March 30 2017

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Onsite Online Bidding Auction

Over 175 pcs of stoneware,

300 pcs of cobalt blue glass,

Morgan Silver Dollars, etc.

Moving to Florida and My entire household is being sold to highest bidder !!!!

March 30 at 6:04 pm

Preview Time: Wednesday March 29  4 pm to 7 pm

372 Euclid AVE

Charles Town, WV 25414

Pickup Day: Saturday April 1st 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

372 Euclid AVE

Charles Town, WV 25414

Click here for online catalog, pictures and bidding.











Pickup Day: Saturday April 1st 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

372 Euclid AVE

Charles Town, WV 25414

Please bring in necessary packing material/boxes for your pickup and help to load.

AUCTION TERMS: THIS IS AN ONLINE BIDDING AUCTION.  Registration required with valid credit/debit card.

15% Buyers Premium

 Items not picked up by on Saturday April 1st by 2:00 pm are subject to be considered abandoned.

The card on file will be charged


First time bidders, register here:


1 – Cobalt blue bud vase 6″tall location – front entry

2 – Cobalt blue vase 11″ tall location – front entry

3 – Cobalt blue decanter soldier with sombrero 12″tall location – front entry

4 – Cobalt blue bud vase 5″tall location – front entry

5 – Cobalt blue handled pitcher with wire wrapping 6″tall location – front entry

6 – Cobalt blue bottle 12″tall location – front entry

7 – Cobalt blue vase 11 inch tall location – front entry

8 – Cobalt blue double handled vase 5 inch tall location – front entry

9 – Cobalt blue handled candy basket dish 10″ tall location – front entry

10 – Cobalt blue illusion vase 9 inches tall location – front entry

11 – Cobalt blue commemorative star spangled Banner flag house bottle 8″tall location – front entry

12 – Cobalt blue square vase 4 inch tall location – front entry

13 – Cobalt blue Jenny Lind bottle 10 inches tall location – front entry 1

14 – Cobalt blue Louie Glass co Harpo pitcher does have a crack 9″tall location – front entry

15 – Cobalt glass clip on reflector piece like possible for small candle to go behind 3 x 3″ location – front entry

16 – Cobalt blue baby top one quart cream bottle 10 inches tall location – front entry

17 – Cobalt blue handled pitcher 8 1/2 inches tall location – front entry

18 – Cobalt blue creamer 3″ tall location – front entry

19 – Cobalt blue decor cup 2.5 inch tall leaf engraved location – front entry

20 – Cobalt blue glass Apple paper weight location – front entry

21 – Cobalt blue painted 4.5 inch tall bud vase location – front entry

22 – Cobalt blue creamer Shelton glass works Williamsburg, Va 4″ tall location – front entry

23 – Cobalt blue dairy bottle- Thatcher’s Dairy one quart bottle patent 1884 Crawford China Co location – front entry

24 – Blue decanter with stopper 13″ tall location – front entry 2

25 – Cobalt blue turtle ashtray 7″ location – front entry 2

26 – Cobalt blue grape design bottle 9″ location – front entry

27 – Cobalt blue floral painted bud vase 9″ tall location – front entry

28 – Cobalt blue vase 8″ tall location – front entry

29 – Cobalt blue vase 7″ tall location – front entry

30 – Cobalt blue genie glass decanter bottle with topper Avon 9″ tall location – front entry

31 – Cobalt blue first American industry glasshouse bottle Jamestown, Va 1608 8″ tall location – front entry

32 – United States decorated stoneware book by Carmen A Guappone location – front entry

33 – Pottery A Utilitarin Folk Craft signed 1981 location – front entry

34 – A great deal of stone and earthen ware the Rockingham County, Va school of folk pottery book location – front entry

35 – Collectors guide to country stoneware and pottery by Don and Carol Raycraft some water damage location – front entry

36 – Southern potteries inc. blue ridge dinnerware value guide by Betty and Bill Newbound location – front entry

37 – The Potters and Potteries of Bennington by John Spargo numbered edition number 3, front title page is loose, location – front entry

38 – New Geneva and Greensboro pottery Illustrated price guide number II by Dr Carmen A Guappone, location – front entry

39 – Big Ware Turners the history and manufacturer of Pennsylvania stoneware by Phil Schaltenbrand, location – front entry

40 – Four auction catalogs, Ruth Moore Collection, two American Pottery, Washington Pennsylvania Fairground, location – front entry

41 – The British Buttner pipe reamer and box of Nova Lite pipe cleaners, location – front entry

42 – Standard Catalog of Winchester the most comprehensive price guide ever published location – front entry

43 – Briggs tobacco wood keg 7″ small chip location – front entry

44 – Tobacco Pipe stand with filters location – front entry

45 – Tobacco smoking pipe with ashtray location – front entry

46 – Charles the great cigar box location – front entry

47 – Flor Fina with wooden cigar box location – front entry

48 – War eagle cigars tin can 5″ location – front entry

49 – Red J chewing tobacco tin location – front entry

50 – Excalibur I066 cigar box location – front entry

51 – Tobacco tins collector guide book location – front entry

52 – Edgeworth extra high grade ready rubbed cigar tins larus and bros co Richmond, Va 4.5 and 4″ tall, location – front entry

53 – Yale mixture smoking tobacco tin Baltimore, Md location – front entry

54 – 3 Kings sliced plug smoking plain tree tobacco company tobacco tin, location – front entry

55 – Niles and moser quality cigar tin 6″ location – front entry

56 – B.F. Gravely Superior chewing tobacco tin, 3.5″ location – front entry

57 – Glimax chewing tobacco tin 3.5″ location – front entry

58 – Yocum Brothers cigar tin 5″ location – front entry

59 – Edgeworth extra high grade sliced pipe tobacco larus &Bro Co Richmond, Va, location – front entry

60 – Ogeanig cut plug tobacco tin Detroit, Michigan Scotten Dillion Co, location – front entry

61 – Patterson’ Seal tobacco tin R-A-Patterson Tobacco Co Richmond, Va location – front entry

62 – Dutch Masters 25 Pantellas tobacco tin location – front entry

63 – Union Leaders cut plug tobacco tin location – front entry

64 – Cobalt blue ruffled edge bowl 7dia 3″tall location – front entry

65 – Cobalt blue Joe Camel advertisement decor piece 6″ long 5″ tall location – front entry

66 – Quartz wall clock needs batteries location – front entry

67 – Blue over gray Asian theme covered pottery Decor piece 4″ tall location – front entry

68 – Cobalt blue divided veggies plate 10″dia location – front entry

69 – Cobalt blue nut dish 5″ dia location – front entry

70 – Cobalt blue shot glass location – front entry

71 – Cobalt blue duck figurine 3″ long location – front entry

72 – Blue 1st national bank glass coin bank Wheaton NJ 6″tall location – front entry

73 – Cobalt blue footed goblet location – front entry

74 – Brown bear figurine 5″ tall location – front entry

75 – Cobalt blue bud vase 8″ tall location – front entry

76 – Eye catching blue covered glass candy dish 7″ tall location – front entry

77 – Pair of blue candle stick holder with candles location – front entry

78 – Cobalt blue pasta jar container 10″ tall location – front entry

79 – Blue rounded rose bowl 5″ tall location – front entry

80 – Cobalt blue crackle glass bud vase 4″ tall location – front entry

81 – Cobalt blue coffee cup location – front entry

82 – Blue just-yna made in Poland mouth blown large flower vase 12″ tall location – front entry

83 – Blue flint glass manufactures TC Wheaton Co glass coin bank 7″ tall location – front entry

84 – Blue Paul Revere glass bottle 8″ tall location – front entry

85 – Blue apple fruit design vinegar bottle Missing stopper 6″ tall location – front entry

86 – 1912 ford model T delivery car replica Remington country location – front entry

87 – Cobalt blue decor vase 9″ tall location – front entry

88 – blue decor floral vase 9″ tall location – front entry

89 – Federal shooting champion plaque location – front entry

90 – Federal shooting champion plaque location – front entry

91 – Bristol ware Santa 1980 tin 7″ tall location – front entry

92 – Replica brownie tin circa 1912 Cheinco House wares Burlington NJ 7″ tall location – front entry

93 – Yorkie dog cookie jar 11″ tall location – front entry

94 – S and S Seltzer bottle Baltimore, Md 12″ tall location – front entry

95 – Fenton hobnail small tumbler glass 3.15 high x 2.5″ dia location – front entry

96 – Glass bear figurine 8″ tall location – front entry

97 – Multi color floral design vase 9″ tall location – front entry

98 – Log cabin scene home decor mantle piece 9″ tall location – front entry

99 – Pair of small ruffled top hob nail pedestal compote orange glass 4″ tall location – front entry

100 – Fenton candle jar 5″ tall is cracked location – front entry

101 – Funky Apple decor paper weight location – front entry

102 – Vintage galvanized metal 4 dozen egg shipping container box has age wear 12″ long 7″ tall location – front entry

103 – Two piece deer home decor lot location – front entry

104 – Quartz bathtub design clock location – front entry

105 – Three 1993 NRA regional match winner medallions location – front entry

106 – Cobalt blue tooth pick holder 2.5 inches tall location – front entry

107 – Aqua lead crystal creamer made in Morgantown 4″ tall location – front entry

108 – Game lot with Lowe tournament checkers and three decks of playing cards location – front entry

109 – Martinsburg Furniture Co advertising pieces, 2 slice servers with handles having bottle cap openers, location – front entry

110 – Gold Medal prickly heat powder advertising can The Pfeiffer Co St Louis MO location – front entry

111 – Perpetual calendar location – front entry

112 – Ankle weighs, waist belt, and Humi;Sorb location – front entry

113 – Floral and butterfly design lamp shade location – front entry

114 – Burlap and polka dot lamp shade location – front entry

115 – Cobalt blue Fenton strawberry design ruffled edge dish 3″ tall location – front entry

116 – Cobalt blue butter dish location – front entry

117 – Cobalt blue toothpick count holder 6″ tall location – front entry

118 – Four Cobalt blue champagne glasses location – front entry

119 – Two martini glasses and one sundae glass location – front entry

120 – Cobalt blue sconce lamp globe location – front entry

121 – Cobalt blue covered candy dish location – front entry

122 – Cobalt blue hen on next location – front entry

123 – Avon whistle design perfume bottle location – front entry

124 – Cobalt blue Humpty Dumpty and Tom Tom the piper’s son cup location – front entry

125 – Two Cobalt blue dessert cups location – front entry

126 – Cobalt blue sundae cup location – front entry

127 – Two Cobalt blue 2″ tall child’s play set tumblers location – front entry

128 – Two cobalt child’s play set tumblers 2″ high location – front entry

129 – 6ft folding table some damage to corner location – front entry

130 – 6ft folding table some damage to corner location – front entry

131 – Cobalt blue rope hanging decor piece location – front entry

132 – Cobalt blue hanging candle globe holder with wire chain location front entry

133 – Cobalt blue alphabet plate with plate rack location – front entry

134 – Cobalt blue 1976 bicentennial liquor bottle no stopper 10″ tall location – front entry

