LED battery light
1100 – More USMC gear, hats, canteen, first aid kit, camo makeup and belt pouches.
1101 – Country decor, two wall hangings
1102 – Auto headrests, two pair of black leather car headrests,
1103 – USMC mead also, two trays full of uniform medals, including, marksman, sharpshooter and war on terrorism.
1104 – Bathroom update group, new in boxes, all brushed nickel and steel finished, new TP holder, towel ring, towel rod, ceiling light and hotel style curved shower curtain. Seller code Y3
1300 – Oak Fireman’s Chair, older oak chair shows a little use wear in places but really not bad
1301 – Floor Lamp, brass swing arm reading style floor lamp with pleated shade
1302 – Asian Dog Table Lamp, base in figure of Asian dog on plaster slab with the big rectangular fabric shade 31″ tall note on back side of dog there is a small flake chip
1303 – Mission Oak Desk note is missing the drawer will make a great paintable project
1304 – Early Rocker, bedroom style cane seat spindle back with fruit decor paint on headrest nice early rocker
1305 – Pair of Accent Chairs, matched pair of early rush cane seat decor spindle back chairs. Black frames with floral decor carving along top headrest with carty handle neat set of matched chairs
1306 – Basket, real nice home decor Indian style basket with carry handles and lid 16dia x 14″ high
1307 – Rattan End Table, rattan framed glass oval top side or lamp type table nice shape,
1308 – Rosewood Parlor Chair, red/mauve colored upholstery with floral decor carvings along frame in nice ready to use condition
1309 – Rosewood Parlor Chair, another nice chair green colored upholstery with button tuck back, floral decor carvings throughout frame in nice ready to use condition
1310 – Two Lamps, dresser vanity type one pink etched glass ball with pedestal marble base has pleated shade but too big for lamp I think, other clear depression glass ball on milk glass pedestal base with bell shaped fabric shade, both nice lamps though
1311 – Candle Stand trifooted base with top having green leather top 20″ high in nice shape
1312 – Knee Hole Desk, nice student type desk, center drawer and having 3 drawers to each side of the knee hole, shows a little finish use wear but not bad, but this one is right for a paint project piece
1313 – Bedside Table, this one is neat serpentine front design having drawer over secondary shelf, carved talon feet front legs, nice solid condition shows a little use on top but not real bad again this one is right for painting
1314 – Chairs, matched pair of maple kitchen table style armed chairs both clean and ready for your home
1315 – Parlor Chair, Rosewood parlor having the mint green color fabric seating medallion back design hip seating with decor carving throughout frame nice ready to use condition
1316 – Mahogany Side Chair, nice flame mahogany frame side Chair mint green color fabric seat nice condition here. Chair frame is a match to lot 1323 and 1397 if interested in reupholstering for a set of four.
1317 – Music Stand, end table type with top shelf for player and open front secondary shelf for music storage other possible use abound here though great decor piece to paint
1318 – University Chair, a nice captains university chair in the black/gold color Hitchcock style by design marked on bottom Nichols And Stone Gardner Mass. Arms show a little finish stain wear from use but really not bad folks
1319 – Tea Cart, nice modern in design tea cart this one speaks for itself see photos it’s nice clean ready for anyone’s home
1320 – Mahogany Cabinet, having double doors as once was a liquor cabinet I believe homemade shelves are in it now, easy remove though, cabinet itself in is nice clean condition great reclaim piece here folks
1321 – Book Case, early all real wooden wall unit bookcase having 4 interior shelves 36w x 8d x 48″ tall, pine lumber made, in nice condition
1322 – Rustic side table, single drawer pine side table, measures 21″ w x 19″d x 29″ h. Use S is with rustic feel or refinish, sturdy piece.
1323 – Mahogany side chairs, nice pair of flame mahogany side chairs, upholstered in red. Really nice pair of chairs here. Chair frame is match to lots 1316 and 1397 if interested in reupholstering for a set of four
1324 – Table lamp, brass and glass table lamp with fringed shade. Stands 31″ tall.
1325 – Brass lamp, unique brass and glass lamp, may have been an oil lamp which was converted to electric at some point. Nice patina to the brass, stands 26.5″ tall.
1326 – Ladies dresser, low dresser with three small drawers over six full size drawers, mirror is securely mounted and is removable. In very nice condition with just a few signs of wear. Measures 52″ w x 18.5 d x 33″ h. Mirror is 39″ x 33″
1327 – Barcalounger leather like recliner in very good condition. Low profile for a recliner, this one would fit in any decor. Measures 29″ w x 34″ d x 40″ h.
1328 – Rattan ottoman, well made rattan foot rest/ottoman. Measures 30″ w x 20″ d x 17″ h. Matches lot 1329, 1330 and 1331. Use with any of these pieces or alone.
1329 – Rattan loveseat, by Benchcraft, lovely lines and cushions in great shape. Match to lot 1328, 1330 and 1331. Ready for your sun porch. Measures 57″ w x 33″ d x 33″ h.
