February 13 2017

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Online Auction

Monday February 13th, 2017

Preview for Internet Auction

This auction’s Location:

632 E Main ST, Berryville, VA 22611

Click here for catalog, pictures and online bidding.

Online Auction starts to close at 6:04 pm

Preview Day: Monday February 13th from 9am to 4pm

Pickup Day: Tuesday February 14th from 9 am to 6 pm

First time bidders, register here:


TERMS: 15% Buyers Premium. Cash or Good Check with a 10% Buyers Premium with local pickup.

To take advantage of this buyer premium discount, you  pay cash or check on pickup day and remove all items by Tuesday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

1 – Skid lot of window shades, poles, automotive parts, slag locks, buckets of electrical
1a – Please read all terms. Catalog updated closer to auction date. Pickup of items is on Tuesday February 14th from 9 am to 6 pm at the Hash Auction Center in Berryville (632 E Main St)
2 – Skid lot of briefcases,drill, automotive parts, wire, handtools, Carpenters belt
3 – Skid lot of Black & Decker hedge trimmer or, Weller soldering iron, sub pump, container miscellaneous
4 – Four galvanized buckets
5 – “Mock” block engine
6 – White pet cage measures 24 inches wide 35 inches long 27 inches tall code CH
7 – 5 foot aluminum ladder code CH
8 – Metal rack
9 – Basic training wire kennel measures 36″ x 22″ wide by 25 inches tall with plastic removable bottom does have a crack in it
10 – Exter large dog kennel measures 40 long by 27 wide by 30 high, please note it’s not complete does not have any of the bolts to put it together or the front door, also comes with a piece of wire panel and a golf ball retriever, code CH
11 – Plastic garden hose reel code 2Q
12 – Display rack with hammock style netting and side hooks
13 – Keller model 706 Green line commercial type II 6 foot step ladder, code CD
14 – Wooden bench a approximately 44 inches long by 11 inches wide
15 – Four metal castor style wheels
16 – Plastic bucket
17 – Ford Truck bumper
18 – 3 pieces vinyl siding
19 – Dog kennel for medium dogs size 36 long by 23 inches wide by 24 inches high, will need assembled
20 – Kennel cab pet carrier
21 – Coleman PowerMate 2750 pressure washer, no attachments
22 – Set of Sears four ton jackstands, one is missing height adjustment
23 – Sims jr pro bike
24 – Parts only, craftsman 22 inch self-propelled push mower
25 – Craftsman Weedwhacker 29 cc, four cycle
26 – Honda Quadro cut system harmony to push mower with bagger
27 – 2-wheel drive ATV, no battery, has been sitting for a while, either an easy fix or a major project , overall looks are not bad
28 – 4 patio chairs
29 – Golf bag cart
30 – Temporary spare tire size T1 55/80 D 16 Code FP
31 – Empty 5 gallon propane tank
32 – Partially full 5 gallon propane tank with easy go transport stand
33 – Craftsman gas powered 10 inch cultivator 2 hp
34 – Tool lot shovels, prunners, level, square, pick, propane tanks
35 – Murray fury bicycle
36 – Ice Cooler Table / Poolside Bar Cocktail Storage,adjustable height, code CH
37 – Jackson Kodiak contractor grade shovel does have some rust
500 – “Faith” cuff bracelet
501 – Three minimalist cuff bracelets-pineapple, fox head, and chevron arrow
502 – Three minimalist cuff bracelets colored stones
503 – Heart cutout sterling ring size 7.5
504 – Pair of occupied Japan wall hanging
505 – Goebel Hummel figure small bee
506 – Occupied Japan figures
507 – Small jewelry box with a charm bracelet some charms are sterling
508 – 1963B “Barr”dollars
509 – 15 old wheat pennies different dates
510 – 15 old wheat pennies different dates
511 – 50 wheat pennies different dates
512 – Statue made from volcanic molten lava purchased in South Korea
513 – Southern Exchange Company Strasburg Junction, Va wax seal (for lettering) brass hand 2″ tall
800 – Framed and matted REDSKINS picture. 32″ x 14″.
801 – 1929 complete advertising calendar 16″ x 22″.
802 – Large wooden framed, beveled glass wall mirror 44″ x 38″.
803 – Gilt framed print of Victorian lady 23″ x 27″.
804 – Walnut framed wall mirror with nice carved details See original tag on back. 27″ x 42″.
805 – Framed and matted, numbered and artist signed, print of The Chapel at the US Naval Academy. 19″ x 16″.
806 – Pair of framed floral prints 18″ x 21″ each. Artist signed.
807 – Framed painting on board By Ellen Weaver. 21″ x 27″.
808 – Framed print titled Blue Ribbon 18″ x 21″.
809 – Painted slate, 8″ x 12″.
810 – Plastic 3D train wall hanging, 8″ x 12″.
811 – Pair of Asian framed decor pieces 6″ x 19″ each.
812 – Owl painting on slate 7″ x 11″.
813 – Molded framed oval mirror 27″ x 12″
814 – Lake and swan picture in plastic oval frame 13″ x 17″.
815 – Framed Monet print titled NYMPHEAS 37″ x 13″.
816 – Key wind pendulum wall clock, with key Not tested by us. 14″ x 23″.
817 – Stop sign 30″.
818 – Large framed charcoal drawing Buggy with driver and children. 39″ square.
819 – Wood and gilt framed mirror 17″ x 19″.