135 – blue square decor vase 6″ tall location – front entry

136 – Cobalt blue bud vase 7.5 inches tall location – front entry

137 – Cobalt blue covered cheese dish location – front entry

138 – Clear and Cobalt blue duck figurine 10″ tall location – front entry

139 – Cobalt blue butter print with cow design location – front entry

140 – Pair of Cobalt blue vases 6″ tall location – front entry

141 – Cobalt blue vase 7″ tall location – front entry

142 – Cobalt blue home decor candle sconce 11″ tall location – front entry

143 – Handmade eagle design goblet 4″ tall location – front entry

144 – Double handled Cobalt blue vase 5″ tall location – front entry

145 – Cobalt blue and yellow stripped vase 8″ tall location – front entry

200 – Hope print on canvas with crock, measures 20 inches by 6 inches Living Room

201 – Wood carved sleeping cat figure approximately 8 inches Living Room

202 – Single TV tray/stand Living Room

203 – 1 gallon Grey glazed crock with Blue floral pattern, 8 inch across top, 7 3/4 inches tall Living Room

204 – 4 gallon Acorn Wares crock with lid, UHL Pottery Co, Huntingburg Indiana, has hairline cracks, missing wire handle, lid is stamped 2, measures 11 inches wide across lid, 16 inches tall Living Room

205 – Brown jug chicken water crock, has chip, 9 inches tall it’s one is neat as it has the hood type piece on side for holding water different than most Living Room

206 – Crock preserves jar, measured 8 inches tall by 3 inches wide at the top Living Room

207 – Peter Herman Baltimore one gallon crock with b blue glaze floral design and stamped 1, 10 inches tall 6 inches wide at top, chips on bottom Living Room

208 – Bluebird crock, measures 6 and three quarter inches tall 6 and a half inches wide, few chips on bottom Living Room

209 – Two rugs, oval braided rug and door entry rug Living Room

210 – Blenko Blown glass cobalt blue “cowboy hat” ice bucket, 30 inches from front to back brim, 8 inches tall Living Room

211 – Murano glass sailboat 29 and a half inches tall 6 inches wide, cobalt blue/clear Living Room

212 – Cobalt blue goblet, I inches tall Living Room

213 – Cobalt blue vase, 10 1/2 inches tall by 5 inches wide at top Living Room

214 – Clear Murano sailboat, 10 1/2 inches tall Living Room

215 – Fenton ruffle vase, 6 1/2 inches tall Living Room

216 – Cobalt ice bucket type piece use for planter a also 6 1/2 inches wide, 5 inches tall, has chip Living Room

217 – 5 doilies Living Room

218 – Ornate oak lamp table with spool legs and under shelf, measures 29.5 x 23.the inches Living Room

219 – E B Taylor Richmond Virginia grey crock with blue stencil lettering, has chip, measures 9 inches wide by 5 inches tall Living Room

220 – Two gallon grey crock with blue floral design, small chip on rim, 13 inches tall, 7 inch top Living Room

221 – Two gallon L Ford Nanticoke PA crock jug, blue stenciled letters and stamped letters, 1r inches tall, chipping on spout Living Room

222 – 1 gallon Strasburg Virginia crock, S H Sonner, has chips under rim, 9 inches tall, 7 inch top Living Room

223 – Blue gray crock with blue floral design, measuring 9 inches tall by 5 1/2 inches wide, small chip on rim Living Room

224 – Two gallon Hamilton & Jones Greensboro PA crock jug, blue stenciled letters, measures approximately 14 1/2 inches tall Living Room

225 – French Prov, parlor chair with medallion back design carved arms and legs, black material with heavy embroidery floral/leaves Living Room

226 – Five decor pillows Living Room

227 – Tan sofa with pink/blue accents, 100 inches long Living Room

228 – Early Secretary desk with book case hutch, wavy glass in hutch doors, hutch has wooden shelves, two drawers under doors, flip down top desk front reveals writing surface and desk drawer with slotted bank, with bottom three drawers, glass knobs all in lovely flame mahogany in nice ready to use in your home condition, is 2 piece unit to make easier to move don’t miss out on quality here folks Living Room

229 – Five gallon Bluebird crock, measures 13 1/2 inches tall by 13 inches Living Room

230 – Blue decorated crock lid, will fit lot 229 If desired, please note it has been repaired, but don’t let that deter you. Still nice find Living Room

231 – Cobalt blue vase, 14 1/2 inches tall, 7 inch top Living Room

232 – Cobalt blue man in the moon bottle, 11 inches tall Living Room

233 – Hawthorn pottery company Hawthorn Pennsylvania crock jug, blue lettering measures approximately 9 inches tall Living Room

234 – blue gray preserves crock jar with stripes measures 8 inches tall with the four and a half inch top Living Room

235 – Stoneware 1L Milk pitcher crock 6 inches tall with 4 inch top, stamped number Living Room

236 – Stoneware 1/2 stamped cream pitcher Living Room

237 – Cobalt blue vase 12 inches tall and 6 inch top Living Room

238 – Picton CW pottery jug with blue flower, damaged Living Room

239 – One gallon pottery jug with blue 1 design, handle has been repaired, 10 inches tall Living Room

240 – Butter crock, measures 6 and a half inches wide by 3 and a half inches tall Living Room

241 – Heavy butter crock measures 3 and a half inches tall 5 and a half inches wide Living Room

242 – Fenton Mandarin ruby bowl with original box, label and shopping bag, Marked 100th on the bottom, measure six and a half inches wide from handle the handle and four and a half inches wide measured the other side Living Room

243 – Cobalt blue to clear vase with ruffled top measures 11 and a half inches tall and 7 inches wide at top Living Room

244 – Cobalt blue bottle 14 inches tall Living Room

245 – 2001 salmon Falls stoneware Dover NH handled crock with Bluebird design, measure seven and a half inches tall 4 inch top Living Room

246 – 5 gallon butter churn crock with dasher has some chips throughout and on dasher 15.5″ tall Living Room

247 – Cobalt blue speckled glass vase 22″ tall Living Room

248 – Blue swan design candy dish 8″ long Living Room

249 – 4 gallon brown over white pottery whiskey jug 19″ tall a few chips on bottom Living Room

250 – Two gallon crock with lid – crock itself has a couple chips as does the lid 10″ tall Living Room

251 – Hamilton and Jones gray stoneware crock Greensboro, Pa 10″ tall small chip inside lip but overall nice condition Living Room

252 – Six gallon blue over white floral design crock minor chipping on lip but overall a nice piece 16″ tall Living Room

253 – Blue over gray stoneware crock with floral decorations clean piece here 8″ tall Living Room

254 – A.P., Donaghho stoneware crock Parkersburg, WV 8″ tall some chips on bottom but otherwise not bad Living Room

255 – Four gallon stoneware crock with blue decorated dragonfly 12″ tall some chipping around rim and handle Living Room

256 – Very nice four gallon stoneware crock with blue dragonfly decorated 14,5″ tall clean piece here minimal wear Living Room

257 – blue over white dragonfly decorated stoneware crock some chipping throughout rim 13″ tall Living Room

258 – Black crock lid 11,5 in dia Living Room

259 – Two gallon blue design stoneware crock has some chipping on rim and bottom 11,5″ tall Living Room

260 – Hawthorn Pottery Co Hawthorn Pa crock has chips 7″ tall Living Room

261 – Three gallon blue over white whiskey jug 14,5″ tall nice condition Living Room

262 – Look here, Western Stoneware five gallon crock floor lamp with double bulbs and glass shades works- crock has some chipping throughout but interesting piece here 58″ tall Living Room

263 – Hometrends table top fan Living Room

264 – Multicolor water drop design ruffled edge vase 13″ tall Living Room

265 – Fragrance lot with candles and fragrance sticks Living Room

266 – Lamp table with under shelf 15x15x29 Living Room

267 – 2QT Robinson Ransbottom double handle bean crock brown over white nice condition 6,5″ tall Living Room

268 – Gray whiskey sipping jug small chip on spout but otherwise not bad 12″ tall Living Room

269 – 1912 Henderson foot warmer stoneware pig with screw on plug 11″ tall Dorchester Pottery Dorchester, Mass Living Room

270 – Burgundy living room recliner nice condition Living Room

271 – Valley crock with blue floral decoration has a few chips 12″tall Living Room

272 – 10 gallon stoneware crock A P Donaghho Parkersburg, WV Excelsior Pottery couple chips on bottom but overall nice condition 19″ tall 11.5″ diamond top, handled large crock Living Room

273 – Collectors pay attention here, J, Busch, Liquors Parkersburg, WV five gallon whiskey jug 19″ tall does have damage but still a nice piece don’t let it slip away! Very rare Living Room

274 – Very nice A P Donaghho 6 gallon butter Churn crock with dasher Parkersburg, WV lid does have a few chips but crock itself is in great condition 20″ tall Living Room

275 – “Faith hope love” country decor picture 19×11 Living Room

276 – 1951 Chesapeake and Ohio Railway advertisement calendar Living Room

277 – TV stand some use wear 36x21x23 Living Room

278 – Stack of 12 DVD movies Living Room

279 – Two gallon whisky sipping jug with wooden knob cover minor chips but otherwise nice condition 13,5″ tall Living Room

280 – Jas Benjamin wholesale stoneware depot NO 14 Waters St Cincinnati, Oh crock 9″ tall nice condition Living Room

281 – Floral Blue glaze design stoneware crock 8,5″ tall small crack at bottom but overall good condition Living Room

282 – Pay attention here, A P Donnaghho 1876 crock Donnaghho Pottery Parkersburg, WV some damage on rim 8″ tall but still a nice piece for your collection Living Room

283 – Blue over white butter crock 7″ tall Living Room

284 – Mantle mirror 57×32 Living Room

285 – Blenko spiral vase 21″ tall Living Room

286 – Blue and white floral design vase artist signed “Galle” 12″ tall Living Room

287 – Cameo cut back “Galle” signed vase with bird pond nature scene 12″ tall Living Room

288 – Cobalt blue oil lamp with clear glass chimney 18″ tall Living Room

289 – Cobalt blue ruffled edge “wave” vase 8,5″ tall Living Room

290 – Cobalt blue piggy bank 4″ tall Living Room

291 – Cobalt blue and leaf wrapped bud vase 8,5″ tall Living Room

292 – Pair of Cobalt blue bud vases 8″ tall Living Room

293 – Cobalt blue Morgantown golf ball sherbet glass 5″ tall Living Room

294 – Two Cobalt blue bud vases 7″ and 8″ tall Living Room

295 – Clear glass electric lamp with chimney does work 12,5″ tall Living Room

296 – Cobalt blue hen on nest 5″ tall Living Room

297 – Cobalt blue hen on nest Heisy Glass 4″ tall Living Room

298 – Pair of Cobalt blue salad plates Living Room

299 – Copper wrapped tree on rock home decor piece 8″ tall Living Room

300 – Cobalt blue candy dish 7,5″ tall Living Room

301 – Cobalt blue and floral design bud vase 7″ tall Living Room

302 – Cobalt blue and silver plate candle stand 10″ tall Living Room

303 – Delft blue red light Amsterdam hand painted made in Holland 5.5″ tall Living Room

304 – Lutted’s S.P., cough drops glass house does have some damage 8×8 Living Room