1330 – Rattan sofa by Benchcraft, 3 cushion sofa with 3 throw pillows. Match to lot 1328, 1329, and 1331. Clean and ready for your home. Cushions are all in nice shape. Measures 78″ w x 33″ d x 33″ h.
1331 – Rattan arm chair, match to 1328, 1329 and 1330. Measures 41″ w x 33″ d x 33″ h.
1332 – Table lamp, brass tone table lamp with fringed shade. Stands 32″ tall
1333 – Drop leaf occasional table, two drawers and two drop leaves, made by Imperial of Grand Rapids, MI. Finish could use a spruce up, but real solid little table here. Measures 19″w x 14″ d x 26″h. Each leaf adds 8.5″ to width.
1334 – Lamps, three table lamps with no shades and a desk lamp
1335 – uniform medals tray and flat of
1336 – Home decor, candle stand, artificial decor, sea shells etc
1337 – Battle of the sexes board game
1338 – Exercise mat compatible with Alec Nintendo wii seller code Y3
1339 – Dvds seller code Y3
1340 – Wagner cast iron griddle 11 1/4 in
1341 – Wagner cast iron cornbread mold
1342 – Cast iron cornbread skillet #8
1343 – Cast iron griddle
1344 – Cast iron sad flat iron commercial industrial size #20
1345 – Classic cars die cast
1346 – Brass wall decor, coat rack and welcome plate
1347 – Bus and white dishware, mixed lot with teacups/saucers, pitchers, plate etc
1348 – Cornbread cast iron skillet 6cbs 6,5″ dia
1349 – Lodge cast iron square griddle 5,5″ wide
1350 – Brass weight set missing one weight
1351 – Cast iron griddle #7
1352 – Cast iron skillet #3 SK 6,5″ dia
1353 – Cast iron cornbread mold #8
1354 – Tote with lid 35 gal
1355 – Tote with lid 31 gal
1356 – Box lots with pillows, basket with pinecones, and misc glassware
1357 – Heath speakers model AS-1342
1358 – Arm chair cane seat nice shape
1359 – Side chair caning is starting to come loose and splitting on edges
1360 – Magazine rack
1361 – Wrought iron stand, end table glass top modern style just needs a little cleaning and ready for your home matches next lot 20x20x21
1362 – Wrought iron stand, coffee table glass top modern style just needs a little cleaning and ready for your home matches previous lot 32x32x18
1363 – Rattan style fire log holder
1364 – Storage cart, small storage shelf cart on wheels 23x27x32
1365 – Victorian style parlor chair hip seating with decor carving throughout frame some nicks and scratches on frame throughout
1366 – Child’s golf club set
1367 – Double vanity, modern style double bathroom sink with underneath storage needs a good cleaning and has some nicks in one leg 51x19x31 seller code y3
1368 – Brass table lamp
1369 – Cottage dresser, three drawer cottage dresser would make a great paint piece or refinished it to give it a pop of fresh color 36x20x35
1370 – Wooden footstool
1371 – Pine bookshelf 36x12x31
1372 – Record player, solid state voice of music head is missing
1373 – Pine cottage dresser, three drawers with Victorian design knobs nice shape and ready for your home 35x17x34
1374 – Farm table, look here guys, very nice farm style table heavy duty and sturdy- Perfect fit to complete the rustic look in your home. Chairs that are selling in the next lot will fully complement the table and make a nice set measures 96x48x32
1375 – Dining chairs, crate and barrel modern design dining chairs set of 6 nice shape and ready for your home green fabric with diamond pattern design
1376 – Floor lamp, ornate metal and glass floor lamp, some damage to glass
1377 – Adult films, box lot of X rated movies, VHS
1378 – Table lamp, owner states “Aladdin lamp” lovely pale green and white glass with floral motif and matching finial. Base has night light. Measures 29″ tall.
1379 – Oak washstand, reddish stained washstand with large drawer over door and two drawers. Needs a little TLC, but very sturdy piece. Measures 29″ w x 16.5″ d x 27″ h
1380 – Primitive stool, handmade painted stool, solid and heavy piece. Measures 15″w x 9.5″ d x 8.5″ h.
1381 – Bench, painted wooden bench, measures 32″ w x 14″ d x 19″h
1382 – Counter height wooden stool, painted on seat. Seat is 13″ across, stands 24″ h.
1383 – Footstools, two fabric covered footstools, square is 15″ square and 10″ h. Round is green vinyl with a slipcover glued on. 14″ across and 11.5″ h both need cleaning.
1384 – Love seat, early high arched back settee, wood frame and fabric are in nice condition. Ready to go home with you. Measures 46″ w x 27″ d x 42″ h
1385 – Footlocker by Concourse, on wheels on one end. Measures 30″ w x 15.5″ d x 13″ h.
1386 – Table lamps, group lot of three brass table lamps with shades. Measures from 25″ to 28″ tall.
