December 6 2017 Lovettsville

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Wednesday December 6th at 6:04 pm

Onsite/Online Auction

located at 38619 Stevens Rd, Lovettsville, VA. 20180

Hash Auctions has been chosen to sell items for Mr. Tom Bullock of Lovettsville Va.

He is selling some household furnishings,

Board Lumber, Tools, Equipment, Guns, Bricks and much more.

This auction is the fourth and final auction.

Auction location: 38619 Stevens Rd, Lovettsville, VA. 20180

First time bidders, register here:


Click here for catalog, information and online bidding


PREVIEW:  Wednesday December 6th 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

AUCTION DAY:  Wednesday December 6th at 6:04 pm

PICKUP DAY:  FRIDAY December 8th

12:00 Noon to 5:00 pm

(skipping a day, so you may make your arrangements to pickup the larger pieces)

Hash Auctions Bid Terms: Upon registration, bidder accepts terms of this auction.

1. Registration required with valid credit card. 15% Buyers Premium. Card on File will be charged at conclusion of auction Virginia State sales tax of 5.3% will be charged for purchases unless a valid tax exemption number is provided prior payment. Otherwise, you will pay sales tax.

2. Before you bid, know that items are required to be removed from the Auction Location on the designated pickup day. Items not picked up on designated pickup day will be charged on your credit and are subject to be considered abandoned.

3. Due to repeated CC declines we are starting to charge a $20 fee if your CC is declined.*** Please be sure to go into your buyer settings and delete any expired cards or cards that you do not want to use any longer, prior to registration.

4. The auction company shall not be held responsible for any “miscued” bids by bidder. IE: Decimal in the in wrong place, you bid on the wrong thing, the cat jumped on the keyboard, etc.

5. All sales are final. Hash Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All property is sold “as-is” and it is the bidder’s responsibility to determine the exact condition of each item. You may call if you have any questions not covered in our descriptions or pictures. We welcome you to call if you are not able to make it to preview for your own viewing. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion. Absolutely NO refunds will be offered.