305 – Cobalt blue glassware lot- eye wash, shot glasses, candle holder, creamer, etc Living Room

400 – “The Crow Country” tin quality crocks and churns pottery advertisement sign 16×10 Dining Room

401 – Brown stoneware whiskey jug crock 7″ tall Dining Room

402 – James Smith botanical brewer brighthouse whistle sipping jug Pearsons and Co Whittington Moor Potteries Chesterfield 13″ tall some chips Dining Room

403 – Brown over white whiskey sipping jug 10″ tall Dining Room

404 – White stoneware whiskey jug with blue glaze “Levy and Glosking distillers of pure rye whiskey” Dover, Delaware does have S Damage to handle and some chipping 10″ tall Dining Room

405 – Brown over white stoneware whiskey sipping jug nice shape 12″ tall Dining Room

406 – Wm, Radam’s “Microbe Killer” No, 2 stoneware sipping jug does have a crack on spout and chipping on bottom 12″ tall Dining Room

407 – Nice brown over white stoneware whiskey sipping jug with tall sipping spout (3″) overall height is 13″ Dining Room

408 – Gray stoneware canning jar crock nice shape 9″ tall Dining Room

409 – Brown and blue glaze decorative stoneware crock has some chipping around top 10″ tall Dining Room

410 – 3 gallon stoneware whiskey sipping jug with blue glaze decoration has chip a couple chips throughout 16″ tall Dining Room

411 – ” M&R,S, Crabbie 26 Elm St Boston ” stoneware whiskey sipping jug does have a crack 10″ tall Dining Room

412 – Cobalt blue floral tall vase 16″ tall Dining Room

413 – Dorchester Pottery Works Dorchester, Mass Henderson Foot Warmer advertising wooden crate 14″ long 8″ wide Dining Room

414 – White stoneware butter crock 9,5″ dia 6″ tall Dining Room

415 – Stoneware canning jar crock 8″ tall Dining Room

416 – Kanaley & McAloon Bangor M, 2 gallon stoneware whiskey jug 15″ tall blue glaze name painted and includes the red painted warrior this one is nice and different Dining Room

417 – Murano Blue glass “Foxy” figure 9.5″ tall Dining Room

418 – Three pc blue glass train set candy containers type Dining Room

419 – Brass table lamp with white glass globe shade 25.5″ tall Dining Room

420 – Paul Revere Concord 1775 blue glass Good Luck Horseshoe dish Dining Room

421 – Blue glass top hat ashtray 2″ tall Dining Room

422 – Stoneware cheese crock white with blue strip includes the everlasting floral arrangement Dining Room

423 – Nice parlor lamp table pedestal tri-footed undercarriage clean nice condition 20 x 20 x 27.5″ tall Dining Room

424 – Donaghho Co, Parkersburg 3 gallon handled crock, handle with some chips, neat in there is a slight lean to right side from original pottery maker adds original hand made character 14.5″ high Dining Room

425 – E.G. Booz’s Old Cabin Whiskey Bottle (1840), blue cobalt glass 7.75″ tall Dining Room

426 – C.W., small stoneware mustard crock 3.5″ high Dining Room

427 – Miniature stoneware blue glaze handle crock, nice blue glaze decor marked Valleys Strasburg VA on bottom 3″ dia x 3.5″ high Dining Room

428 – Stoneware blue floral glaze oil lamp with finger handle includes glass chimney salmon falls stoneware 1994 Dover, NH Dining Room

429 – Fenton Butterfly Bell, Hand bell cobalt glass Dining Room

430 – 2004 Blenko cobalt glass pitcher 13″ tall Dining Room

431 – Miniature glaze stoneware jug coin bank 6″ high Dining Room

432 – Miniature whiskey hug with cork stopper, blue lettering Whisky poem on side 6″ high Dining Room

433 – Sandusky Bridgeport W VA, one gallon size nice crock 10.5″ high Dining Room

434 – Valley stoneware crock 1 1/2 gallon marked with blue glaze leaf or floral design 12″ tall Dining Room

435 – Early stoneware glaze canning jar crock, blue strip design 6.5″ high Dining Room

436 – Valley pottery blue glaze strip canning jar crock 6.5″ high Dining Room

437 – Early pottery crock about one gallon size blue floral design unusual glaze colors outside nice crock Dining Room

438 – Nice valley pottery jug half gallon size this one is cool guys 10.5″ high Dining Room

439 – Crock pottery 10″ bowl, blue glaze marked A.P., Donaghho Parkers W.VA 4.3/4″ high nice and different find here folks Dining Room

440 – Unusual find pottery Lady Figure String Holder, Lady with Big Southern Belle bell bottom dress for sitting over string spool with dispensing string hole on back side very unusual find here folks 10.5″ tall x 6.5″ bell bottom dia Dining Room

441 – Lovely Crock A.P., Donaghho Parkersburg W.VA one gallon crock 10″ high Dining Room

442 – GEOW Miller Strasburg 1 gallon stoneware crock some chipping throughout 8″ tall and hairline crack Dining Room

443 – Stoneware canning jar crock 7″ tall chipping along top Dining Room

444 – M. Clark JR, Athens, NY White and blue glaze stoneware whiskey sipping jug chip on body and bottom but not bad Dining Room

445 – White and blue glaze three gallon stoneware crock has a chip along edge but otherwise not bad 11″ tall Dining Room

446 – Three gallon stoneware crock with blue glaze dragonfly does have a chip on bottom 11″ tall Dining Room

447 – Valley crock floral design blue glaze about half gallon size 9″ tall Dining Room

448 – Pottery crock, white with blue for leaf clovers, 1 1/2 gallon size neat different look here 10″ high Dining Room

449 – Valley crock 1 gallon blue glaze number on side with blue dots circle around the number nice piece 9.5″ high Dining Room

450 – Pottery crock UHL Co, Acorn Wares with acorn glaze logo Huntingtonburg Indiana one gallon size unusual in this area 8″ high Dining Room

451 – Unusual crock here, old pottery handled picked crock blue ivy type leaf design 3 gallons marked Hastings & Belding Ashfield Mass, this one has character use wear along top outer rim may have had a lid at one time not sure but definitely a great collectors or decor crock here 10 dia x 10″ high Dining Room

452 – Home furnishings crock display shelf, “X” pattern leg stand with 3 guaranteed size display shelves 58wide at bottom to 21″ at top 19″ deep from wall 50″ high this one is nice not only for pottery but many other uses Dining Room

453 – Lovely pottery jug, 2 gallon jug Williams and Reppert Greensboro Pa, lots of decor blue glaze on this one folks don’t miss out 14″ high Dining Room

454 – A.P. Donaghho pottery whiskey jug Parkersburg W.Va looks like about 1 1/2 gallon size nice different than the rest 12″ high Dining Room

455 – Pottery crock with lid, Fulper Germ-proof Filter, having shield design with writing Improved Natural Stone Germ Proof Filter Fulper Pottery Co, Flemington N.J., blue glaze lettering and strips with the handle top dome lid makes this one different around here but also great decor crock 10.5″ with lid Dining Room

456 – Stoneware pottery jug having blue glaze vine design about gallon size 11″ tall Dining Room

457 – Brown glaze stoneware pottery half gallon size jug with unusual pour spout 7″ high Dining Room

458 – Pottery planter pot blue 1 1/2 on side 9″ high x 8″ dia top nice crock Dining Room

459 – Pottery handled 3 gallon pickle crock ES,&B. Lettered a few chips on handle but not really bad folks 10.5″ high x 10.5″ dia Dining Room

460 – Early 2 gallon pottery churn style crock top rim design for lid but no lid neat piece here 11″ high x 7″ dia Dining Room

461 – New Brighton P.A., 2 gallon crock by maker E.S. & B. 11 high x 8″ dia Dining Room

462 – Crock whiskey jug 1 gal Marked on side brown over white Dining Room

463 – Valley pottery crock 1 gallon with blue floral design 10″ high x 6.5″ dia nice valley pottery piece Dining Room

464 – Valley pottery 1 gallon jug 11″ high again nice shape valley pottery jug Dining Room

465 – Cobalt glass oil lamp with a blue glass chimney 10.5″ high Dining Room

466 – Cobalt glass base oil lamp with a clear chimney 12″ tall, note the base design does match previous lot 465 Dining Room

467 – Unusual stoneware canister jar crockery piece with lid marked on side UNGV, BASILIC, NIGR. About quart size or so 4″ dia x 6 3/4″ high Dining Room

468 – Cobalt glass floral vase 7″ tall Dining Room

469 – Pottery pitcher vase handled like pitcher in the vase style design white pottery glaze 9.5″ tall x 4.5″ dia Dining Room

470 – Valley pottery crockery canning crock about half gallon size 9″ high x 4.5″ dia Dining Room

471 – Home furnishings corner curio stand laminated piece having 5 display shelves 55″ tall shows some wear Dining Room

472 – Home wall decor pine framed mirror with the floral design border mirror 23w x 19″ high Dining Room

473 – Home wall decor framed print of country farm table with pottery and other type decor themed 17w x 13″ high Dining Room

474 – 1 1/2 gallon stoneware crock with blue glaze nice condition 11″ tall Dining Room

475 – Cool piece here, Brown top over white base canning jar stoneware crock with ball jar zinc lid around one gallon in size measures 9″ tall Dining Room

476 – Brown glaze stoneware pitcher 7″ tall some chips on bottom see pictures Dining Room

477 – Glazed Salt crock has a chip 6″ tall Dining Room

478 – Police collectors lot, we have the automobile light with blue and red glass lens covers one per end of light and also a police Automobile Siren both as one lot Dining Room

479 – Chinese wool door mat scatter rug needs to be cleaned Dining Room

480 – Home decor framed print, entitled “Simple Elegance” #362/1000, artists signed Patricia Hobson scene as home Interior wall with floral vase and picture of landscape home along pond with swimming Swans 38w x 30″ high Dining Room

481 – Brown glaze pottery Brewery Jug marked Markhams Botanical Brewers Queen Street Gains Boro 1955 neat jug would have taken a screw type stopper as it is threaded no stopper though 10.5″ high Dining Room

482 – White pottery crock with bird on tree branch in blue glaze on side does come with a blue white floral decor lid which has a hairline 7 dia x 7.5″ high Dining Room

483 – Unusual pottery jug brown over white pottery with finger handle and wide top spout different 3″ spout top x 9.5″ high Dining Room

484 – Roto pottery crock Salt Feeder the writing goes “The feeder is loaned for use with Roto Salt Oaks only, a deposit is charged on each feeder deposit will be returned on the feeder when it is returned in good shape” all in blue glaze color neat and unusual decor piece here Dining Room

485 – Pottery jug blue glaze decor handled whiskey type white pottery color 11″ high Dining Room

486 – 4 gallon pottery Jug, E.S &B. Newbrighton Pa , white glaze pottery blue writing 10″ dia x 16″ high nice big jug here guys Dining Room

487 – Look here 3 gallon crock handled with with blue 3 and tornado swirl design neat piece, 10″ dia x 10.5″ high Dining Room

488 – Stoneware Dog dish some chips on rim 6 dia x 2.5″ high Dining Room

489 – Valley 2 gallon crock nice valley pottery crock 11″ high x 7.5″ dia nice crock Dining Room