1387 – Sewing machine treadle table, Singer, measures 48″ w x 18″ d x 29.5″ h
1387a – Shop stool with chains in bin
1388 – DVDs, two boxes full of DVDs, seller code Y3
1389 – Toys, group lot of toys and games, Hot Wheels, cribbage, and table top games
1390 – Tabletop fridge, Protocol table or desk top fridge, tested and works.
1391 – DVDs, boxed sets of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, seasons 1,2, and 3. Seller code Y3
1392 – DVDs, box full of children’s DVDs about 20 in all, seller code Y3
1393 – USMC arm rank patches, uniform insignias, and color stays
1394 – DVDs, two boxes full of DVDs, seller code Y3
1395 – Rubbermaid Roughneck bin with lid, seller code Y 3
1396 – Sterilite 18 gal bin with lid.
1397 – Mahogany side chair, flame mahogany chair with blue seat. Padded seat is loose, just needs to be secured. Some damage to wood in back, chair frame is match to lots 1323 and 1316 if interested in reupholstering set of four.
1398 – Floor lamps, trio of brass floor lamps and a hand sewn shade. Stand between 51″ and 59″ tall.
1399 – Wire storage rack, right size for CDS or DVDs, has built in bookends. Measures 24″ w x 6″d x 26″ h.
1400 – Dressing mirror and frame, right size mirror to mount on back of door and 11.75″ x 36″ frame
1401 – Large suitcase, on wheels, measures 21 x 14 x 30 Ricardo brand . Seller code Y3
1402 – Metal plant stand, measures 8.5″ across and stands 28″ tall. Seller code LW
1403 – Pet gates, two wooden expandable pet gates, heavily chewed on
1404 – Fossils, three stones with fossils
1405 – Black powder bullets, loaf pan full
1406 – 10 gallon fuel can, does have hole In bottom and missing lid.
1407 – Griswold cast skillet, has damage on edge, two more pieces without markings. Skillet no. 3 and griddle is pitted.
1408 – Black powder bullets, glass jar full
1409 – Cast kettle, measures 10.5 across, cracked
1410 – Polished stones
1411 – Rock collection
1412 – Stoddard Lectures, travel lecture books1890s forward. Original 10 volume and supplemental.
1413 – DVDs, box of 20 DVDs, seller code Y3
1414 – – no description –
1415 – Black powder bullets in a glass jar
1416 – Early deep wood frames, pair of matching frames, measure 13 x 15.
1417 – Polished stones
1418 – Black powder bullets
1419 – Doll house, measures 23″ w x 13″ d x 20″ h. Has two wings that open up.
1420 – Vintage box fan, large reversible box fan, super cool color too. Measures 24″ w x 7″ d x 22″ h. Tested and works. Brand name is Dominion.
1421 – Lucite end tables, pair minders end tables on caster wheels, measure 16″ w x 12″ d x 16″ h
1422 – Brass bucket with handle full of birch logs, great decor piece for the fireplace,. Can measures approximately 12″ across and 15″ tall to handle.
1423 – Wooden file box, dove tailed corners and printing on front, measures 13″ w x 18″ d x 9.5″ h
1424 – Wooden file box, dove tailed corners and printing on front, measures 13″ w x 18″ d x 9.5″ h
1425 – Wooden file box, dove tailed corners and printing on front, measures 13″ w x 18″ d x 9.5″ h
1426 – Wooden file box, dove tailed corners and printing on front, measures 13″ w x 18″ d x 9.5″ h
1427 – Wooden file box, dove tailed corners and printing on front, measures 13″ w x 18″ d x 9.5″ h
1428 – Brass andirons, heavy brass andirons, measure 19.5″ tall, lovely patina.
1429 – Fireplace tool set, original set of three brass handled tolls with an additional wrought iron poker.
1430 – Floor lamp, brass tone floor lamp with swing arm and shade, stands 56″ tall.