820 – Wood framed, gold painted wall mirror 17″ x 24″.
821 – Matted and framed Asian print of girl No glass. 22″ x 22″.
822 – Set of three prints of Washington DC & Virginia landmarks. 10.5″ x 7.5″ each.
823 – Electric pendulum wall clock 14″ x 20″. Not tested by us.
824 – Plastic Schlitz beer advertising piece 11″ diameter.
825 – GE electric pendulum wall clock 8″ x 12″.
826 – Small framed mirror with peeking kitty 7″ x 12″.
827 – L J. Stickley, wood framed mirrir. 29″ x 35″.
828 – Framed and matted bird and plant picture Picture needs to be re-centered. 13″ x 15″.
829 – Wall mirror, carved wooden frame with Victorian lady picture. 8″ x 30″.
830 – Framed and matted picture of a bald eagle 16″ x 13″.
831 – Large plastic framed wall mirror. 42″ x 30″.
900 – Area rug. Neutral colors. 64″ x 104″. Some staining, needs cleaned.
901 – 100% wool Beige area rug, with textured pattern. 5′ x 8′. Needs to be cleaned but not bad.
902 – Area rug with large floral pattern, neutral colors 100% olefin. 63″ x 85″. Match to lot 903.
903 – Area rug with large floral pattern, neutral colors 100% olefin. 95″ x 116″. Match to lot 902.
904 – Large area rug in neutral colors, vine pattern 94″ x 130″. Match to lot 906.
905 – 100% wool, floral area rug Made in India. 8′ x 11′. Needs cleaning. Some staining.
906 – Large area rug in neutral colors 10′ x 13′. Needs cleaned. Match to 904.
907 – Red/ Orange area rug 94″ x 131″.
908 – Small area rug 39″ x 58″. Some threading missing on edge. See pic.
909 – 5′ x 8′ area rug Some fraying not bad.
910 – Nice hallway runner rug Made in Turkey. Nice colors. 31″ x 96″.
911 – Area rug. Tan background with red floral accents. 5′ x 8′.
912 – Large nubby woven area rug Has some pulls in it. 9′ x 12′.
997 – Fimco industries poly tank sprayer, 12 volt pump with approx 25 gallon tank with hose nozzle all strapped to a 2point hitch carry all
998 – 3 point hitch post hole digger, this one comes with two 9″ augers of which one is like new the digger itself is older been used but still very usable so don’t let that fool you, PTO Shafter is complete
999 – Wood”s 6 foot Brushog, 3 point hitch complete PTO Shafter now guys the desk shows some dents along the ground edge but show me one that is used that doesn’t, seriously this is a nice bush hog for a used bush hog guys from a local small farm at owner and well worth your attention and time model M160, we do gave loader here to load on your trailer
1000 – Old cast iron griddle. Has gate mark
1001 – Antique decorative water barrel
1002 – Old brown marked planter
1003 – Old cobalt blue jug with cork
1004 – Vintage children’s plate with scalloped handles
1005 – Old button lot
1006 – Set of 5 blue mason jars with metal lids
1007 – Brown/white decorative bowl 12 inches across
1008 – Vintage wood Telltalk radio
1009 – Vintage box camera
1010 – Vintage women’s lace up boots
1011 – Vintage yellow floral cake pan
1012 – Old crock. Measures 15.5″ tall and 13″ across
1013 – Vintage Washington Apples crate
1014 – Comic book lot
1015 – Small twig chair. Measures 20″ tall
1016 – “Elvis” by Albert Goldman book
1017 – Old carmine coal light
1018 – Vintage Thorner Bros canteen/warmer plate
1019 – Marked Red Wing green rooster pitcher
1020 – Set of 6 vintage pink & red drinking glasses
1021 – Old bottle/tins lot
1022 – 4 blue mason jars with tops
1023 – Vintage CocaCola Bottle. Marked “Winchester VA”
1024 – Set of 3 metal decorative pieces
1025 – Vintage Gravelys Choice tobacco box
1026 – Wooden “Crabtree &Evelyn” box
1027 – 6 piece ceramic lot
1028 – Pair of vintage aluminum coffee pots
1029 – Decorative rustic coffee/tea pot
1030 – Lot of assorted clear mason jars
1031 – Honey pot and assorted kitchen utensils
1032 – Lot of Asian decorative pieces
1033 – Pair of matted floral home decor prints. Measures18x22
1033a – World Fair and York World glasses
1034 – Tray lot of glass insulators and snowbirds
1035 – Sandwich glass jar & other assorted glass
1036 – Kerosene jug and other rustic home decor pieces
1037 – Lot of old bottles. 3 green glass and 8 clear glass
1038 – Aluminum coffee/tea dispenser
1039 – Canteen with fabric sleeve
1040 – Collectible glass lot. 2 pcs of goofus, 1 green bubble glass plate, & 2 marigold carnival glass pcs
1041 – Framed & matted water Lilly painting. Measures 22×18
1042 – Silver plated lot. 6 pieces total
1043 – American Limoges “new princess” dish set. 38 pcs total. Serving set for 4 plus extra bowls & plates
1044 – Dragon Ware dish set. 13 pieces total
1045 – Dark purple glass pitcher & 4 drinking glasses
1046 – 10″ clover Belleek vase with makers tag
1047 – Set of 4 pink floral plates. Made in Austria
1048 – Set of 6 cobalt blue glasses & 3 blue vases
1049 – Ax with wooden handle
1050 – Crystal & gems box lot
1051 – Early dovetailed coffee grinder
1052 – Metal working tool lot. 2 metal hammers & 2 measuring tools
1053 – 3 basket Peterboro lot with makers tag. Large basket has plastic liner
1054 – 22 Marvel comics
1055 – Older vice grinder with metal handle
1056 – Set of 12 little golden books
1057 – Pair of signed M. Duvall paintings. Measures 22×26
1058 – Set of 4 hammers
1059 – 1/25 scale Zerex Thunderbird model car
1060 – 17 D.C. comic books
1061 – Set of 2 lead crystal pieces. 1 butter dish & 1 lidded jar