490 – Big cobalt brandy snifter glass with clear glass stirrer 13.5″ tall Dining Room

491 – Pottery whiskey jug brown over white pottery marked R.H., Mac & CO, New York gallon size Dining Room

492 – Nice oak case box suit case handled style with label from Hach Chemical Co nice finger jointed corners 8w x 6d x 5.5″ high Dining Room

493 – Group of 4 clear glass decor paper weights animal figure related, cats, rabbit, Norse head Dining Room

494 – Four pieces of cobalt glass figurines, bird, bird candle holder, and whale, plus tomahawk hatchet Dining Room

495 – Murano glass Duck figure 4″ high x 4″ long Dining Room

496 – Pottery planter with blue glaze heart decor from Rowe Pottery Works Cambridge Mass 2006 dated 4.5dia x 6.5″ high Dining Room

497 – Early stoneware pottery jug about quart size 4.5 dia x 7.5″ high Dining Room

498 – White pottery crock 5.5 dia x 6″ high Dining Room

499 – Stone ware pottery bottle jug, reward look 4 dia x 8.5″ high Dining Room

500 – Platte Valley straight corn whiskey jug sand brown over stone color with cob stopper pint size liquor jug neat decor piece here Dining Room

501 – Pottery Irish Blend Whiskey handled decanter type bottle with blue lettering and pelican bird logo 8.5″ high Dining Room

502 – Brown stoneware miniature whiskey jug pint size 5″ high Dining Room

503 – Pottery made crock decor with 1988 date on bottom nice blue glaze decor Bird on side 4 dia x 5″ high Dining Room

504 – Modern home furnishings corner China cupboard one piece China double glass doors with glass shelves with double doors below for linen storage 42″ face x 72″ tall dark color finish nice piece from this home to yours Dining Room

505 – Home wall decor framed print mountain landscape with deer in meadow along creek double matted nice print 30w x 24″ high Dining Room

506 – Look here Oak Tom Sealy Dining Table having four extension leaves making it 8ft long overall leaves are 12″ wide each, pedestal base with lions paw carved feet, and includes four chairs that match of course two are armed captains chairs with the molded seat design and spindle backs, this set is like new condition do your self a favor and don’t miss out on the sale Dining Room

600 – Cobalt glassware lot. Hallway bathroom.

601 – Bathroom products and decor pieces. Medicine cabinet and under sink. Hallway bathroom.

602 – Contents of linen closet: towels, plungers, plumbing snake, r rugs, etc. Hallway bathroom.

603 – Contents of shelves in cupboard: towels, medical supplies, hygiene supplies, etc. Master bathroom.

604 – Contents of cabinet under sink. Cleaning supplies, marble toilet paper holder, etc. Master bath, under left sink.

605 – Bathroom items Four rugs, scales and waste basket. Master bathroom.

606 – Group lot: bankers lamp, clocks, flashlights, casino lanyards, dresser bowls, etc. Master bedroom.

607 – Queen size bed with oak headboard and Hollywood frame. Nice Simmons Beauty rest mattress set. Includes pillows, comforter, shams, flannel sheets, mattress pad, bed skirt, etc. Complete and ready to go to your home. (BOOKS SOLD SEPARATELY). Master

608 – Mid-century two drawer nightstand Some age wear but solidly built. 15″ x14″ x 26″. Match to lot #609. Master

609 – Mid-century five drawer chest Has some age wear but nice and solidly built. Nice divided top drawer with sliding tray. Match to lot #608. 36″ x 21″ x 49″. Does not include items on top not chest. Master

610 – Area rug with floral design in neutral tones 63″ x 90″. Master

611 – Framed country print with crocks 27.5″ x 21.5″. Master

612 – Contents of closet: duffel bag full of clothing, hanging clothing shoes and linens and more clothing on shelves. One lot for all. Master bedroom. Master

613 – Stoneware pottery 10″ bowl with blue glaze and urn type handles some chips mainly along rim 5″ high Master

614 – Collection of nine cobalt blue vases Ranging from 4″ to 9″ in height. Master

615 – Group of 3 cobalt glass mini vases 2 are with gold colored overlay and pedestal vase with silver overlay decor Master

616 – Group of smaller medicine style, cobalt blue bottles. Ranging in height from 2″ – 5.5″. Master

617 – Lot of six cobalt blue vases. Ranging from 4.5″ – -7.5″ high. Master

618 – Valley Pottery Batter Bowl, 10″ with handles and pour spout 4.75″ deep, with blue glaze flower pedal decor nice and different find here Master

619 – Neat Pottery stoneware chicken water, this one is neat different than I am used to seeing with 1 1/2 gallon jug and hood type piece over water trough area blue glaze strip neat piece almost like bee hive shaped 12″ high Master

620 – Cobalt blue glass paperweight cut like a diamond.3.25 inches across. Master

621 – Cobalt blue heart/apple shaped paperweight with clear glass stopper/stem for perfume. 4.5″ high with stopper. Master

622 – Cobalt blue coffee mug with gold accents, seal of the President of the United States and likeness of signature of Ronald Reagan. And made in USA. Master

623 – Small Pilgrim Glass, cobalt blue and clear glass cream pitcher. Handmade in USA. 3.75″ tall. Master

624 – Nice paper weight with petunia center and pressed glass flower top. 5.5″ high. Master

625 – Cobalt blue bottle shaped like a koala bear 6″ high. Master

626 – Hand painted, cobalt blue glass mug “For a Good Child” 4.25″ high. Master

627 – Lot of three small clear pharmacy/medicine bottles. One from Brown & Hoff in Charlestown, W.V.. (4″), one from E.C. Shepherd in Martinsburg, W.V.. (3.75″)and one from E.E.. Heck’s in Pittsburgh (3″). Master

628 – Two cobalt blue vases One 3.5″ and one 6″. Master

629 – Pair of cobalt blue angel tea light holders Master

630 – Group of eight cobalt blue pieces. Hen on nest mini, candle cups, inkwell, top hat ashtrays, etc. Master

631 – Group lot of cobalt blue glass drinking vessels Shot glasses, mugs, etc. Master

632 – Stoneware pottery canner jug reward pottery 8.5 high x 4″ dia Master

633 – Pottery sipping jug marked T.D., Harden Palatine W W.Va, in blue glaze lettering about one gallon size nice jug Master

634 – Whites Utica pottery churn style crock handled with blue Bird glaze “Road Runner Bird” 3 gallon size 13″ tall x 10″ dia Master

635 – Pistol case, black nylon embroidery Bullseye Z Zone Hunting Supplies, plus patch Hunters Pay for Conservation Master

636 – Palintine W VA pottery canning crock with blue floral bow decor quart size nice shape, 4.5 dia x 6.75″ high Master

637 – Red pottery stoneware canning crock half gallon size 5 dia x 7″ high Master

638 – Valley pottery crock blue decor marked 1 1/2 gallon Master

639 – Red stoneware crock, marked 3/4L and Krumeich’s something rest embossed hard to read possible mustard type jar crock, 5 dia x 4.25″ high Master

640 – Valley pottery canning jar crock blue decor half gallon size has a lid but not the original still works though 8.5″ high x 5″ dia Master

641 – Valley pottery crock one gallon with blue decor 10″ high x 6″ dia Master

642 – Rare Pottery find here, A.P.. Donaghho Parkersburg W VA, “TOP HAT CROCK” note the shape sit it upside down then looks in the shape of a top hat 6″ high x 5″ dia buy these when you can and it’s here too sell folks Master

643 – Pottery crock white glaze color with blue flower pedal decor one gallon size nice shape 9.75″ high x 6″ dia Master

644 – Coil Pottery Pitcher, grey colored with light color drip paint handled and coil made pottery 10.5″ high base is 4″ dia, neat piece Master

645 – Three pieces of cobalt blue One sorbet glass, one candy dish and one pillar candle holder. Master

646 – A.P., Donaghho Parkersburg W Va, 2 gallon crock with blue glaze 2 inside of dotted circle and floral pedal sides logo nice and even a rare find crock here 10.5″ high x 8″ dia don’t miss out to others on this one Master

647 – Two books by Marjolein Bastin Books of stories, pictures and inspirational quotes. Master

648 – Partial cobalt blue tea set, miniatures Seven plates, 3 mugs and one creamer. Master

649 – Lot of four cobalt blue bottles, one with cap Wine bottle sizes. Master

650 – Framed picture of antique crocks and wood bowls 22″ x 12″. Master

651 – Look here, 8 gallon Donaghho Co, Parkersburg churn style crock nice blue lettering handled does have some age use character chip’s on inside of rim but great crock find here, 18″ tall x 12″ dia Master

652 – Black painted, two step, wooden step ladder. Master

653 – Hallway closet: Graduation gown, leather jacket, robe, coat with fur collar (maybe faux) and box of miscellaneous including camera equipment. Master

700 – Cobalt blue glass head bust – 11″ Kitchen

701 – Cobalt blue blown glass ink bottle with broken -3″ pontil and ground bottom Kitchen

702 – Battery operated hand made shooting target clock – 12″ square Kitchen

703 – Cobalt blue glass 5″ tall double handled sugar bowl with strawberry pattern Kitchen

704 – Cobalt blue Bohemian cut-to-clear glass decanter with clear stopper – 12″ tall Kitchen

705 – Cobalt blue glass 12″ vase Kitchen

706 – Group lot of child’s size cobalt blue glass 5-pc 3″ tall pitcher & glass set and covered butter dish Kitchen

707 – 3 cobalt blue glass bottles – 11″-12″ tall Kitchen

708 – Cobalt blue glass Bell Telephone “Save Steps, Save Time” bell shaped figurine 2″ tall Kitchen

709 – Blenko cobalt blue blown swirl glass decanter with stopper 14″ tall Kitchen

710 – Cobalt blue glass beverage pitcher with applied handle and ice lip – 11″ tall Kitchen

711 – Cobalt blue glass tri-footed covered candy dish with love bird topped lid – 6″ tall Kitchen

712 – Fenton cobalt blue glass 5-1/2″ vase with ruffled top Kitchen

713 – 10″ tall heavy Murano art glass vase, cobalt blue with mica swirls Kitchen

714 – 6″ tall cobalt blue glass vase with label “Souvenir of Chicago World’s Fair” Kitchen

715 – Cobalt blue glass lot – 8″ Depression plate, pair of 4″ shakers, and 6″ juice pitcher with floral design Kitchen

716 – Cobalt blue glass airport runway light globe – 5-1/2″ tall Kitchen

717 – Cobalt blue glass decorative Italian bottle with bubble design – 15″ tall Kitchen

718 – Cobalt blue glass decanter with stopper – 11″ tall Kitchen

719 – Cobalt blue flashed glass jar with lid, embossed on both sides “Planters Salted Peanuts” 10″ tall Kitchen

721 – Cobalt blue glass “Rember The Maine” covered ship shaped candy dish – 7-1/2″ long – has chips on top edge, on lid rim Kitchen