1431 – Two suitcases seller code y3
1432 – Vintage travel box Fiber Co laundripak
1433 – Doctors table seat use wear 71x30x31
1434 – Box with yarn and throws
1435 – Footstool the top is loose
1436 – Chest, four drawer petite chest overall nice shape 30x15x36
1437 – Footstool top is loose
1438 – Bench, red painted primitive bench 32x14x19
1439 – Wooden sled, lighting guider
1440 – Primitive stand, farm style does have some damage and is wobbly 32x19x27
1441 – Rubbermaid tool box
1442 – Child’s chair painted brown
1443 – Lounge chair and footstool black and natural need to be cleaned seller code e4
1444 – Blue reclining chair seller code e4
1445 – Dresser mirror 36×21
1446 – Black coffee table 36x22x18
1447 – End table and coffee table use wear seller code e4
1448 – Butlers tray coffee table some minor use wear and nicks 37x29x17
1449 – Kitchen table with four chairs some staining on chairs seller code e4 60x36x30
1449a – – no description –
1450 – Older rocking chair
1451 – Three bookcases, press wood backs are loose and need to be readjusted 31x11x42
1452 – Pair of table lamps with black and white striped shades
1453 – Black bookshelf 43x14x28
1454 – Table lamp modern design
1455 – Computer desk seller code E4 28x19x29
1456 – Blue loveseat needs to be cleaned
1457 – Pair of single drawer end tables both have use wear good paint projects 19x29x23 seller code e4
1458 – Bathroom scales, health o meter
1459 – Pan organizer, closet maid two tier never used
1460 – Mixed lot, Three pennants, sea shells, and spot light
1461 – Framed stamp, first day issue first man on the moon sept 9, 1969
1462 – National service Manuel national automotive service
1463 – Structo scraper structo toys
1464 – Redskins memorabilia, Washington Redskins football NFL memorabilia poster and football
1465 – Nemco food warmer works
1466 – Tote with lid 31 gal
1467 – Trash can, Stainless steel bathroom trash can
1468 – Shoe rack 31x12x15
1469 – Hall table, older style tall and narrow hallway table or behind sofa table with 2 pull out drawers in front, really could be used anywhere, has been repainted black, measures approximately 30 inches tall 30 inches wide and 11 inches deep, has a few signs of some light bear but overall still a nice piece
1470 – Modern shelving unit/entertainment center, black in color with frosted glass shelves, shelves can be adjusted for other desirable heights, has one pull out drawer at bottom of stand, measures approximately 52.5 inches tall 21.5 inches wide and 19.5 inches deep, nice shape overall
1471 – Round end table, dark finish, does have scratches on top, measures approximately 21 inches tall 24 inches wide and 24 inches deep
1472 – Blue suede couch, deep sitting slate blue living room sofa, does have some stains but they may be able to be cleaned, otherwise in good shape, measures approximately 31 inches tall 92 inches wide and 44 inches deep
1473 – Vintage dinnerware, yellowish green in color, very mid century modern looking, plates marked ‘Decorama’, sugar bowl (missing lid) is marked ‘Russel Wright MFG. by Steubenville’, includes 6 cups, 3 dinner plates, one sugar bowl, and a gravy boat (missing bottom plate)
1474 – Recording tapes, box of assorted vintage recording tapes, varying brands, 30 tapes total
1475 – CDs, box of assorted CDs, varying genres (pop, rock, motown, Christmas, rap, etc) all appear to be in their boxes, 44 total cds, not checked by us
1476 – DVDs, box of assorted DVDs, have not been checked by us, 34 total
1477 – Pfaltzgraff “yorktown” dinnerware set, setting for 6 plus some extras (bowls, cup and saucer, appetizer plates, candle holder, etc) 38 pieces total
1478 – Electronics/toys/glassware box lot, includes 3 box lots total, items varying from miscellaneous pieces of glass to toys, to assorted electronics and wires
1479 – CDs, box of assorted CDs, varying genres, 56 total cd boxes
1480 – Basket filled with Hometown Collectibles wood block pieces, woven basket with top, does have some signs of age, some blocks also seem to have some wear, being sold as is
1481 – 7-UP drinking glasses, advertising glassware, set of 6 total appear to be older due to logo, all seem to be in nice overall shape
1482 – Picnic basket set, 22 pieces total (however was not counted by us) still has original tag, green and tan colored woven basket
1483 – Christmas holiday items, includes set of 12 pieces glassware set with holly pattern, also includes multiple miniature ornaments some wood,some metal, some ceramic
1484 – Flight/aircraft lot, includes IBM/ early Windows software, games, and manuals, also includes demo text record, perfect lot for anyone who is into aircrafts
1485 – Vintage toys, stuffed and squeakers, most are either advertisements for a food brand or are a novelty toy, also includes Chessie System children’s hard hat
1486 – Gardening supplies & decorations, include 16 ft Eco Edge border, multiple solar lights, and brand new in box solar spot lights
1487 – RC Japan fine china, serving set for 12 (except missing one dessert dish) includes 91 pieces total
1488 – Gardening tool, 10 gallon economy spot sprayer still in box, made by Fimco Industries, model LG-10-EC
1489 – Antique War Memorial print and wood easel, print is titled “With the Sunday Herald June 30th 1895, Eight Massachusetts Infantry” copyright 1895 by the Boston Harold Pub Co. with frame print measures approximately 13 inches by 10 inches, wooden easel measures approximately 19 and a half inches tall and 16 and a half inches wide