1062 – Set of 6 green depression glass custard cups
1063 – 8 inch Belleek scalloped edge vase
1064 – Set of 5 limited edition Noritake Easter eggs with boxes.(1976,1998,1999,2000,2001)
1065 – Belleek cream & sugar set, and two Belleek cups
1066 – Belleek vase. Measures 5″ tall & 6″ across
1067 – 13″ crystal decanter
1068 – Bag of two colored marbles
1069 – Vintage Westclox clock & bronze colored decorative plate
1070 – Lot of silver plated items. 8 pieces total. 3platters, 2 bowls, & two coffee/tea pots
1071 – Box lot of used hotwheels/ matchbox toy cars
1072 – Vintage Philco radio. Missing knobs
1073 – Glass pitcher & 6 matching tumblers
1074 – Kenmore crock pot
1075 – Box of assorted baseball cards
1076 – Vintage garden mister
1077 – Cookie Monster cookie jar. Has small chip on inside
1078 – Game night tic tac toe drinking game
1079 – Lot of used hotwheels/matchbox style toy cars.
1080 – Tray lot of decorative dogs, horses, vases and vintage ash tray
1081 – Group of kitchen appliances, waffle maker, grill, and electric coffee maker
1082 – Group of jewelry boxes and Asian decor garden lantern
1083 – Glassware group, Limoges, Pink Depression, and Jadeite green refrigerator dish which does have a chip
1084 – Model lot, Freedom Fighter, 58 Thunderbird and Robin Bird all opened boxes
1085 – Box flat of misc toy cars
1086 – Tote lot of wooden kids play blocks
1087 – 19 Eternity Comics
1088 – Belleek china, 7″ floral vase
1089 – Ironstone water pitcher
1090 – Pair of dog head figures bookends
1091 – Etched decor pink glass handled ice bucket
1092 – Collectors Choice doll in box
1093 – Clock repair parts lot, some angle face decor trim and numbers
1094 – 9″ copper candy making bowl
1095 – Belleek china, 2pc candle fairy lamp, rose bowl, and 5″ dish bowl
1096 – Nice deep blue enamel “Savory” cooking roaster pan
1097 – Box flat of clock repair weights and pendulum parts
1098 – Vanity group lot, 2 lady figure necklace holders,makeup brushes, clock, and handbag style colored has candle holder
1099 – Tray lot of figures -two are bells, Buddha, and two Asian figures
1100 – Fish design handled bud vase ruby and clear glass
1101 – Set of two Lenox holiday tea light lamps with box
1102 – Five Baltimore sport teams sport pennants- ravens, oriole’s
1103 – Belleek glassware -bell, two bud vases, and small bowl
1104 – Neat early Footed basket vase home decor piece handled neat and different
1105 – Blue stripped crock jug, about one gallon size
1106 – Vintage oak splint basket
1107 – Clock works movement and housing
1108 – NASCAR 1:24 scale diecast car #18
1109 – Two quartz size dairy bottles Sanitary Dairy Winchester, Va
1110 – Clock weights, old iron type
1111 – Box of clock parts wooden gears movement’s
1112 – Angelina collection porcelain doll
1113 – Porcelain doll
1114 – Raiders football nutcracker
1115 – Three clock books
1116 – Box of clock parts works springs
1117 – Mantle clock housing for repair or parts
1118 – B&O Baltimore and Ohio railroad plate Harper’s Ferry, WV
1119 – Unimat -SL model no DB 200 American Edelstaal INC Watchmaker Lathe & Drill Conversion Kit
1120 – Home decor mirror 44×32
1121 – Flat with silverware plated flatware misc pieces mainly knives some forks and spoons
1122 – Flat with clock repair parts
1123 – Tray with cobalt blue glassware
1124 – Two Majolica pitchers has hairlines
1125 – Mantle clock housing
1126 – Flat with clockworks movement
1127 – Reisman’s butter pretzels advertising tin has rust
1128 – Clock related books
1129 – Flat of clock works
1130 – Tray of cobalt blue glassware – candle holder, divided dish, and plate
1131 – Clock weights
1132 – Home decor picture girl with dog 26×32
1133 – Clock making tools and parts
1134 – Cobalt blue vase
1135 – Early splint basket has some roughness
1136 – Alfred Meakin ironstone china 10pcs
1137 – Newspaper log roller
1138 – Arched top home decor mirror 27×48
1139 – Group lot with home decor baskets and basket lids
1140 – Brass clock weights
1141 – Flat with clock faces and parts
1142 – Tray with iron clock weights
1143 – Tray with cobalt blue glassware- vase, candy dishes, ornament, etc
1144 – Floral design wall clock Burwood
1145 – Two Volkswagen Beetle model kits one is sealed
1146 – Bell and Howard Projector model 253AX
1147 – Cigar box with clock hands
1148 – Majolica handled bowl
1149 – Two majolica leaf design plates
1150 – Royal Porcelain Glasgow Pottery co Trenton plate and plate rest
1151 – Home decor mirror 27×43
1152 – Majolica pitcher
1153 – Majolica glassware-vases, leaf figures, and pretzel some chips
1154 – Two majolica plates
1155 – Clock repair vise and Hardie
1156 – Home decor wall mirror 53×28
1157 – Tray with majolica glassware
1158 – Tray with candles holders and candles, small vase, lead crystal perfume bottle, and lead crystal pen holder
1159 – Group lot with clock housing, hands, and parts
1160 – Group lot with glassware, and plate/picture rests
1161 – Group lot with majolica glassware all have damage or repairs
1162 – Group lot of home decor baskets
1163 – Two bamboo style framed armed accent chairs with removable cushion seats, shows wear on finish of frames
1164 – Pair of home decor modern style table lamps, metal with wood twist pattern bases round metal shades 28″ high