722 – Blue glass squirrel paper weight – 5″ tall Kitchen

723 – Heavy cobalt blue art glass vase with floral designs – 5-1/2″ tall Kitchen

724 – 19″ Tall cobalt blue glass decorative bottle Kitchen

725 – Black glass squirrel figure – bottom etched Dalzell – 5-12″ long Kitchen

726 – Unmarked clear glass squirrel figure – 6″ long – has chip on base corner Kitchen

727 – Clear glass squirrel figure – bottom etched Dalzell – 5-12″ long Kitchen

728 – Cobalt blue glass decorative 19″ tall bottle Kitchen

729 – Green glass bottle embossed “London S.E.”and “P.D.S.”with unusual screw top / threads are inside bottle neck – 10″ tall Kitchen

730 – Cobalt blue glass ruffle top 8″ vase Kitchen

731 – Cobalt blue glass Liberty Bell figure, 3” tall embossed “1776 – 1976″ – chip on underside edge Kitchen

732 – Cobalt blue Morgantown Golf Ball stemware goblet, and eleven glass stirrers with advertisements Kitchen

733 – Cobalt blue glass covered 2″ tall dish – 4” Lid embossed “Caswell-Massey Co., Ltd.” Kitchen

734 – Cobalt blue blown molded glass vase with ruffled top – 8″ tall Kitchen

735 – Lot of four cobalt blue blown glass tumblers – 4-1/2″ – 5″ tall Kitchen

736 – 3-pc Cobalt blue glass baking dish lot – 13″ x 10″, 11″ x 8″, & 9″ x 5″ loaf pan style Kitchen

737 – 21-pcs Cobalt blue glass dinnerware – eight 10-1/2″ dinner plates ten 8″ salad plates, and three 10″ luncheon plates Kitchen

738 – Appliance group lot – Sunbeam microwave oven, Sunbeam wide slice toaster, Rival can opener, and GE WB/AM/FM radio Kitchen

739 – Contents of all kitchen cabinets – dish pans/racks, pots, pans, flatware, utensils, food, Lean Mean Grilling machine, dishes, glasses, dish towels, etc Kitchen

740 – Group lot: Hamilton Beach food steamer/rice cooker, west bend crockery cooker, maid of honor 6 quart pressure cooker, Rival Crockpot Laundry

741 – Great value water 16 oz bottles and gallon jugs Laundry

742 – Bissell wide path vacuum cleaner Laundry

743 – Remaining contents of laundry room to include furniture cleaning chemicals, moving and felt pads, cleaners, umbrella, rods, trash cans, brass planter and phone books, plastic shelf, mops and broom, box of opened tide, lunch pack( NOT washing machine or dryer) Laundry

800 – Framed picture by Linda Wacestag of waterfall, 31 inches x 25 inches Hidden Room

801 – Bathroom contents to include: mirror and picture, towels and linens, cleaners, Hidden Room

802 – Framed mirror, Gilt frame with damage to gesso, 40 inches x 29 inches Hidden Room

803 – Pair of brass candle holders with blue shades 13 1/2 inches tall Hidden Room

804 – Blue and white swirl design vase with clear tips, 14 inches tall Hidden Room

805 – Cobalt blue water pitcher with purple forever flowers Hidden Room

806 – Writing desk with 3 drawers across front, curved legs, measures 48 inches x 24 inches deep x 29 inches tall Hidden Room

807 – Two cases of Nestle one gallon water bottles – 12 jugs total Hidden Room

808 – Marathon Thompson & Evershed Crock, Limited wine and spirit merchants, the brewery Burton on Trent marked 6335, has chips on rim, approximately 17 inches tall Hidden Room

809 – Pair of cobalt fish vase, 6 inches tall and a set of clear with cobalt blue strip candle stick holders 9 1/2 and 11 1/2 inches Hidden Room

810 – Pottery crock Property of LAI & CS Co, one gallon size 7.5 high x 8″ Dia Hidden Room

811 – Pottery canning crock Reid and something from PA blue glaze is hard to read one gallon size 10″ high x 5″ dia Hidden Room

812 – Pottery crock jug acorn wares with acorn logo UHL pottery Co, about 2 gallon size 13.5″ high 8″ Dia Hidden Room

813 – Pair of cobalt 13″ tall fish design Napa-Saki bottles with Asian style hat stoppers Hidden Room

814 – Cobalt Carter Ink bottle in design of cathedral style windows 10″ tall x 4″ base Hidden Room

815 – Early stoneware pottery whiskey jug brown over color 13.5″ tall 8.5″ base 2 gallon size some chips from many years of use Hidden Room

816 – Early cobalt The Phillips Chas-H Phipps Chemical Co, New York with old metal lid 11″ tall 4″ base Hidden Room

817 – Crock cheese/butter crock, with wire lock lid from Kaukauna Klub Wisconsin “spreads like butter”, Kaukauna Dairy Co, 5.5″ high x 3″ base Hidden Room

818 – Newer decor pottery crock and lid, blue lettering Crock O-Bull with Bull character logo lid has a Crack 6.25″ high x 4″ base Hidden Room

819 – Early 2 gallon crock whiskey dispenser jug sand brown over light brown color with screw top stopper chip on bottom dispenser nice jug unusual to find the screw tops as they usually get broke nice find here 16.5″ tall x 8.5″ base Hidden Room

820 – Cheese crock with lid Spirit of 76 with eagle logo Olde Tavern Club Co, has paper label also 6″ high x 4″ Dia some Crack showing on lid top Hidden Room

821 – 9″ tall glazed crock with blue flower petal design Hidden Room

822 – Fenton cobalt blue glass basket with applied handle – 8-1/2″ tall Hidden Room

823 – Cobalt blue color 4″ cheese cock with lid, has one interior rim chip Hidden Room

824 – Cobalt blue glass 8″ bowl with swirl design and ruffle edge top – 4-1/2″ tall Hidden Room

825 – Cobalt blue crackle glass 9″ vase with applied decorative material and plastic multi-colored prisms Hidden Room

826 – Cobalt blue glass goose shaped covered candy dish 6″ long by 6″ high – has Heisey mark on bottom Hidden Room

827 – Brown over white 9″ tall half gallon crockery jug Hidden Room

828 – Pair of Westmoreland blue glass owl shaped figural paper weights with jeweled eyes – 3-1/2″ tall Hidden Room

829 – Westmoreland cobalt blue glass 10″ bowl with leaf pattern designs – 5″ tall Hidden Room

830 – Cobalt blue glass 9-1/2″ serving bowl and pair of 4″ shakers Hidden Room

831 – Cobalt blue glass 11″ bowl with swirl design – 5-1/2″ tall Hidden Room

832 – 6″ Tall brown crockery canning jar – no lid Hidden Room

833 – Imperial Glass Co cobalt blue glass footed covered candy dish with old world craftsman figural designs -9″ tall Hidden Room

834 – Flexible arm table lamp Hidden Room

835 – Ilo sdtv 30 inch television with remote Hidden Room

836 – Press wood student style desk with black top and natural sides, 45 inches wide x 19 inches deep x 30 inches tall Hidden Room

837 – HP Photosmart C4450 all-in-one printer scanner copier Hidden Room

838 – Three gallon handled crock, blue 3 in star shape, has chip on rim, 14 1/2 inches tall Hidden Room

839 – Blue pottery vase with painted peacocks, approximately 12 inches tall Hidden Room

840 – Cobalt blue glass & brass candle lantern – 10″ tall Hidden Room

841 – White one gallon crockery jug with cork stopper – 11″ tall Hidden Room

842 – Decorative framed wall mirror – 10″ square Hidden Room

843 – Three drawer marble top dresser with wooden carved pulls – 42″w x 19″d x 33″h – from the “Van Meter” Estate Circa 1890 Hidden Room

844 – 3 Gallon butter churn crock with Indian design and lid – has a broken handle, chipped & repaired lid, and a base chip – 14″ tall Hidden Room

845 – 4-Shelf mahogany book shelf chimney type piece, 14-1/2″w x 7″d x 48″h – top is splitting, has small hole cut in back Hidden Room

846 – Brown over white 8″ stoneware sipping jug Hidden Room

847 – Burgundy painted stoneware canning jar crock 7″ tall does have a chip Hidden Room

848 – Lavender painted 7″ stoneware canning jar crock Hidden Room

849 – Brown over white stoneware pitcher 5″ tall Hidden Room

850 – Stoneware canning jar crock patented July 13, 1909 by Josh Schramm 7″ tall some chips Hidden Room

851 – Blue over white blue glaze leaf design pottery pitcher Williamsburg Va 5″ tall Hidden Room

852 – Brown over white stoneware whiskey sipping jug some chips 9″ tall Hidden Room

853 – Brown over white stoneware pitcher 7″ tall Hidden Room

854 – 1 1/2 gallon white and blue glaze stoneware butter crock nice condition 9,5 dia 7″ tall Hidden Room

855 – Blue over white glaze stoneware teapot nice condition 6″ tall Hidden Room

856 – Stoneware crock 8″ tall Hidden Room

857 – Blue painted stoneware canning jar crock 8″ tall some chips Hidden Room

858 – Stoneware pottery bowl 9″ dia 4″ tall Hidden Room

859 – White stoneware sipping jug 11″ tall particularly cork piece stuck in spout Hidden Room

860 – RRP stoneware cookie jar Roseville Ohio some chips and cracks 9″ tall Hidden Room

861 – Brown over white stoneware sipping jug 10″ tall Hidden Room

862 – Brown over white stoneware sipping jug 8″ tall Hidden Room

863 – Rubbermaid hamper Hidden Room

864 – Brown army style cot Hidden Room

865 – Top shelf of closet with Christmas wreath, snowman bucket, gift bag, blue duffel Hidden Room

866 – Quail picture, framed and matted print, 18 x 21 inches Hidden Room

867 – Three stainless steel mixing bowls, 19, 12, 11 1/2 inches wide Hidden Room

868 – Five price guides -fruit jars, railroad collectibles, American Indian, and silver Hidden Room

869 – The collectors encyclopedia of Hull Pottery by Brenda Roberts Hidden Room

870 – Collectors encyclopedia of Bauer Pottery by Jack Chipman Hidden Room

871 – Purinton Pottery with values by Jamie Johnson Hidden Room

872 – American Bisque collector price guide by Mary Jane Giacomini Hidden Room

873 – Warmans Red Wing Pottery identification and price guide Hidden Room

874 – The collectors encyclopedia of Depression Glass by Gene Florence Hidden Room

875 – Roseville in all its splendor with price guide Jack and Nancy Bomm Hidden Room

876 – Price guide of Shawnee Pottery Jim and Bev Mingus Hidden Room

877 – The collectors encyclopedia of McCoy Pottery by Sharon and Bob Huxford Hidden Room

878 – Two Hull pottery price guides Hidden Room

879 – American Stoneware Price Guide Don and Carol Raycraft Hidden Room

880 – 1870-1930 chewing Tobacco Tin Tags price guide Louis Storino Hidden Room

881 – Collectible Dietz Lanterns price guide Neil Wood Hidden Room

882 – Collectors digest advertising and figural tape measures Hidden Room

883 – Zippo lighters and pocket gifts 2000 collection Hidden Room

884 – Sign of the 76 Union 76 Oil Co book Hidden Room

885 – Bed linen Hidden Room

886 – Day bed with green/burgundy spread and stripped sheets has the pull out trend spring and mattress below Hidden Room