1490 – Sony CD radio cassette recorder, portable personal audio system, model number CFD-S50
1491 – End tables, pair with dark finish and glass top, both appear to have some signs of wear including small nicks and scratches, they both measure approximately 25 inches tall 22 inches wide and 26 inches deep
1492 – Antique display case, gorgeous dark wood finish with large glass front and sides makes this display case a real looker, also has claw shaped feet, appears to be a little wobbly as well as having add ons that are not original like the two shelves inside as well as the wallpaper backing, left side glass has large cracked although it appears somebody has put something over it to try and keep it from breaking anymore, does have some scratches here and there, appears to have the lock and the key, measures approximately 58 inches tall 40 and a half inches wide and 18 inches deehp
1493 – Porcelain bathroom sink by Sanitana, nice white rounded design with unique ribbed soap areas, very nice condition overall, measures approximately 35 inches tall, bowl measures 24 iniches wide
1494 – White porcelain bathroom sink by Gerber, appears to be brand new with original sticker, measures approximately 34 inches tall, full measures approximately 20 inches wide Seller code Y3
1495 – Display Hutch, kitchen hutch with light, lattice like fronts on all four doors, includes one shelf, does have issues and being sold as is condition ( numerous scratches, missing other two shelves, and bottom right door missing back plate) measures approximately 78 inches tall 42 inches wide and 15 and a half inches deep
1496 – Art deco era dresser armoire/chest of drawers, this piece has two armoire style doors on both the left and the right sides, also includes 4 pull out drawers and 1 swing open door (top drawer) has dovetailed joints, all of the handles seem to have bakelite inserts, however we did not test them (left armoire door handle is missing insert) used vintage condition although still a very solid piece, measures approximately 62 inches tall 37 inches wide and 20 inches deep Seller code UZ
1497 – King bed frame, gorgeous dark wood finish with spindle arm accents, appears to be in great overall condition with little signs of wear
1498 – Metal bed frame, on wheels, appears to be adjustable to different sizes
1499 – Woodmaster wood planer, model 612 planer, electric 220 volt, includes box of assorted pieces including operational manual and buyers papers, used tool condition
1500 – Factory dolly style coffee table, measures 52″ w x 27″ d x 15″ h.
1501 – Silver plate group, group lot to include coffee percolator (no cord), candlestick casserole trivet, trays, bowls and more.
1502 – Brass group, hummingbird feeder sundial to mount and pair of candlestick holders
1503 – Veg-o-magic, the original food preparer with box and blades.
1504 – Cast iron bread stick mold, measures 14″ x 7″
1505 – Cast iron muffin pan, measures 11″ x 7.5″
1506 – Cigar box, Dispatch Cigarros box, “will not break in your pocket”, measures approximately 11″ x 5″ x 3.5″
1507 – Brass decor, group lot of brass candlestick holders, eagle on marble, door knocker engraved “Thompson”, welcome sign, deer statue and more
1508 – Silver plate group, group lot to include coffee and tea service, pitcher covered dish, bowl and small platter
1509 – Table top saw, Black and Decker Firestorm 15 amps, 50″ deck. Tested and works, seller code Y3
1510 – Glasses, green over clear goblets, 7
1511 – Copper kettle, whistling tea kettle with porcelain handle and knob.
1512 – Tea service, off white tea pot, creamer, sugar and tray
1513 – Punch bowl, nice heavy glass punch bowl with stand, tray and eleven cups, ribbed design, measures 12″ across and stands 9″ tall.
1514 – Asian decor, group of Asian decor including mini tea set, two plates, brass cricket box, salt &a pepper shakers with toothpick holder and bland de chine statue of lady.
1515 – Buttons, Tiny Tim tin full of vintage buttons.
1516 – Pressed glass serving bowls, matched pair of gilt trimmed serving bowls. Measure 9.5″ across
1517 – Coffee and snack china set, Rosenthal Fortuna made in Germany coffee pot, creamer, six cups and saucers and six snack plates.
1518 – Foot massager, Homedics, foot massage with heat boost, new in box.
1519 – Footstool, leopard pattern footstool on metal base, measures 19″ w x 14″ d x 14″ h.
1520 – Side table, metal side table with fabricated marble top, a couple of scuffs, but overall good shape, match to lot 1521. Measures 29″ w x 25″ d x 24″ h.
1521 – Coffee table, metal coffee table with fabricated marble top, a few scuffs but good shape, match to lot 1520. Measures 49″ w x 30.5 d x 18″
1522 – Single tree, wooden single tree in great shape, perfect for handing plants from. Measures 34.5″ w
1523 – Speaker amp, Velodyne model number CT-120, measures 15″w x 19″ d x 18″ h.
1524 – Ceiling light, ceiling mount fixture white background with mauve trim and accents. Shade is approximately 19″ across and 15″ tall.
1525 – TV stand, large screen television stand with lower display/components shelves. Measures 73″ w x 24″ d x 19″ h.
1526 – Wicker, three wicker baskets, magazines, logs, flowers handy for so many things. Measure about 19″ w.
1527 – Wicker entertainment dresser, upper cabinet was for a small tv, but it could be repurposed to your liking, three drawers below. Some chippiness to paint, but real sturdy piece. Measures 30″ w x 21″ d x 49″ h.
1528 – Brass table lamp, heavy brass lamp, shade is torn on interior. Stands 30″ tall.