1165 – Maple multi drawer dresser 3 top over four base drawers one drawer pull is missing used shows a litter use wear on top but overall not bad, 56w x 28dx 32″ high
1166 – Parlor style lamp, glass rose decor painted base and globe brass decor footed base electric operating
1167 – Mahogany home furnishings hall table 3 drawer front with serpentine design inlay with lions heads pulls, note there is peeling damage on top back edge
1168 – Pine stand cubicle style storage under shelves 30 x 12 x 24″ high
1169 – Maw and Paw rag dolls clean nice condition
1170 – Pine 3 shelf book shelf top tapered style shelf 36w x 12 x 32″ high
1171 – Pine coffee style table with six cubicle bin storage below 47 x 23 x 21″ high
1172 – Pair of modern home decor table lamps, with fabric designer shades
1173 – Pair of mahogany stained nightstands by American Drew single drawers over open under shelves with mission style slatted sides shows some use wear marks
1173a – Black fabric executive office desk chair
1174 – Pair of home furnishings table lamps, brass tone finish urn style bases with bell shaped shades 28″ high
1175 – Modern buffet server, black finish color with 3 small drawers over 3 doors for storage 54w x 20d x 30″ high
1176 – Nightstand dark finish single draw over 2 shelf open base 22w x 16d x 28″ high
1177 – Two drawer modern nightstand shows some use finish wear on top
1178 – World globe table top style
1179 – Stanley three drawer natural color dresser 44x18x30 some scratches
1180 – Pair of adjustable home decor lamps with shades
1181 – Two piece lot, 6 drawer dresser with mirror 55x18x35 and two drawer nightstand missing knob 22x18x28
1182 – Nice decor coat rack/umbrella stand
1183 – Talon footed sewing stand with one spool of thread perfect sewing cabinets Huntington Ind. 16x12x26 lift top and two drawers
1184 – Asian design home decor lamp with shade
1185 – Dark finish 6 drawer dresser has a little roughness from use 64x21x34
1186 – Nest of two small tables has crayons/paint marks 24x15x21 and 21x15x18
1187 – Corner plant stand 26″ tall
1188 – Tv stand flat top coffee table style 50x30x20 has roughness and use wear in finish
1189 – Four crown china ” Barclay” dish set Serving set for 8. 44 pieces total
1190 – Blue tote with lid
1191 – Anchor glass fitting machine for clock making
1192 – Old clock pieces lot Has main wooden clock top and clock mechanical items.
1193 – Magnavox 5disc cd changer RCA home theater audio video receiver with RCA speakers. Center speakers model number RT2500
1194 – Vintage clock lot 6 clocks total. 2 metal, 2 wood ones, one pink, and a marble bottomed gold angel clock.
1195 – Hensim 4 stroke engine 98 cc. Runs. Fits doodlebug along with other things
1196 – Nuwave pro infrared oven with box
1197 – Black adjustable height office chair on wheels
1198 – Clear glass tube lamp with white lampshade Shade has a slight crease
1199 – Laminated wood end table Some slight wear. Measures 21″ across, 16″ deep , and 30″ tall
1200 – Nest of 2 stands both show use wear marks
1201 – Flat screen coffee table style stand with drawer and shelf under story get below, shows use wear marks 50 x 30 x 20″ high
1202 – Three burl flame mahogany back dining chairs w withblack vinyl seating only three but neat old chairs here
1203 – F, R, Inverting set in case
1204 – Black clock with assorted clock insides in box
1205 – Box of clock parts and clocks Some have chips or no backs
1206 – Box flat of bell style clock bell chime parts a and pieces
1207 – Vintage boat tabletop clock Wood boat bottom, metal sails, and clock face. Well loved and needing some repairs
1208 – Clock repairsman’s lot, 2 small micro calibration tools, clamp on vise, etc
1209 – Clock repair weights lead bars and some brass covers
1210 – Old black mantel clock with gold clock face
1211 – Mission wall clock, has pendulum will need repair work
1212 – American drew 3pc lot – two end tables and coffee table, one end table has some damage 22x25x25 and 47x24x21
1213 – Lot of assorted decorative items- vases, two pitchers etc
1214 – Set of 2 stun guns in boxes
1215 – Hi-Dow Massage XP III
1216 – Shark steam bottle portable steamer
1217 – Box lot of old photos
1218 – Box lot of clocks/clock parts
1219 – Lot of collectible stamps & corresponding booklets
1220 – Clock group lot Has clock casing, repair parts, weights, and extra metal
1221 – Beige colored Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams living room couch. Velvet like upholstery
1222 – Tan colored Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams living room chair. Velvet like upholstery
1223 – Brushed metal lamp with white square lampshade Shade has slight creases. Measures 23″ tall
1224 – White laminated wood 3 drawer nightstand Has children’s stickers and would most likely need to be repainted. Measures 16″ deep, 22″ long, and 26″ tall
1225 – Aqua colored blue lamp with wood footed bottom Has a cream colored lampshade. Measures 24″ tall
1226 – Cherry-like stained end table Measures 26″ deep , 24″ long , and 22″ tall. Some light wear
1227 – Noritake “Cho-Cho-San” dish set White in color and decorated with brown, silver, and gold bamboo. Serving set for 12. 90 pieces total.