6. By bidding on any item, the bidder shows acceptance of the terms of the auction.

7. The auction company reserves the right to refuse service or decline registration to any person.

1 – Marble top dresser with mirror, measures 38 inches long, by 17 inches wide, by 37 inches tall, is missing knob for top drawer
2 – Seven glass bottles
3 – Wooden banjo piece
4 – Group lot, includes three leather belts and wooden single tree
5 – Group lot, includes office chair and painting
6 – Vintage copper fire extinguisher with hose and nozzle.
7 – Boom Box for XM radio, you will need the insert from your own subscription, Working
8 – Group of glass bottles
9 – Tow strap
10 – Yamaha MG166CX mixing board
11 – Reproduction ford farming metal sign
12 – Black and Decker heat gun
13 – Group lot, includes plastic crate of glass, small tote and small bag
14 – Group lot of arrow heads
15 – Vintage hinge hardware
16 – Vintage strap hinges
17 – Assorted hardware. Strap hinges, barrel bolt locks, spring hinges, etc.
18 – Gibson Epiphone special model electric guitar.
19 – Group lot, two vintage scissors and small oil can
20 – Triple Sec wine bottle and hard rock cafe advertisement glass
21 – Primitive tool
22 – Group lot of door hardware
23 – Group lot of 4 pictures
24 – PATTON high velocity floor fan. 22″ diameter.
25 – Minelab Explorer II battery powered metal detector with headphones and rechargeable battery pack. Also stack of small bins.
26 – Heavy machete style knife with leather sheath.
27 – BSR subwoofers DR-SW15X2 system with furniture egs, 24″×20″×16″ with legs.
28 – Blacksmiths Anvil, cannot find a makers mark guys, is heavy not sure 100lbs maybe, measures 17″ end to end, about 9.5″ high, about 4.5″ wide about 10″ on flat top area of anvil
29 – Large tool bag and collection of welding terminals.
30 – Moog Prodigy electronic keyboard and mixer.
31 – Two stein style mugs and small figurine.
32 – Group lot on shelf. Two older record players, Lafayette Model ML_120 Professional buck tape eraser & demagnetizer and brass coach light.
33 – Two German stoppered beer bottles.
34 – Six string guitar. Brand unknown.
35 – Milwaukee four way hand truck/cart. Pneumatic tires just need air. Pretty good shape.
36 – Two partial spools of wire. One is Internet cat 5E in box and other is residential broadband four wire cat 5E on wood spool, partial roll.
37 – Two nice heavy Duty Tools, set of Tongs with swivel chain hook and chain pipe binding wrench tool, both as one lot
38 – Ridgid wet/dry vac with attachments. 16 gallon.
39 – Pair of Wrought iron hanging “lights”. Could be electrified for bulbs if you so choose.
40 – Pair of large speakers. Brand unknown. Each is 23″×15″×36″.
41 – Group lot: small burn barrel with some rolls of paper, buckets and milk crates with various chemicals and wires, etc.
42 – Canon imagerunner 2021 copier with book was not tested by auction company
43 – Dewalt drill set, includes charger and two empty cases
44 – Group lot, includes glass bowl and two cross wall decor hangers
45 – Two knives
46 – Group lot includes tin type and eye glassware
47 – Vintage locks and scale including Street Letter-Box Lock SAAR with keys
48 – Group lot, includes gator head, and small car
49 – Wall hanging replica gun
50 – Vintage faucets
51 – Anheuser Busch coin bank
52 – Group lot includes knife and wrist watch
53 – Group lot, includes tape measure and bar tap
54 – Glass decanter and two glasses
55 – Group lot of plastic milk crates, some do have pvc pipe fittings
56 – Bucket of nails and saw
57 – Sub tank diving vest with 2 gauges, no tank
58 – Antique register vent, 10 x 10″
59 – Antique register vent, 12 x 10″
60 – Antique register vent, 12 x 10″
61 – Antique register vent, 10.5 x 10.5″, now look at the different design in this one guys
62 – Antique register vent, 10.5 x 10.5″, again similar design match to lot 61
63 – Two Nice Air Hoses, good quality rubber hose 5 50ft each in length 300psi
64 – Shop light, retractable cord type
65 – Collection of 78rpm records
66 – Antique commercial door closures
67 – Misc group, 2 antique fork heads, plastic funnel, and set of jumper cables
68 – Plastic storage tote bin box with lid
69 – Jumper Cable, nice heavier Gauge set, used but still in okay shape
70 – Four Chairs, 3 odd wooden farm chairs, and office chair all needs cleaned, sells as is
71 – Three over two drawer chest, matches lots, 72, and 73, measures 30 inches long, by 18 inches wide, by 47 inches tall, it is maple
72 – Three drawer dresser, matches lots 71 and 73, measures 42 inches long, by 20 inches wide by 34 inches tall, it is maple
73 – Single drawer night stand, that matches lots 71 and 72, measures 16 inches long, by 14 inches wide, by 27 inches tall, it is maple
74 – Large Rubbermaid Roughneck storage container. 50 gallons, includes lid.
75 – Antique metal advertising sign, German Tractor Advertising, Guldner, 20w x 15″ high
76 – Antique Advertising Sign, metal German advertising, Fahr 29,5w x 10″ high
77 – Metal Advertising Sign, Freistaat Bayern, 8 x 12″ newer sign
78 – Antique metal German Advertising Sign, Guldner Tractor Advertising, 14.5w x 20″ high,
79 – Antique Metal Advertising Sign, Hassia 19w x 13″
80 – Antique wooden thread Bobbins lot includes the book and 18 total Bobbins of various sizes, real nice collectors group here folks