887 – Over the door canvas shoe organizer Hidden Room

888 – 1 1/2 gallon brown crock lamp with shade Hidden Room

889 – Suntec RC 2000 infrared heater with remote Hidden Room

890 – Single dining room chair, seat worn Hidden Room

891 – Howard Miller wall clock with key and instructions Hidden Room

892 – Norman Rockwell battery operated wall clock with mirror back Hidden Room

893 – Contents on top of counter top: Guten clock, Black & Decker coffee maker, Hamilton Beach percolator, Westclock anniversary clock, bird pictures, DTV to Analog converter, Joel Osteen book, religious picture, picture on board Hidden Room

894 – Contents of cabinet: dishes, jar, fan, flash light, linens, basket, Black & Decker electric skillet, calculator, twine, flatware etc Hidden Room

895 – Blue tote with lid, Hats with 1995 West Virginia pistol team and wooden flower pot cart Hidden Room

900 – Home wall decor diamond shaped mirror, 14″ Back Porch

901 – Two wall decor wooden signs Back Porch

902 – Canon ball headboard with set of metal folding beds frames full or queen size mahogany stained Back Porch

903 – Taxidermy lot Deer Hide and 2 mold mount pieces Deer head, and Bear head Back Porch

904 – 48″ round top breakfast table with four pine cushion seat chairs stain colors are not matched Back Porch

905 – Blue folding camping type chair Back Porch

906 – Framed wall decor print The Velocipede vintage cyclist and horse drawn sulky 13h x 17″, plus new Buck Country thermometer Back Porch

908 – Tote with misc spray paints and fire extinguisher, shoe horn Back Porch

909 – Laminated storage cabinet with 2 fold down door fronts with storage shelves shoes or other type items Back Porch

910 – Whole House Tank less Water Heater with electric panel switch box new never installed I heat AH27 Pro model Back Porch

911 – Group of 3 rugs one braided door mat, bathroom scatter rug, and runner rug Back Porch

912 – The Sanitary Butter Jar crock 7 inches wide x 4 inches tall, no lid Back Porch

913 – Salt glaze crock handled planter type 2 1/2 L size blue floral glaze design 7 inches x 8 inches at handle Back Porch

914 – Green glass ink bottle, 5 1/2 inches tall with 2 1/2 base Back Porch

915 – Early stoneware crock brown glaze color, 9 1/2 inches tall with 6 inches base Back Porch

916 – R R P Co Roseville Ohio crock with painted Winter scene, signed McCindy 84, 5 inches tall with 4 1/2 inches base Back Porch

917 – Butter/Cheese crock with blue 6 cent design, 3 inches tall with 4 inches base Back Porch

918 – A P Donaghho Parkersburg WV canning jar crock with stamped letters, 8 inches tall with 5 inches base, chip on rim Back Porch

919 – Small crock jar, condiment style, 4 1/4 inches tall with 3 inches base, chip Back Porch

920 – Whiskey sipping jug, brown over white, stamped Pat App For, 7 1/2 inches tall 5 1/2 inches base Back Porch

921 – Blue Uhl Pottery bowl with flowers, 8 1/4 inches wide and 3 1/4 inches tall, stamped on bottom 122 Back Porch

922 – Brown over white milk pitcher crock, 6 1/2 inches tall with 3 inches base Back Porch

923 – Brown over white milk pitcher with The Spirit of Seventy Six design, marked on bottom Carved Wooden Eagle National Gallery of Art Washington DC 37, measures 8 1/4 inches tall with 4 inches Back Porch

924 – Pottery Pitcher with blue bird design and makers mark, 7 1/2 inches tall 4 inches base Back Porch

925 – 1989 Wisconsin Pottery bank jug with squirrel stopper, 9 1/2 inches tall 3 inches base Back Porch

926 – The Weir Grasselli Arsenate of Lead 5 pounds poison crock, missing wire handle, measuring 8 inches tall with 5 1/2 inches base, Pat’d Mar 1st 1892 Back Porch

927 – Valley pottery crock with blue flower pedal decor, 9 1/2 inches tall with 6 1/4 inches top and base Back Porch

928 – Brown barrel shape water pitcher with 4 inside shield mark on bottom, 8 1/4 inches tall with 4 inches base Back Porch

929 – Pottery crockery handled bowl with blue painted decor white stoneware colors 10″ Dia x 6.5″ high nice and great decor piece as it is different Back Porch

930 – Crockery pottery 1 gallon jug with wood and wire carry handle blue paint decor on handle hooks of jug, stoneware glaze small chip along spout but not bad and neat piece here again 9.5 high x 7,5″ Dia Back Porch

931 – Curio display cabinet darker color stained wood framed cabinet having 2 doors with full pane glass plus sides for viewing paneled back and 4 display shelves on top with cabinet storage below 22w x 12dx 68″ tall Back Porch

932 – Plant lot, 2 plant stands and flower pots the live plants are almost dead they go along maybe you can save them as one lot Back Porch

933 – Chinese wool oval shaped area rug, mint green with floral design used needs cleaned 56 x 90″ Back Porch

934 – Vintage cross cut wood saw Back Porch

935 – Cat accessories lot, liter box feeders, scratch pole Back Porch

936 – Hunters portable stool with the rifle arm rest attachment Back Porch

937 – Closet lot, with men’s coats, shirts, jackets, and pair of work boots and several pairs of shoes all used condition Back Porch

938 – Wall decor clock hardboard material vintage look to face 17″ Back Porch

939 – Portable folding cot bed Back Porch

940 – 2 boxes misc towels, tote bags, and VHS Tapes a few DVDs Back Porch

941 – Black & Decker power tool kit two 18v batteries in tote bag plus 2 drills, circular and saws all saws in tote bag also with flashlights and charger Back Porch

942 – Group of camouflage military clothing 3 shirts, 2 trousers, and 1 jacket two Rare Presidents Hundred patches Back Porch

943 – Men’s Stig Brand coat yellow and black size medium nice shape Back Porch

944 – Cat jungle gym type pole, floor room size type with several rest shelves and cubbies to play 64″ high, all carpet covered Back Porch

945 – Val spar garage floor coating by Val spar epoxy coating kit Back Porch

946 – Framed wall decor print wide matted print of swans on lake in landscape forest setting signed Fred Schomboe with duck logo on right bottom side 34w x 26″ high overall Back Porch

947 – Realistic TR-883 Cartridge Tape Recorder Back Porch

948 – Early pine side cabinet single drawer over door on base for storage ball type footed nice solid piece if you paint this one is the right kind 16w x 14d x 30″ high Back Porch

949 – Pair of Capodimonte rose decor candle holders long Back Porch

949a – Two wall decor pieces, walnut shield shaped plaque board, and framed poster print of old farm house chair with USA Flag , crock and coffee pot theme Back Porch

950 – Bed bench seat made from bed frames with cushion seat bee hive finial tops neat home decor bench 43w x 16d x 38″ high overall Back Porch

951 – Two electric hedge clippers with about 100ft orange extension cord Back Porch

952 – Chicago electric 10″ compound miter saw works fine almost new with dust collection bag Back Porch

953 – Four quart pails of Ready-Strip paint and varnish remover Back Porch

954 – Bernz O Matic torch kit new never used in box with brass nozzle Back Porch

955 – Framed God’s Promise poem 13 x 11 frame Back Porch

1000 – Computer lot: Tandy color computer, 4 modern computer towers, keyboards, printers, cables, memory, cod ROMs Bedroom 2

1001 – Group lot: watch faces, FBI token job well done, Phinney Walker clock, perfume containers, clown pin Bedroom 2

1002 – Four hockey pucks Pilsner Urquell Czech republic Bedroom 2

1003 – Four blue glass pieces: two trophy style cases, ashtray, etched decor piece Bedroom 2

1004 – Three records: that’s life, just for vagabond lovers, cold blood, AND help keep Our Land beautiful booklet comic book style 1971 soil conservation Society of America Bedroom 2

1005 – Electronics lot: GE deluxe mini cassette recorder with AC converter, new CB crystal controlled converter, Akai 4000DB Dobie system reel to reel tape player Bedroom 2

1006 – COPY of 1933 Saint Gaudens $20 gold coin Bedroom 2

1007 – 2002 Colorized United States American eagle one dollar coin 1 ounce fine silver Bedroom 2

1008 – Colored front and back 1776-1976 United States Eisenhower one dollar coin Bedroom 2

1009 – Replica 1877 Indian head coin bank and coin Bedroom 2

1010 – Lighters: 3 Zippo lighters and Bolt lighter Bedroom 2

1011 – Two arrow heads Bedroom 2

1012 – Fare and token coins Bedroom 2

1013 – Seiko quartz watch replica of United States $20 gold coin Bedroom 2

1014 – Lincoln head penny book with approximately 59 pennies Bedroom 2

1015 – Four empty coin book holders: Liberty head/Morgan silver dollars and Morgan Silver Dollar collection Bedroom 2

1016 – 1898 Morgan Silver Dollar Bedroom 2

1017 – 1884S Morgan Silver Dollar Bedroom 2

1018 – 1921 Morgan silver dollars Bedroom 2

1019 – 1921S Morgan silver dollar Bedroom 2

1020 – 1921 Morgan Silver dollar Bedroom 2

1021 – 1921 Morgan Silver dollar Bedroom 2

1022 – 1921 – D Morgan silver dollar Bedroom 2

1023 – 1921 – D Morgan Silver Dollar Bedroom 2

1024 – 1921 – S Morgan Silver Dollar Bedroom 2

1025 – 1921 – D Morgan silver dollar Bedroom 2

1026 – Two silver coins: 1943 – S walking liberty half dollar and 1969 Kennedy half-dollar Bedroom 2

1027 – 1923 – S liberty head silver dollar Bedroom 2

1028 – 1881–0 Morgan silver dollars Bedroom 2

1029 – 1922 – S liberty head silver dollar Bedroom 2

1030 – 1891-O Morgan Silver dollar Bedroom 2

1031 – 1890–0 Morgan silver dollar Bedroom 2

1032 – 1890 Morgan silver dollar Bedroom 2

1033 – 1897-S Morgan Silver dollar Bedroom 2

1034 – 1883 Morgan Silver dollar Bedroom 2

1035 – 1880-S Morgan Silver dollar Bedroom 2

1036 – 1901-O Morgan Silver dollar Bedroom 2

1037 – 1896 Morgan Silver dollar Bedroom 2

1038 – 1882-O Morgan silver dollar Bedroom 2

1039 – Cookie tin filled with 27 rolls of wheat pennies Mostly 40-50’s with steel pennies Bedroom 2

1040 – 1987 United States proof coin set Bedroom 2

1041 – 1988 United States proof coin set Bedroom 2

1042 – 1988 United States proof coin set Bedroom 2

1043 – 1989 United States proof coin set Bedroom 2

1044 – 1989 United States proof coin set Bedroom 2

1045 – Bag of Marbles and United States coins and a few silver coins mixed denominations Bedroom 2

1046 – Bag of wheat pennies Bedroom 2

1047 – Type three Double eagles 1877–1907 second edition coin book by Mike Fuljenz Bedroom 2