1529 – Nightstand, black round nightstand with drawer and two shelves. Has some surface wear but still sturdy, measures 24″ across and 28″ tall. Match to lot 1530.
1530 – Nightstand, black round nightstand with drawer and two shelves. Has some surface wear but still sturdy, measures 24″ across and 28″ tall. Match to lot 1529.
1531 – Milk can, Wagrer’s Dairy can, stands 20″ tall
1532 – Suit of armor, decor knight in suit of armor, nearly life size at 64″.
1533 – Two man saw, measures 68″ long.
1534 – Vanity lights, two chrome vanity fixtures. Eight bulb holders. Measure 48″. New, never installed.
1535 – Space heater, Arvin fan forced instant electric heater. Tested, heats up.
1536 – Crew life jacket, US cruise ship, has inspection stamps from 1967, 1968, and 1969. Has rescue whistle still attached.
1537 – Bathroom sink, Koehler undercounted lavatory sink in white. New in box.
1538 – Pool room rack, pool cue rack with five cues, including a Dale Earnhardt, Jr, 8 and bridge.
1539 – Wall shelf. Wooden two shelve wall unit, measures 30″ w x 8.5″ d x 27.5″ h.
1540 – Wall cabinet, early painted hutch top or wall cabinet. Ready for glass or mesh in the doors. Repurpose into something special. lot built and sturdy. Measures 41″ w x13.5″ d x 33″ h.
1541 – Birdhouse, decor birdhouse with momma bird, eggs and flowers. Stands 26″ tall. In good condition.
1542 – Granite top drawers. Kitchen cabinet drawer stack with granite countertop. Granite is finished on all sides so can be used as stand alone piece. Measures 15″ w x 27″ 36″ h.
1543 – Executive desk chair, leather arm desk chair in good condition. Very comfy, your back wants you to buy it.
1544 – Asian fan, large decor wood and paper fan. Measures 44″ across
1545 – Framed floral paintings, two coordinating floral pictures on canvas board. Ornate frames, measure 19″ square.
1546 – Sectional sofa, curved leather sofa in taupe color. Two pieces. Measures approximately 132″ from back corner to back corner.
1547 – Quatrefoil table, very nice little table, beautiful smooth finish looks like walnut. Measures 19″ x 19″ x 21″.
1548 – Counter stools, pair of brown wood saddle stools for counter height table. Stand 24.5″ tall. A little surface wear, nothing a good clean shouldn’t fix.
1549 – Sofa and ottoman, tiger print upholstery on front, solid brown on back and sides, seat cushion is embossed to resemble snake skin. A unique sofa here. Matching ottoman included, in good clean condition. Measures 62″ w x 33″ d x 38.5″ h.
1550 – Cordless drill, Dewalt drill with charger and case.
1551 – Wet saw, 7″ tile wet saw, brand WorkForce, 3/4 horsepower.
1552 – Washboard, National Washboard Co, no 801
1553 – Soda crate, Royal Crown Cola crate in great shape
1554 – Buffet server, includes two fuel holders and pan.
1555 – Buffet server, includes two fuel holders and pan.
1556 – Buffet server, includes two fuel holders and pan.
1557 – 18 gallon bin and extra serve tray for lots 1554, 1555 or 1556
1558 – Outdoor metal planter, already aged (rusted) to perfection for a rustic garden, stands 14″ tall
1559 – Tool box, early tool or storage box. Measures 27″w x 20.5″ d x 8.5″ h.
1560 – Wood and wicker stool, seat is in good condition with very few breaks. Measures 18″ w x 12″ d x 19″ h.
1561 – Acme freezer insert for ice cream maker
1562 – Wooden casing for ice cream churn, not the previous lot. This one is bigger. Measures 11.5″ across x 15.5 h
1563 – Counter height table and six Windsor style counter chairs. Drawer and cubbies for storage and display in table base. Table measures 60″w x 36″ w x 36″ h.