81 – Antique metal Farm Implement Sign, German Schieferstein, 29w x 10″ high
82 – Antique Advertising Sign, metal showing more age wear along bottom, Hela Diesel, 20w x 14″ high
83 – Framed wall decor oil paint on canvas, old cabin home in landscape scene, signed McLester, 38w x 27″ high
84 – Collection of display cases, two 4 x 5″, three 6 x 5″ seventeen 8 x 6″ and thirteen 12 x 8″, removable glass window tops for jewelry and other collectible display items all as one lot
85 – Signature Brand portable electric heater
86 – Portable electric heater
87 – Patton small portable electric heater
88 – Portable electric heater shows shop dust and use
89 – Victorian platform rocking chair needs reupholstered but solid frame work
90 – Collection of 6 colored prints, Victorian themed with landscape, hose sleigh, etc, 14w x 9.5″ high, unframed
91 – Hon metal 2 drawer letter size file cabinet
92 – Wood Signage Board, from crate end piece with lettering Golden Dates, 22 long x 3.5″ high
93 – Group lot of small tools. Does not include work stand. Pipe bender, wrenches, hooks, clamps, etc.
94 – VIKA Portable, adjustable height tool stand with built in power strip. Stand only, not tools on top.
95 – Fedders window air conditioner. Guessing around 8k BTU. Not sure, and not tested by us.
96 – Diversified cast iron fireplace stove damper, 40″ long x 13″ in high
97 – Two sided bulletin board (3’×4′) and floor lamp.
98 – Three partial rolls of weed block pro landscape fabric, one is full at 120ft x 4′ other is about half other is about a quarter or so full all three as one lit though gives you about 2 full rolls
99 – Set of folding metal saw horses. Match to lots 152 and 153.
100 – Lumber, grouping of old boards various lengths and widths, some tongue and groove, some old siding, etc kept indoors on the storage rack
101 – Old Lumber post style pieces approx 3ft in length of various dia. sizes kept indoors on rack 10 pieces total
102 – Two sifting screen pieces wood framed screens one is handled measures 22 x 36″ both in nice condition
103 – Set of speakers Advent Loudspeakers no dust covers fronts
104 – Two pieces shop lite, Colman 15,000 btu heater that threads onto tank note heater part only plus electronic light blaster small clamp on shop light
105 – Set of JBL Speakers, model Cabaret 4612B,
106 – Set of Trainor Speakers, CS-115H 175W serial No, 8090505, note one has board nailed over carry handle see photos
107 – Three canvas tarps, 2 greenish color ones are a little smaller in size than the tan colored bigger one not unrolled to measure but all three stored indoors when not used
108 – Pair of speakers, Panasonic AV audio/video 3 way speaker system SB-145D, note the back on bottoms show some water wear see photos
109 – Set of steel cart wheels on axle. Start your project. Wheels are 12″ diameter and 24″ axle.
110 – The WEEKENDER Powerwasher. 1300 PSI. With carry and storage case. Not tested by us.
111 – Three scaffolding Buck Jacks with some braces
112 – Universal 40,000 btu/HR propane heater with hose and regulator
113 – Three old wood beam pieces angled corners ramp like design brace or brackets at one time in old barn, 10″ wide x 8″ thick at highest point x 46″ long all 3 as one lot great for all kinds of decor pieces here folks
114 – Two old pieces of lumber one post beam type still with the wood peg holes, 4 x 6′ x 80″ long, plus wide old board included, 1 x 16″ x 90″ long good old lumber here gets both pieces as one lot
115 – Four oval picture frames
116 – Deer skin hide
117 – Canopy pipe framed with vinyl tarp cover leg height is adjustable snap in type poles brownish color poles tote includes has the brackets etc tan colored top, not sure of size but with pole count maybe 10 x 20ft but not guaranteed
118 – Steel frame Canopy pipe framed with vinyl tarp cover snap in type poles whitish color poles tote includes has the brackets etc tan colored top, not sure of size but with pole count maybe 10 x 20ft
119 – Group of four gilded style picture frames. Assorted sizes, largest being 23″×28″.
120 – Raised panel with chippy paint. 37″×21″.
121 – You’re buying all the old door hardware on the wall, strap hinges, gate hinges, hooks, etc
122 – Tool lot, includes shovel and shovel head
123 – Two wooden raised panel pieces with two wooden frames made of newer yellow pine
124 – 32 inch 4 panel wooden door, measures 80 inches tall
125 – Group lot, includes buckets, speaker wire, light fixture
126 – Twin size wooden bed, with wooden rails
127 – Glass window, measures 36 inches long, by 22 inches wide
128 – Vintage water pump, parts no handle
129 – Appliance handcart, older but still very usable
130 – Single chair with wood seat
131 – Air hose, about 50 foot, good gray rubber hose
132 – Group of nine show/display cases Measure 16 by 12″
133 – Group lot of dug bullets, and old iron piece sorted a handle lever piece
134 – Small wooden index file box, measures 12 inches’ long
135 – Group of six display/show cases Measure 12 by 8 with 2 inches of thickness
136 – Chain binder
137 – Bronze metal wall plaque advertisement for beer, German with pub customer, 10 x 13″ neat detailed decor carving on this one
138 – Show case of dug bullets and buttons
139 – Shoe box with medicine bottles, various sizes and types colored and clear glass