1228 – Maple finish two tiered table Measures 30″ long, 22″ deep, and 22″ tall. Needs tightened. Has slight wear
1229 – Small light colored wood stand/table Measures 16″ deep, 16″ wide, and 17″ tall. Needs tightening
1230 – Pair of dark finish end tables with 3 drawers Both missing top glass pieces. Have some scratches. Legs may need tightened. Measures 24″ deep, 22″ long, and 24″ tall
1231 – Dark finish 2 drawer tv stand/ storage stand Missing top piece of glass. Some scratches. Measures 19″ deep, 55″ long, and 27″ tall.
1232 – Pair of blue and silver metallic lamps Both measure 10″ tall
1233 – Black finished drawer dresser 20″ deep, 29″ wide, and 41″ tall. Has scratches and dings
1234 – Brown metal floor lamp with a marble accent piece Has a tan colored satin-like lampshade. Measures 60″ tall
1235 – Dark finish wood coffee table Missing top glass piece. Measures 30″ deep, 42″ long, and 20″ tall. Wobbly, needs tightening
1236 – 2 flat box lots of wall clock and wall clock mechanisms. Comes with assorted clock repairing items and papers
1237 – Joe Campanellis Quick-Vac Cordless Deluxe Vacuum and accessories. In box
1238 – Vintage feed sack Design shows colorful floral background and a nice bright ad for G.M.C. Special hog supplement. Stains and yellowing in some places
1239 – Vintage ephemera lot Contains cards, magazines, letters, and receipts.
1240 – Vintage wall bell Has some rust but still works. Great for decoration
1241 – Wells Fargo money bank sack
1242 – Miscellaneous bottle lot Some soda bottles, medical bottles, and other colored glass bottles. One bottle has chips in the bottom right
1243 – 13 vintage cigar boxes Bright and attention grabbing old ads adorn them.
1244 – Gordon Ramsey pots and pans have some use wear
1245 – Tv stand drawer needs readjusting 47x15x17
1246 – Vintage cream colored metal child’s rocker Has wear/chips in paint, but great to use for decoration
1247 – Glass top table with intricate metal base 24″ tall and 41″ across glass top
1248 – Blue sleeper couch has wear This lets the light and shade move forward or backwards a few inches. White fabric shades. One has a small rust spot on the base. Both measure 24″ tall
1249 – Pair of silver lamps with adjustable swing arm This lets the light and shade move forward or backwards a few inches. White fabric shades. One has a small rust spot on the base. Both measure 24″ tall
1250 – Gardening tubs. One galvanized oblong one that measures 13″ deep, 21″ long, and 7″ tall. Holds 5.5 gallons. Handmade wood planter with spiral twig handles. Measures 6″ deep, 14″ long, and 5″ tall.
1251 – TV stand Brown finish. Has sliding doors and built in shelf. Measures 14″ deep, 47″ long, and 24″ tall. Has scratches and dings. Needs tightened
1252 – Assorted price guide books
1253 – Vintage record case with handle Comes with handful of records
1254 – Assorted lot of toy army men and two metal toy cannons. Some older ones, some newer ones
1255 – Wilco patrol model car in original box Realistic siren, headlights, and flashers. Battery powered
1256 – Hess patrol model car in original box Realistic sirens, headlights, and flashers. Battery powered
1257 – Vintage Smith & Goodrich clock for either repair or parts. Has a nice painted floral door
1258 – Old PUCK mantle clock wood frame No clock. Great for repairs or parts
1259 – Box lot of crystal/gem slabs Some actual gems in rock form are thrown in as well
1260 – Vintage photos lot Some portraits, school photos and family group photos. Some have slight warping or curling/ stains that are common for their age.
1261 – Lots of color! Vintage mason jar full of early marbles.
1262 – Miscellaneous box of clock parts Can be used as parts or for repairing of clocks
1263 – Heavy duty deck/drywall power screwdriver in b box. Instruction manual included
1264 – Ingersoll-Rand electric impact tool In box. Includes instruction manual
1265 – Brown painted plant stand/table with twisted bamboo bottom. Measures 16″ deep, 21″ long and 16″ tall. Some bamboo wrap loose
1266 – Very modern looking! Tall faux wood and metal floor lamp. Has textured white lampshade. Measures 60″ tall.
1267 – Great for nightstands! Textured brown lamp with cream lampshade. Measures 29″ tall
1268 – Curvy black and silver table lamp Cream lampshade with brown border. Measures 32″ tall
1269 – Pair of Asian decor dresser vanity lamps with fabric bell shades 19″ tall
1270 – Pair of home decor table lamps, metal extension pole type lamps with round shades adjustable extension height bit note one is missing the tension know to keep tight
1271 – American Drew ivory colored 7 drawer dresser Nice condition overall. Does have slight damage to left top side. Measures 19″ deep, 56″ long, and 38″ tall.