1048 – Indian Gold coins of the 20th century book, the smart guide for rare acquisitions by Mike Fuljenz Bedroom 2

1049 – Military lot: department of the Army pamphlet the soldiers basic combat training book March 1973, the real soldiers manual FM RU-1–2, two tokens- 507st parachute infantry Regiment and 71st anniversary medical service Corps, two pouch Bedroom 2

1050 – Parts to gun cleaning rod and aluminum canteen holder Bedroom 2

1051 – Season of 1902 Blue Book Society Visiting List, thirteenth edition Baltimore MD Bedroom 2

1052 – Ten Nights in a Bar Room book Bedroom 2

1053 – Marksman repeater Pellet Gun with one copperhead 177cal pellets container Bedroom 2

1054 – RWS Meister-Kugeln 177cal pellets box and containers Bedroom 2

1055 – A5 “gold” colored gun and target replicas encased in Lucite/plastic Bedroom 2

1056 – Contents only: Webster’s dictionary, James Taylor VHS tape, Tarzan and the lion man book, knives, small nut dish, Roman Claprood Columbus Ohio – Huntington West Virginia yard stick, hearing aides Bedroom 2

1057 – Wooden 5 shelf bookcase, only 72 inches tall by 25″ x 11″ deep Bedroom 2

1058 – German military flashlight Bedroom 2

1059 – Coin accessories lot: coin holders, and four books , Silver dollar fortune telling, how United States coins are made, the basics of winning slots, new photo grade Bedroom 2

1060 – Two rolls of pennies 1959-P Bedroom 2

1061 – Two rolls of pennies 1958-P Bedroom 2

1062 – Two rolls of pennies 1956-P Bedroom 2

1063 – 1954-S roll of pennies Bedroom 2

1064 – 1941-S roll of pennies Bedroom 2

1065 – 1942-S roll of pennies Bedroom 2

1066 – 1943-D roll of pennies Bedroom 2

1067 – 1945S roll of pennies Bedroom 2

1068 – 1946-S roll of pennies Bedroom 2

1069 – 1937-P roll of pennies Bedroom 2

1070 – 1925-P roll of pennies Bedroom 2

1071 – Mr. Bear syrup bottle bank 4 3/4 inches tall, no lid, with bonus roll of pennies to get your collection started Bedroom 2

1072 – Mr. Bear syrup bottle bank, no lid, 4 3/4 inches tall with bonus roll of pennies to get your collection started Bedroom 2

1073 – Mr. Bear syrup bottle bank 4 3/4 inches tall with bonus roll of pennies to get your collection started Bedroom 2

1074 – 1 quart superior dairy Martinsburg West Virginia dairy bottle Bedroom 2

1075 – Snow crest bank and refrigerator bottle Mr. bear shape 8 3/4 inches tall Bedroom 2

1076 – Snow crest bank and refrigerator bottle , Mr. bear shaped eight and three-quarter inches tall Bedroom 2

1077 – Snow crest lemon flavored syrup bottle and bank Mr. bear shaped 7 inches tall Bedroom 2

1078 – Snow Crest orange flavored syrup bottle and bank, Mr. bear shaped seven and three-quarter inches tall Bedroom 2

1079 – Snow crest syrup bottle and bank, Mr. bear shaped seven three-quarter inches tall Bedroom 2

1080 – New England syrup piggy bank bottle 7 1/2 inches tall Bedroom 2

1081 – New England syrup piggy bank bottle, no lid, with bonus roll of pennies to start your collection, 7 1/2 inches tall Bedroom 2

1082 – Lincoln bank bottle with lid 9 inches tall Bedroom 2

1083 – Grapette Family Beverage syrup clown bank 7 1/2 inches tall with lid Bedroom 2

1084 – Miner’s Carbide lamp, 4 1/2 inches tall Bedroom 2

1085 – Framed picture of vintage crock, crate and duck decoy, measures 11 inches x 9 inches Bedroom 2

1086 – 4 piece lot: Canon camera, RCA camera, JVC video camera, Su-do-Ku master game, no cords Bedroom 2

1087 – Deca and Columbia records: little Alabama coon by Henry Barr, why do I keep loving you by the Mills Brothers, swing low sweet chariot and far away places Bing Crosby Bedroom 2

1088 – Modern Mission style desk with drop down drawer front for keyboard measuring 52 inches long x 24 inches deep x 32 inches tall, some wear in finish Bedroom 2

1089 – Black desk chair Bedroom 2

1090 – Tom Sealy chair, some scratches Bedroom 2

1091 – Blue folding card table 48 inches x 20 inches , table only Bedroom 2

1092 – Framed flower picture, 24 inches wide by 29 inches long Bedroom 2

1093 – Top shelf contents of closet bed linens and blankets Bedroom 2

1094 – IRobot Roomba floor cleaning system with extra battery, filters, charger Bedroom 2

1100 – Set of 8 Foxfire Books from introduction 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, series Bedroom 3

1101 – Group of 9 miniature pottery jugs, and crocks some with chips but still a nice grouping on mini pottery, red ware glaze style, etc Bedroom 3

1102 – Three piece Capodimonte pottery decor 2 urn style flower vases and pitcher vase will be some chips on pedals as is normal for this pottery Bedroom 3

1102a – Waterbury oil lamp. 16″ high. Bedroom 3

1103 – Three pottery pieces, coffee mug, Dundee Marmalade crock jar, plus India Panama Horse Hat Co crock jar all pieces made in ENGLAND Bedroom 3

1104 – Three UHL Pottery pieces miniature 2 footballs and 1 jug Sherry Wine containers Bedroom 3

1105 – Old pottery ware miniature mug from Shepherds town circa 1830 estate, 2″ high Bedroom 3

1106 – Old pottery mug Toothpick holder scene with boy and on back writing smoke deer head cigar 2 1/4″ high Bedroom 3

1107 – Blue sponge ware Pottery water pitcher coil spun type pottery about gallon size Bedroom 3

1108 – Old pottery mug merchant advertising give away piece, handled mug 1913 dated Complaints of the Season Christmas Schmidt’s Cafe corner of North & Collington Ave, Bedroom 3

1109 – Rowe Pottery Works, 2007, Cambridge, WI., Salt glaze pottery water cooler dispenser on base stand handled urn dispenser blue floral decor glaze with cover lid brass spout nice pottery piece here folks, 17″ tall Bedroom 3

1110 – Crock, A P Donaghho Parkersburg W VA canning style crock, some chips and a hairline Crack (see pictures) from normal age use, 9.5″ tall Bedroom 3

1111 – Cobalt glass center piece bowl in wrought iron stand 13″ Bedroom 3

1112 – Salt glaze water dispenser crock with blue Deer and Forest scene glaze decor, brass dispenser tap and has the lid, 9.5″ high Bedroom 3

1113 – Cobalt Genie style bottle with finial design stopper 18″ tall no genie to make wishes come true just the bottle cool piece though Bedroom 3

1114 – Early Atlas Mason quart blue glass canning jar with zinc lid and in wire handled carrier Bedroom 3

1115 – Cobalt pedestal base vase clear base and blue top 8″ dia x 11″ high Bedroom 3

1116 – The Foxfire Book Introduction book Bedroom 3

1117 – Cobalt pedestal vase 9 1/4″ high 5″ base blown glass Bedroom 3

1118 – Cranberry to clear glass handled decor basket 9″ high x 10″ wide Bedroom 3

1119 – Big cobalt glass 16″ high with everlasting bloom flowers Bedroom 3

1120 – Four boxes of hardback books various story themes, novels, etc Bedroom 3

1121 – Area rug geometric style design been used of course still okay could use some cleaning 57 x 90″ Bedroom 3

1122 – Group lot, wades figures, shaker set, glass Scottie dog, and ceramic deer figurines all miniatures Bedroom 3

1123 – Two ink wells, blue colored glass, and stoneware pottery plus one pen Bedroom 3

1124 – Group lot of home decor candles Bedroom 3

1125 – Group of 7″ 78rpm records, children’s theme songs, bubble book records, Golden Records, plus Little Wonder with a sing a long story book Bedroom 3

1126 – Group lot of stoneware mugs and steins Bedroom 3

1127 – Group of pottery pieces, milk pitcher, bean pot, miniature jug, lid, and a crock all have some chips Bedroom 3

1128 – Lamp lot, 2 glass base oil lamps with chimneys miniature style plus extra medium size frosted chimney Bedroom 3

1129 – Group of misc decor items, wood wall signs, mugs, vase, vanity light, shaving bag, plus other trinkets Bedroom 3

1130 – Outdoorsman group lot, camouflage cushion back and ball cap, Coleman rechargeable flashlight, new Cabalas spotlight twin pack rechargeable also Coleman hand air pump in box hunters arrow, and a couple sets of full body harnesses nice outdoorsman lot here Bedroom 3

1131 – Early kitchen food scale set by Hanson 25# capacity Bedroom 3

1132 – Beam Republican Elephant figure Bourbon whiskey decanter Bedroom 3

1133 – End table by Fine Arts Furniture Co, with drawer showing finish use wear easy stain or paint on this one 22w x 26d x 24″ high Bedroom 3

1134 – Cobalt glass center piece floral vase in wrought iron holder made in Italy 7″ dia top x 10.5″ high nice piece still has organ label Bedroom 3

1135 – Decor lot, Lamb planter ceramic made and a glass base Teddy bear candy container dresser lamp with bear decor shade child’s room type cute lot here Bedroom 3

1136 – Waterfalls 3 drawer dresser with attached mirror, mirror is nice arched top beveled glass nice deco colored clips for holding mirror clean waterfalls 3 drawer base also ready for your home 42w x 19d x 69″ tall Bedroom 3

1137 – I ROBOT Roomba vacuum cleaner with dock charging station working this one cleans and works when you don’t Bedroom 3

1138 – Oak wall family multiple photo decor frame with OUR FAMILY at the top Bedroom 3

1139 – Military field table folding legs wooden construction with straps for securing legs for transport nice shape Bedroom 3

1140 – Browning Gold outdoor gear nice men’s Large black pull over Bedroom 3

1141 – Queen size air mattress with pump in storage bag mattress is okay Bedroom 3

1142 – Two nice storage file type boxes with papers and pamphlets, stickers, plus all related to firearms safety, etc Bedroom 3

1143 – Home wall decor mirror, gold colored gilt design plastic frame mirror oval shaped 21 x 39″ Bedroom 3

1144 – Wall clock, hangs on wall with nice iron decor bracket with 9″ clock hanging having wing design on top battery operated, hanging in wall need Phillips screwdriver to get down bring one Bedroom 3

1145 – Closet clothing group lot, full with men’s shirts from long sleeve, to short sleeve Hawaii theme neck ties, men’s slacks, plus some bedspreads, and related linens come along contents of closet in back bedroom end of hall Bedroom 3

2000 – Outdoor patio table and 2 chairs green metal mesh seating chairs glass top on 25″ round table

2001 – Poly 16″ snow shovel

2002 – Two red wood folding outdoor chairs with aluminum frames right nice set of chairs