140 – Roll of Poly strapping with fastening clips
141 – Group lot, includes meat hook, and strainer ladle.
142 – L.L. Bean ice skates with blade covers
143 – Candelabra holder, with marble base and carving, includes the bag with prisms, on the bottom, measures 17 inches tall
144 – Group lot of medicine bottles, 10 bottles total clear glass
145 – Spoon display case, never been used Measures 17 by 13
146 – Antique Nehi soda advertisement sign, does show age wear and roughness on bottom, but this one has been displayed on old building side for years guys, measures 29 inches long, by 15 inches wide
147 – Wagner power steamer, model 705
148 – 200,000 BTU propane heater with hose and regulator
149 – Two vintage wood spoke Dodge wheels, 17 inches in diameter, the steel wheel parts show age wear
150 – Work shop table, measures 63 inches long, by 33 inches wide, by 32 inches tall
151 – Group of eleven 1×8 boards. All are 10′ long and have been stained. Ready for your project.
152 – Pair of folding metal saw horses. Currently in use, so we know they are good. 38″ wide. Match to lot 153 and lot 99.
153 – Pair of folding metal saw horses. Currently in use, so we know they are good. 38″ wide. Match to lot 152 and lot 99.
154 – Portable folding bench step. Perfect for paint or drywall work. 40″ long, 12″ wide and 20″ high. This one has seen some work. Still has life in it.
200 – Group lot of wooden trim boards and wooden Dowell rods
201 – Three empty propane tanks
202 – Old Barn Post And Beams this is a big group guys they vary from a couple 8ft to 22ft ling, but most are of the longer size about 38 pieces also, see photos, skid loader will be available on pickup day to load for you bring big enough flat bed trailer guys
203 – Old barn post beams, 5 to about 12 ft in length various sizes but most about 4 x 6 one 6 x 6, about 8 pieces all together
204 – Steel Lot, steel “I” beams 4 x 6″ x two are 13ft two are 16ft long but wait also includes a big group of steel rebar, small to big dia. about 20ft long pieces most is 1″ dia. but a few 1/2″ mixed in guys, also includes the steel floor type joist 17ft long
205 – Another big group of old barn post beams, some boards beams 10 x 8″ x 24 some shorter, some boards some 6 x 6 posts long as well good lot of old posts beams guys don’t miss out, again skid loader available on pickup day to load onto your flatbed trailer
206 – New Holland Backhoe Attachment For Skid Loader, model B-104, with 12″ tooth bucket but has rusted holes on side, seat also needs replaced, has the owners manual also
207 – Pallet lot of cinder blocks about 20 all together on this pallet
208 – Skid lot of bricks
209 – Two pallets of bricks
210 – Large group lot of firewood, now pay attention cause your going to have some very long pieces, some measure 180 inches long and others measures 192 inches long
211 – Orchard sprayer/water cart, with wooden barrel on top, with steel wheels, steel wheels measures 45 inches in diameter
212 – 125 gallon water tank ,Tank is missing cap for bottom
213 – Look here guys, your getting 2 piles of misc brick
214 – 6 pieces of slag stone
215 – Antigue post vise, bolted on a old 6 x 6″ beam, 4.5″ jaws
216 – Concrete Mud mixing pans the two larger ones measure 63 inches long, by 33 inches wide, and the smaller one measures 30 by 30
217 – Lumber Lot Groove siding boards plus other boards contents of the top 3 shelves of the storage rack
218 – Nice group of lumber boards, from 8 to 19″ wide about 9ft long guys here are some nice wide boards here, on outside storage rack bottom 2 shelves on the rack
219 – Group of insulated stove pipe sections, 6″ dia. bottom of storage rack
220 – Steel “I” Beam Storage Rack, made from 4 x 6″ beams having 4 section of shelves 90″ wide x 56″ deep x 93″ high without counting the roof, now the lean too type roof is attached so if you don’t plan to haul without it attached than be prepared to remove the roof, again skid loader available on pickup day to assist you with loading, note buying the rack only not other contents seen in photos, the roof is attached by screws with truss hanger brackets
221 – Large group lot, includes bags of sand, glass door no frame that measures 69 inches tall and 37 inches wide, and glass door with frame that measures 76 inches and half tall and 33 inches wide
222 – 10′ piece of copper downspout. 2.5″ diameter.
223 – Architectural salvage. Four iron grates. Chippy paint. 31″ square, each.
224 – Old barn board with three wooden pegs, would make great coat rack, measures 71 inches long
225 – Thick rope
226 – Large group of long handled tools, located in back shed, includes digging bars, post hole diggers, four prong pitchfork, shovels
227 – Gravely Custom Convertible 7.6 power unit with the service manual power unit does run per seller shed kept when not used, note the next 5 lots are attachments for the unit that sell separate
228 – Wood Splitter, hydraulic power and powered by the Gravely unit ,unit has been she’d kept when not in use
229 – 4 ft snow blade that fits the Gravely power unit
230 – 28″ front mount rotary cutter mower attachment for the Gravely power unit
231 – Tiller digger for front mount for the Gravely power unit, 24″ width,
232 – Gravely Parts, set of tires, gear drive, plus
233 – Skid loader attachment bar, for new Holland skid loader