1272 – American Drew furniture, nightstand ivory color having single drawer over secondary shelf and pull out writing board nice condition overall 26w x 19d x 28″high show a little finish use wear on top
1273 – American Drew furniture, nightstand ivory color having single drawer over secondary shelf and pull out writing board nice condition overall 26w x 19d x 28″high show a little finish use wear on top
1274 – American Drew furniture, nightstand ivory color having 2 drawers with top shelf having baskets for drawers sliders nice condition 23w x 20d x 26″high show a little finish use wear on top
1275 – American Drew furniture, nightstand ivory color having 2 drawers with top shelf having baskets for drawers sliders nice condition 23w x 20d x 26″high show a little finish use wear on top
1276 – American Drew furniture, center room coffee style table ivory color with center having 2 drawers shelving on sides having baskets for drawers sliders both ways nice condition 48 x 24 x 19″ high
1277 – Home decor extension pole floor lamp with round shade adjustable height position nice does match the table lamps lot 1270 also
1278 – 1944 Wool Blanket with M,D, U, S, Army writing on blanket nice wool blanket
1279 – Home decor table lamp, metal base candle stick style with pleated bell shaped shade 31″ tall
1280 – American Drew furniture, bedroom or lovely bathroom cabinet, ivory color with center having 4 drawers shelving on sides having 4 baskets for drawers with top too shelves open nice condition 48 x 16 x 30″ high
1281 – Home furnishings curio or plant stand shelf, gold tone metal frame with round smoke colored glass shelves 58″ tall
1282 – Country craft home furnishings cabinet, black double door CD style cabinet top having drawer over the doors decor cherry and leaf painted decor 24w x 14d x 48″ tall
1283 – Home furnishings table lamp, nickel finish with 13″ dia shade, 26″ tall
1284 – Pine multiple drawer dresser, 3 narrow drawers over three deep drawers to each side nice condition 36w x 15d x 32″ high
1285 – Vintage Radio, old Philo brand floor radio with multiple bands case has some veneer damage
1286 – Queen Anne hall table faux drawer 51x15x30 shows use wear
1287 – Broyhill accent side chair sleigh back style with upholstered seat and back cushion
1288 – Nice adjustable desk lamp
1289 – Nice adjustable floor lamp
1290 – Antique printing press! PA-KO Model “B” printer pat may 9, 1922 33x22x47
1291 – Home decor lamp with shade
1292 – Nice kneehole desk 40x20x30
1293 – Cubbyhole bookshelf 16x16x32
1294 – Natural and wrought iron coffee table 47x24x16
1295 – Flexible flyer hobby horse
1296 – Singer sewing machine base
1297 – Noritake “The Country Diary of an Edwardian lady” service for 6plus
1298 – Two boxes of 78 and 33rpms
1299 – Clock group lot with housings and numbers
1300 – Tray with three clocks
1301 – Sessions mantle clock
1302 – Sessions mantle clock
1303 – Three skillets various brands
1304 – Gene Autry advertising lot movie poster, song books and angel unaware book
1305 – Two boxes 78 and 33rpms
1306 – Shark steamer comes on
1307 – Eureka vac tested ok
1308 – Cast iron base
1309 – Set of four crate and barrel chairs white molded seats
1310 – Two folding chairs black metal chairs
1311 – Vintage shoe shine cleaning box
1312 – Bioscope model no 60-A Tulsa OK microscope
1313 – Lead crystal etched vase 9″ tall
1314 – Spice cabinet with vinegar and oil jars old rooster decor painted
1315 – Vice machinest type
1316 – Magnavox DVD player works with remote
1317 – Men’s Sperry loafer shoes appear to be unworn size 9m
1318 – Sansui 21″ tv with remote works
1319 – 14 comic books Blackthorn Publishing
1320 – Vintage Spicer brand movie slide projector in case
1321 – Dollhouse 34×19
1322 – Rubbermaid cooler tote 12 lunch box type
1323 – Green stool stand slatted top 19x14x17
1324 – Wooden shipping crate 24″ long ammo box type
1325 – Jensen speaker set portable box style clamps to one carry type case
1326 – Child’s chair early school table type
1327 – Nice silver floor lamp with circular white shade Measures 60″ tall.
1328 – Antique wooden spool legged plant stand/lamp table Nice dark stain. Needs a little tightening
1329 – Set of 4 weaved fabric dining chairs Maple colored wood finish. Chairs have stains. Measure 38″ tall.
1330 – Set of 2 dining chairs, Dark wood one is in great condition. Measures 40″ tall and 17″ deep. Fabric covered chair is in good overall condition, but does have a couple stains on seat. Measures 40″ tall and 20″ deep.
1331 – Two light colored dining chairs Chair with tan fabric seat is in good condition, with minimal wear. It does have some light stains on the seat. Measures 17″ deep and 38″ tall. Second fabric woven chair has wear issues and is wobbly. Fabric weaving is coming apart in left top side and bottom right corner of back of chair. Seat has stains. Measures 17″ deep and 38″ tall.
1332 – Nice set of dining room chairs! Intricate circular wood seat back and classy ivory fabric seats. 4 chairs total. Very minimal wear, only a couple scratches.