2003 – Stainless trash can no smokers ash tray for the top though

2004 – Two small floor Jacks one with handle only 1 1/2 ton capacity

2005 – Brinkmann Smoke N Grill propane meat smoker with full fuel tank and the cover

2007 – Light group lot, brass home decor floor lamp and 2 new in boxes twin packs of lantern porch or wall lights all as one lot

2008 – Aiwa brand boom box with clip on side speakers

2009 – Craftsman laser Trac level kit, has case, level, but not the safety glass like new though

2010 – Practic-21 tile cutter in its box

2011 – Black lightweight metro style storage shelf 4 shelves 36w x 12d x 55″ high nice homeowners shelf

2012 – Shed room contents, you will be buying the contents of the outdoor shed room that will include auto and household chemicals, paint and stains, some old lumber, portable tool box, tools, Shovels, small table top grill, outdoor carpet, plant and garden food and chemicals, saw horse, file cabinet and much more, bring boxes or what ever you need to pack and load

2013 – Lazy-Man patio propane grills ingle burner with tank

2014 – Group of long handled tools, pitch fork, shovel, pipe clamp, limb saw, axe

2015 – Tin star and country craft American Flag board on wall of the shed need Phillips screwdriver to remove sign

2016 – Park Bench wood slat seating with one board showing some rot from weather but still usable iron legs on bench

2017 – Scandia gravity exerciser system shows weather from outdoor storage beside shed

2018 – First-up pop up canopy 10 x 10ft in storage case

2019 – Two ammo boxes blue and yellow painted with a sander and a saber saw needs cord repairs

2020 – Kenmore apt size upright freezer white color works great clean ready for your home some scratches on door from moving

2021 – Contents of room in shed tarps, boots, sprayer, tote, misc hardware and other stuff, note buying contents only not the shelving it’s built in

2022 – Outdoor group, plant stand, plastic flower can, plastic milk crate, buckets, planter and water hose hooked to hyd, patio area

2023 – Hav-a-heart animal trap

2024 – Older metal gas can

2025 – Early 3 gallon crock pottery handled urn style used as outdoor planter

2026 – 5 gallon crown seal crock with lid shows wear as it was outside for patio decor chips and crack

2027 – 4 gallon crown seal churn style crock has chips used outside for patio decor

2028 – Garden decor lot items along side of shed statue, and 2 garden decor stone type pieces even the old metal bell hanging on building side bracket requires Phillips screw driver to remove

2029 – Misc tool and other lot under overhang on back side of shed lawn tools, rakes, pruners, Styrofoam insulation sheets, lattice sheets, and other all but the push mower as it does not go

2030 – Green Bull 4ft step ladder fiberglass used but still workable

2031 – 16ft aluminum extension ladder back side of shed

2032 – Men’s Mountain Fury 10 speed Spectra bike needs air in tires otherwise okay been hanging outside storage back side of shed

2033 – 9ft section of wood ladder apple ladder type nice condition

2034 – New window, white vinyl slider window 23.5″ wide x 71.5″ high actual window frame size never installed match to lot 2035

2035 – New window, white vinyl slider window 23.5″ wide x 71.5″ high actual window frame size never installed match to lot 2034

2036 – Group of steel posts, along side of back building most light weight lawn garden type

2037 – Two empty propane tanks

2038 – Patio set older metal table with umbrella and pole plus 2 chairs all shows weather as it is outside but still usable

2039 – Group lot poly storage deck box, tote, and shelf parts outside along back fence

2040 – Two ocean scene oil on canvas 25×22 artist signed

2041 – Two water scene pictures 22×18

2042 – Pair of butterfly pictures artist signed 17×22

2043 – Ocean scene oil on canvas artist signed 28×26

2044 – Ocean scene oil on canvas 40×29 artist signed

2045 – Oil on canvas artist signed 40×29

2046 – Painted wall hanging has some damage to the frame 34×32

2047 – Cast iron home decor piece 18×28

2048 – Weed eater brand push mower. 20″.

2049 – Craftsman 32cc Brushwacker trimmer Includes two trim heads.

2050 – Group lot of 7 snow shovel

2051 – Bauer 6′ wooden step ladder

2052 – Green painted, 6′ step ladder

2053 – 5 gallon kerosene jug (be careful because it has gas in it) and 1 gallon gas can.

2054 – Group of long handled gardening tools

3000 – 1978 First Edition The collectors encyclopedia of McCoy pottery by Sharon and Bob Huxford, has note take the front Master

3001 – Weaponry an Illustrated history by Chuck wills Master

3002 – The collector’s encyclopedia of Heisey glass 1925 through 1938 by Neil Bredehoft Master

3003 – Popular 50’s and 60’s glass, color along the river with price guide, by Leslie Pina Master

3004 – Tiffin Glass 1914-1940, Leslie Pina Master

3005 – Collector’s encyclopedia of Fiesta 8th edition, by Bob and Sharon Huxford and assorted advertising inserts Master

3006 – The collector’s encyclopedia of Hall China 2nd edition Margaret and Ken Whitmyer Master

3007 – Collector’s encyclopedia of milk glass identification and values by Betty and Bill newbound Master

3008 – Elegant glassware of the depression era, revised forth edition by Gene Florence includes Cambridge, Fostoria, heisey and others Master

3009 – Silver an Illustrated Guide to American and British silver by Margaret Holland Master

3010 – Antique Tins identification and values by Fred Dodge Master

3011 – Post WAR tin toys a collector’s Guide by Jack Tempest Master

3012 – The collector’s encyclopedia of Limoges porcelain by Mary Frank Gaston Master

3013 – The collector’s encyclopedia of depression glass by Gene Florence, third edition Master

3014 – Hanford’s old book value Guide 9th edition Master

3015 – Fenton A – Z with price guide by John Walk Master

3016 – Antiques investigator, tips and tricks to help you find the real deal by Judith Miller Master 3016.1.jpg

3017 – The antique tool collector’s guide to value by Ronald S Barlow Master 3017.1.jpg

3018 – Schroeder’s Antiques price guide 14th edition identification and values Master 3018.1.jpg

3019 – Lehner’s Encyclopedia of US marks on porcelain, pottery and clay by Lois Lehner Master

3020 – Collector’s guide to yellowware, an identification and value guide by Lisa S McAllister Master

3021 – Collectors encyclopedia of salt glaze stoneware By Terry Tyler, Terry and Kay Lowrance Master

3022 – ZJanesville stonework company identification and value guide by John Rans, Glenn Ralston and Nate Russell Master

3023 – The collector’s encyclopedia of Akro Agate glassware by Gene Florence Master

3024 – Schroeder ‘s antiques price guide 13th edition (snow white on cover) Master

3025 – Griswold volume 2, cast iron, porcelain, aluminum price guide (purple cover) Master

3026 – Griswold cast iron millennium prices (green cover) Master

3027 – Big book of pocket knives identification & values by Ron Stewart and Roy Richard Master

3028 – Got a drop of oil? An introduction and price guide to small Oilers by David J Moncrief Master

3029 – 2008 antiques price guide by Judith Miller, over 8000 antiques all new color photography Master

3030 – The complete guide to American pocket watches Cooksey and Engle number six Master

3031 – 1982 official price guide collectors knives, fourth edition by James Parker and Bruce Voyles Master

3032 – UHL pottery identification of value guide by Anna Mary FieldMeyer and Kara Holtzman Master

3033 – Antique furniture, a basic primer on furniture featuring 25 distinct periods Master

3034 – Third edition the Kovels’ official bottle price list Master

3035 – Fourth edition The Kovels’ complete bottle price list Master

3036 – Warman’s 2005 antiques and collectibles price guide 29th edition Master

3037 – Contemporary beer neon signs by Robert Swinnich Master

3038 – Dictionary of marks pottery and porcelain by Ralph and Terry Kovel Master

3039 – 1993 official black book price god of United States coins 31st edition Master bedroom

3040 – Firearms, the law, and forensics ballistics second edition by Tom Warlow Master

4000 – Salvage rights to brown shed in back. Not the shed, but all the treasures inside: twin bed headboards, footboards, rugs, chemicals, tools, etc.

4001 – Hall table has been stored in shed so will need a light cleaning 45x20x28

4002 – Three side chairs and two extra seats will be a good paint project

4003 – Adjustable steel cargo bar 48″-108″

4004 – Bag of charcoal

4005 – Lounger-pillow cushion still new in bag nutmeg red color

4006 – Garage door opener Genie brand 1/4HP

4007 – Propane tank 100lb with hand dolly has some propane in it

4008 – Comfort glow 24″ gas log heater fireplace still in bubble wrap model cld3924ptb

4009 – Full size rope bed does not have bolts one post has some small cracks

4010 – Two single twin size beds for parts only incomplete

4011 – Fishing gear: five fishing rods with reels and a tackle box with some tackle and misc items.

5000 – Contents of the garage -tools, mailbox, clamps, luggage, paint, shelving, cushions, packing boxes, etc

5001 – Students school desk

5002 – Task force nail gun set 5002.1.jpg

5003 – Anton Breton violin with case

5004 – Montour Danville stoveworks Danville, Pa potbelly parlor wood stove missing feet

5005 – Erich Pfretzschner violin model 3011 serial 931581 with case

5006 – Panasonic microwave and microwave stand

5007 – Plastic kenneling pad for gardening

5008 – Child’s size black hutch cabinet 33″ tall

5009 – Child’s size black and rose design rocking chair

5010 – Child’s size black and rose design side chair

5011 – Child’s size black and rose design changing table 24″ tall

5012 – Queen size bedding material

5013 – Lamp stand with underself needs to be refinished 16x14x28

5014 – Rock design clock 15″ tall

5015 – Flat wall double door China cabinet with linen drawer missing one pull 31x14x59

5016 – Blue painted wardrobe with storage drawer on casters 35x23x76

5017 – Wooden commode 17x17x16

5018 – Pro-form treadmill nice shape

5019 – Troy-Bilt 2″ chipper shredder runs but needs clean and tires need air

5020 – Delta 10″ bench saw

5021 – Two black triple bulb floor lamps

5022 – Dewey Stevens premium light wine cooler works 18″

5023 – Wooden living room arm chair with orange cushion nice shape little wear in left arm though

5024 – White roper by whirlpool freezer/refrigerator 33″ wide 31″ deep and 66″ tall nice shape

5025 – Four way cart furniture dolly

5026 – Schwinn Air dyne exercise bike has a small hole in seat

5026a – Five pieces of artwork

5027 – Group with two electric nail guns, bathroom vent fan new never used, and orbital polisher

5028 – Full size waterfall style bed frame with metal side rails. outside

5029 – Pair of wooden car ramps made from 2x8s

5030 – Set of three mid-century Samsonite suitcase Hard sided, nice shape.

5031 – Tote with lid 49gal

5032 – Tote with lid 18gal

5033 – Tote with lid

5034 – Two totes only one with lid

5035 – Tote with tools -sockets, wrenches, ax etc

5036 – Lot of four portable tool boxes with assorted hand tools and hardware.

5037 – Portable toolbox with assorted hardware, car care items etc.

5038 – Ladder portion if tree stand Four sections.

5039 – Lot of three older advertising cans Gulf livestock spray, hurdles turpentine and Honda motorcycle oil.

5040 – Tote with lid 49 gal



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