300 – Rifle, M47 England made 303 British bolt action A944 marked, rifle, with clip includes 106 rounds Bullets, plus 100 brass casings, and soft case to complete the package, in nice condition
301 – Rifle, U.S. Springfield, by Harrington and Richardson, U.S. Model 1873 Cal. 45-70 Govt. Serial No. 1371, with hard case, RCBS 3 pc Die Set, 2 boxes bullets, 3 boxes of brass only, real nice condition great tooling and bluing, don’t miss out here guys, total rounds 63 casings only, most of a 50 count box bullets, plus another 35 rounds of bullets, all as one lot
302 – Sword Handle, very early handle 6″ in length

303 – Lovely Buffet, this one is beautiful, column fronts with the massive carved lions feet, three drawers along top with 2 pull out work boards, four doors below for plenty of storage, has 2 keys, column posy back splash board to complete the look of this beautiful Buffet, don’t miss out here you won’t find a nicer one, 72″ wide x 22″ deep x 40″ high to work area and 48″ high to top of back splash board



“When You’re Selling A Lifetime, Don’t Sell It Short”

Auctioneer: Brian Hash

Licensed in the States of Virginia #2032, West Virginia #1122, and Pennsylvania #AU003641R
Hash Auctions, LLC Firm #692


Hash Auction Center – 632 East Main St Berryville, VA 22611