1333 – Nicely aged rocker! Has just enough wear to be perfect for anyone’s home or front porch. Seat and back are still in great condition, with no issues with the wicker cracking or falling through. Wicker is loose in a couple spots on top, but could be fixed. Color is faded but gives it a great weathered look. Measures 20″ deep and 46″ tall.
1334 – Bronze and brown colored lamp Has tan taupe colored lampshade with ruffled top. Measures 25″ tall
1335 – Pressed wood table with glass top Measures 24″ in diameter and 24″ tall.
1336 – Lime green lamp with a curvy body and gold base Textured white circular lampshade. Measures 24″ tall
1337 – Black metal and glass top table Has scratches in paint, and chip in glass on front. Measures 24″ deep, 37″ long and 30″ tall. Seller code : x2
1338 – Pair of burgundy chairs with black arms & legs Fabric seats. Overall good condition Seller code : CH
1339 – Electrolux versatility vacuum for hard floors and carpets. Model : EL8500 Type : AZ Turns on but brushes do not spin. Good for parts or repair
1340 – Hoover power max cyclonic system carpet cleaning vacuum. Model : U5182-900. Works just needs cleaned
1341 – Dirt Devil swivel glide vacuum Model : 086355 plant : R. Works just needs a cleaning
1342 – Dyson absolute vacuum Works, just needs cleaned
1343 – Assorted box of clock parts Some items for repairs or parts.
1344 – Old oak store counter display case, The Sun Mfg Co Columbus Ohio, guys now guys read on, this real nice antique store display with cash drawer from Lee County, VA the center has glass display drawer with glass from the top, with ends having full around glass display sections, from behind for store keeper there is the center sliding drawer, with drop down doors for each side the center also having the cash drawer which also houses the hidden switches to unlock the side drop doors see the photos make sure to see this one on Monday very different rare find and in excellent condition 53 long x 21.5 wide x 11″ high
1345 – Assorted record lot
1346 – Silver base floor lamp Has curved glass shade. Measures 72″ tall
1347 – Silver floor lamp with concaved glass shade Measures 59″ tall
1348 – Bistro high rise extension table with hidden butterfly leaf and six ms thing high stools ivory painted color with stools having padded seats overall nice outfit here table stands 36″ high 60″ long x 42″ closed 18″ leaf makes it 60″ fully opened
1349 – Mahogany finish wall unit bookcase cabinet by Broyhill, four open front shelves adjustable with wide drawer on base ball footed nice clean condition 32w x13d x 62″ tall match to lot 1350 also
1350 – Mahogany finish wall unit bookcase cabinet by Broyhill, four open front shelves adjustable with wide drawer on base ball footed nice clean condition 32w x13d x 62″ tall match to lot 1349 also
1351 – Game room multiple game table three games in one ping pong, hickey pool game board rotates over too change note is is nice condition but we have no game accessories to play games and although the legs are here you will need bolts to fasten it together
1352 – Nordic track incline X8 trainer tread mill does work and comes with the computer cable for electronic board, seller code CH
1353 – Poly made double door storage cabinet having 5 usable shelves 4 adjustable 26w x 18d x 69″ tall
1354 – Clothing Armoire, nice 2 pc wardrobe armoire, top having double designer paneled doors with shelving boards and drawers on base with single wide drawer real nice condition here and 2 pc unit to make it easier too move 46w x 22d x 82″ tall, seller code CH
1355 – Oak storage display stand oak plant stand type with full open front door with CD or DVD storage inside 12w x 10d x 33″ tall
1356 – Home decor plants tandem iron leg base with glass mosaic style top 13 dia x 23″ high
1357 – Aero Extra Bed sir mattress in storage bag
1358 – Big glass aquarium tank 48 x 12 x 24″ high, seller code CH
1359 – Classic by Merilat kitchen base cabinet four drawers but even though this is a new cabinet the bottom drawer front needs to be refastened as screws have come out 24 x 24 x 34.5″ tall
1359a – Classic by Merilat kitchen base cabinet three drawers, top 5″ bottom two 10″ deep, new cabinet 30 x 24 x 34.5″ tall, top drawer front needs attention to refastened new cabinet though
1360 – Lasko floor fan adjustable height works
1361 – Sole us air powered by Gree, home dehumidifier tested and working seller code US
1362 – Folding lawn chase lounge chair brown color nice condition seller code CH
1363 – Two office type chairs desk office chair, blue lobby chair both okay shape we just put them together, seller code CH
1364 – Look here nice white wicker sunroom wing back style recliner chair, wicker framed with fabric cushion seating and yes a recliner overall nice condition
1365 – Table lot of clock repair parts, clock faces, works, springs, wire and other parts
1366 – Box lot of record albums mostly 78rpms and some 33rpms
1367 – Box with 9 glass electric insulators
1368 – 5 gallon Cross Country Motor Oil can shows normal age wear
1369 – Fancy chrome license plate bracket this one is wired lighted with 4 red and 2 blue lenses all on neat bracket great for the back of big truck. just saying, but buy and put on whatever vehicle you have
1370 – Vintage copper garden mister sprayer neat old pump sprayer here
1371 – Older galvanized one gallon kerosene fuel can
1372 – Older red painted one gallon fuel can
1373 – Commercial potato cutter french fry style by Prince Castle Inc
1374 – Two movie film reels with film and in cases labeled End of the Trail The American Plains Indian part one other one no label so not sure
1375 – The Free Sewing machine Co sewing machine type that would sit in cabinet but machine only nice colors and scrolling great decor piece
1376 – Group of plated dishware, platters, butter dish, 2 glass bowls,
1377 – Two box lots of records 78, 33 rpms mixed
1378 – Footstool bamboo style frame cushion top needs cleaned 18 dia x 14″ high
1379 – Stainless trash can black foot pedal open lid seller code US kitchen type can
3000 – SPECIAL: Large group lot
3001 – Group lot: Ephemera, frames, pennants, books, etc
3002 – Two maps of North Adams, Massachusetts One from 1869, one from 1900. Show age, see pictures. 