1564 – Rolling storage cart by Staples, from the loft collection, expresso finish, appears to be brand new, item number 666554
1565 – Bavaria Germany decorative dishes, includes 6 plates, 1 bowl, 1 spoon rest, and a pair of angel figurine candlestick holders
1566 – Decorative colored glass, includes 4 flower vases (two green, i purple and clear, and one pink) and 1 blue opalescent serving plate
1567 – Glass drinking pitcher and 6 matching glasses, set has etched floral design, includes 7 pieces total
1568 – Women’s fashion boots, new in box Anne Klein Iflex black knee high boots with small heel, size 8.5
1569 – Copper home decor, copper home items such as flower pots, candlestick holders, couldrons, etc. All pieces have a hammered look
1570 – Coach handbag, navy blue in color on outside with light nlje satin like inside, has gold accents, includes outside strap, no. B1169-16931
1571 – Vintage liquor serving set, includes liquor decanter with removable type of liquor tags – includes rye (ceramic and made by Staffordshire England), whiskey (also ceramic and made by Staffordshire) and lastly includes a metal scotch tag, along with the decanter comes 8 gorgeous vintage bar glasses, all seems to be in good vintage condition
1572 – Sears / Craftsman oscillating spindle sander, 1/2 horsepower, model E3 417, has been tested and works
1573 – Antique wood rocker, dark stain on wood, has fruit themed stencil on top of seat, does have a little stain wore off in a few places but otherwise in great shape
1574 – Mid century magazine rack, nice vintage metal/wire rack for books/magazines, has diamond harlequin pattern to top, measures 9.5 inches tall 17 inches wide and 8.5 deep
1575 – Wood Deacon Bench by Whittier Wood Products, great overall shape with little signs of wear, includes original assembly instructions, measures approximately 44 inches wide and 16 inches deep
1576 – Vintage vanity stool, padded white seat with cutout white lattice hummingbird pattern around base, does show some wear throughout, measures approximately 18 inches tall 20 inches wide and 15 inches deep
1577 – Box fan by Lakewood, white in color, tested okay, measures approximately 21inches by 21 inches, will need cleaned
1578 – Vintage aqua box fan by Eskimo, does have some signs of wear, tested and does work, measures approximately 21inches by 21 inches
1579 – Wide folding storage table, gray in color, folds down to nice small size for easy storage, nice table for yardsales, cookouts, etc. Measures approximately 72 inchest wiDE
1580 – Blue leather wingback chair by Leathercraft Inc. Chair is in used condition with some wear to the leather, does have brass colored buttons on both of the front of the armrests, matches lot number 1581
1581 – Blue leather wingback chair by Leathercraft Inc. Chair is in used condition with some wear to the leather, does have brass colored buttons on both of the front of the armrests, matches lot number 1580
1582 – Three tier plant stand, gold in color, has nice ornate frame with interesting swirls, top that has circular mirror, measures approximately 40 inches tall
1583 – Rolled prints, a Dominic Pangborn print and a Zamy Steynovitz, shipping tube and catalog included. Poppy flower picture is 23″ x 19″ and angel is 12.75″ x 18″
1584 – Small aquarium , lid, and contents. Measures 15″ w x 9″ d x 15″ h
1585 – Pizza stone with rack, new in box
1586 – Chicken timer and butter keepers
1587 – Decor lot, group lot to include two angel wall hangings, two metal bins, two decor lamps, a metal wall pocket and a wall hanging basket.
1588 – Virginia Tech fan group, two wreaths and three serving pieces.
1589 – Electronics box, box lot of cables, mouse, direct tv box , remote and more
1590 – Box lot, pictures, books, belt and more
1591 – Full sized bed, metal bed with Serra mattress and box spring. Headboard measures 57″w x 58″ h. Looks clean and ready to go home with you.
1592 – Tools, group lot of tools, including a miter saw, chisels, advertising level and more.
1593 – Daisy BB gun, Powerline 901 .177 cal, Dual Ammo Pellet or BB
1594 – Reproduction wooden toy truck model, with a Hot Wheels ’57 Chevy in the bed
1595 – Reproduction model motorcycle
1596 – Heathkit model AR-1219 receiver and Ultrx model RD C21 cassette player
1597 – Lamp parts, vases and a basket
1598 – Vintage kitchen lot, Sunbeam Mixmaster, Westinghouse fryer, wood handled flatware with dish rack and terry cloth toaster cover
1599 – Extension cord
1600 – Extension cord.
1601 – Artificial flowers, group lot that includes artificial flowers , ornaments, decor balls, arrangement in basket and home interior type wall hangings
1602 – Kitchen lot, candy counter type canister and Oster blender
1603 – Silver plate meat server and variety of flatware
1604 – Vanity lamps, variety of vintage vanity lamps, two with new shades. Stand between 16″ and 19″ tall.
1605 – Box lot, includes ships, cottage, vases, martini glass and more
1606 – Brass tone ceiling lights, four brass and glass ceiling lights. Have been used, but in nice condition. Two bulb sockets.
1607 – Ratcheting tie downs
1608 – Craftsman sockets,
1609 – Bucket lot, includes casters, couplings and more
1610 – Dewalt tool group, portable set/dry vac (tested and works) charger, three batteries, totes
1611 – Black and Decker blower with charger and battery
1612 – Snowman lamppost, lighted acrylic holiday decoration, still in box, seller code F
1613 – Wicker and wood fernery. Wood bottom, but no insert. Measures 30″ w x 10″ d x 31″ h.
1614 – Architectural salvage, pair of painted wooden corbels. Measure 5.5″ w x 6″ d x 20.5″ h
1615 – Christmas tree, 42″‘red poinsettia decorated pre-lit tree with 100 GE clear and red lights. New with box. Match to lots 1616 and 1617. Seller code F
1616 – Christmas tree, 42″‘red poinsettia decorated pre-lit tree with 100 GE clear and red lights. New with box. Match to lots 1615 and 1617, Seller code F
1617 – Christmas tree, 42″‘red poinsettia decorated pre-lit tree with 100 GE clear and red lights. New with box. Match to lots 1615 and 1616. Seller code F
1618 – Game table, foosball table, with hockey, shuffleboard, checkers, backgammon insert. Two cues. Measures 48″ w x 36″ d x 32″ h. Matrix by Sportcraft
1619 – Box light, includes red auto lights, abrasive discs, reflectors and a cable, seller code F
1620 – VHS and auto stereo amp, Hitachi M281 VHS player and Apline MRV-T502 2/1 channel power amplifier, seller code F
1621 – DVD player, Phillips DVD 704 DVD/CD player, seller code F
1622 – Onkyo stereo cassette deck, model no. TA-W202, Quartz synthesized tuner amplifier, model no. TX-904 and 6 Compact disc player, seller code F
1623 – Kenwood, Am/Fm stereo receiver, model no. KR-A5080, seller code F
1624 – Sansui stereo cassette deck, model no. D-75CW and integrated amplifier model no. Classique A-1230, seller code F
1625 – Pioneer file-type compact disc player, model no. PD-F605, seller code F
1626 – Santa Claus, two Santas, stand 18″ tall.
1627 – Sewing basket with contents, in very good condition
1628 – Crystal Village, illuminated stained glass houses and church in box
1629 – Porcelain holiday decorations, with boxes, seller code CH
1630 – Box lot, includes gift bags, holiday decor, game controllers, picture frames and albums, and more
1631 – Group lot, includes two land line phones, folding shovel and harding
1632 – Figurines, tray lot of 12 figures, clowns, birds, fish, penguins and children
1633 – Underwood typewriter
1634 – Gift box trinket boxes with lids or votive holders. 10, one is missing lid
1635 – Smith-Corona Classic 12 typewriter with case.
1636 – Decor group, includes candleholders, cats meow style houses, brass gamecocks (one has damage), glass canister, glass plate, and more
1637 – Under bed type storage bin with lid by Rubbermaid
1638 – Wooden trays, two decor trays made in Mexico. Large measures 22″ x 16″ and smaller is 16″ x 12″
1639 – Vintage sewing supplies, some are stored in a vintage Samsonite train case.
1640 – Pillow shams, set of four “euro” pillow shams, approximately 27″ square, in good condition with fraying at one zipper
1641 – Brother sewing machine LS-1520
1642 – – no description –
1643 – Chopper group, group lo of grinders and choppers. Mounted and clamped types
1648 – Clear glassware lot, mostly serving dishes but does have some vases/bell/cake stands/ etc. Lot includes 15 pieces total
1649 – Silverware utensils, assorted silverware utensils box lot, various styles and makers
1650 – Vintage picnic basket, woven picnic basket with move able handles, nice shape for age with only a few small signs of wear, measures approximately 9 inches tall 17 inches wide and 11.5 inches wide
1651 – Vintage kitchen linens, set of 3 vintage tablecloths, 2 are lace, all 3 appear to be in good vintage condition
1652 – Blue mason jars, older blue jars, makers include Ball and Whitney Glass Works (large jar does not have a mark) all 3 seem to be in good overall conditions, largest jar measures 12inches tall, Ball jar measures 9 inches tall, and Whitney jar measures 7.5 inches tall
1653 – Silverplate serving platters, includes 5 platters all together,
1654 – Tea set, made in Japan, small in size, set is not complete (missing 3 teacups) sweet yellow and floral design
1655 – Crystal drinking glasses, set of 6 with etched floral design, all appear to be in nice overall conditions, however 3 of the 6 have red marks on the bottoms
1656 – Silverplate large serving utensils, various styles including forks, knives, soup spoons, spoons, sugar cube grabbers, etc.
1657 – Stoneware pottery crock, appears to be handmade, measures approximately 8 inches tall, does have some small cracks around top of lip
1658 – Cake stand, clear glass with cube pattern, one piece, nice shape overall, measures approximately 7 inches tall and 10 inches wide
1659 – Vintage View-Master and slides, in original box (box has obvious signs of age), condition of slides vary, actual View-Master appears to be in good working condition
1660 – Clear glassware lot, include 4 bowls/candy dishes, and a sugar dish with handles, 5 pieces total
1661 – Wedgwood “Directoire” dining dish set, made in Etruia England, includes 7 dinner plates, one sugar bowl with lid, 4 egg cups, all pieces have signs of wear and crazing
1662 – Deviled egg platters, one clear glass, other is pink and gold made by California pottery co. Both in nice overall conditions, clear glass one measures approximately 11 inches across while pink measures approximately 10 inches across
1663 – Liquor decanter and matching drinking cups lot, includes liquor decanter with etched floral design, 4 matching wine glasses and 4 smaller drinking glasses (both sets with etched flower design) 9 pieces total
1664 – Reynolds Fine China dish set in “Midnight Halo” pattern, includes dinner plates/cups and saucers for 4