100 – Two small totes – glass prisms and porcelain light sockets
101 – Group of seven light globes – five are matching, ceiling light style
102 – Three small totes – glass prisms and misc glass lamp parts
103 – Group of twenty small glass ceiling light globes
104 – Four small totes of light & lamp repair parts – candle style covers, plastic socket covers, etc
105 – Lot of nine glass lamp bases – no bottoms, or guts
106 – Lot of marble lamp repair parts
107 – Two oil lamp bases & three chimneys
108 – Lot of nine table lamp glass middle pieces
109 – Group lot – nine metal mini lamp shades, five marble slab bases, and four marble table lamp middle pieces
110 – Lot of twenty-three glass ceiling light globes
111 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts – brass arms, brass caps, and swing arms with cords
112 – Lot of four table lamps – one not complete, one needs cord, and all need shades
113 – group lot of thirty-two glass lamp pedestal base parts
114 – Lot of three metal hanging lamp brackets, and one hanging brass lamp with flower shaped slag glass petals
115 – Five small totes of light & lamp repair parts -oil lamp collars, metal lamp footed bases, wires, etc
116 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts – ceiling light fixtures with chains, socket cups, etc
117 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts – socket cups, and small ceiling light fixtures
118 – Two small totes of glass prisms and etched glass candle holder globes
119 – Group lot- metal light globe brackets, soldering iron, etc
120 – Group lot – partial spool of #31 cathedral chain, and two small totes of brass medallions & chandelier arm junction sockets
121 – Three small totes of glass prisms & prism chains
122 – Four small totes of light & lamp repair parts – electrical cords, light sockets, candle covers, and threaded tubes
123 – Two small totes of glass prisms & glass lamp cups
124 – Two small totes- metal chandelier arms, medallions and ceiling hooks
125 – Lot of eight dark green glass lamp center pieces – made in Italy
126 – Box lot of brass & metal ceiling light & sconce pieces
127 – Lot of fourteen glass ceiling light globes
128 – Case of eight school house light globes
129 – Group lot of misc – curtains, brass & copper protector, wire, vases, wall pocket, etc
130 – Lot of six glass & porcelain lamp base pieces, & one frosted glass wall sconce light – needs cord
131 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts – brass arms, brass spacers, etc
132 – Group lot of nineteen glass chimneys & small tote of oil lamp wicks
133 – Set of nine glass ceiling light globes
134 – One glass gas lamp post shade
135 – Group lot – scissors jack, RadioShack FM wireless microphone system, and PulmoNeb compact compressor nebulizer system
136 – Ryobi electric miter / chop saw -model TS1340
137 – Four small totes of glass – prisms, prism chains, and chandelier arms
138 – Five small totes of light & lamp repair parts – electric cords, light sockets, candle covers, etc
139 – Five small totes of light & lamp repair parts – metal chandelier parts, sockets, etc
140 – Five small totes of light & lamp brass parts – arms, caps, rings, etc
141 – Lot of twenty glass ceiling light globes
142 – Two small totes of glass prisms, & prism chains
143 – Two small totes of prisms various size
144 – Four small totes of light & lamp repair parts – plastic fittings, switches, dimmers, wiring etc
145 – Large group of glass lamp shades – approx 30
146 – Four boxes of light & lamp repair parts and books
147 – Five small totes of light & lamp repair parts- fittings, decorative parts, hardware etc
148 – Four small totes of light & lamp repair parts
149 – Three small totes of glass ceiling light arms
150 – Two boxes of light & lamp repair parts – wood and metal
151 – Seven glass railroad lantern globes
152 – Four small totes of light & lamp repair parts – fittings, switches, porcelain sockets, etc
153 – Large group of lamp globes – approx 35
154 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts – some brass
155 – Four small totes of light & lamp repair parts – power cords, fittings, sockets, brackets, etc
156 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts- bases, hardware, etc
157 – Two boxes of hardware bins with a few misc pieces of hardware
158 – Group of lamp globes – approx 20
159 – Group of metal ceiling light medallions
160 – Four glass globes – one ceiling, and three torches
161 – Two boxes of light & lamp repair parts
162 – Six small totes of light & lamp repair parts
163 – Group of chimney globes – various sizes
164 – Group of glass light shades
165 – Two small totes of light & lamp repair parts
166 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts
167 – Four small totes of light & lamp repair parts
168 – Group of glass light globes
169 – Older slag glass and metal works lamp shade n needs repair some glass broke some missing some there 22″
170 – Ceiling light shade – frame needs repair & has several broken / missing slag glass pieces
171 – Six small totes of light & lamp repair parts
172 – Group of glass light globes – approx 24
173 – Two totes of slag glass
174 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts
175 – Five small totes of light & lamp repair parts
176 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts-prisms
177 – Group of lead crystal lamp pedestal bases – approx 48
178 – Five small totes of light & lamp repair parts
179 – Three empty shoe totes
180 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts
181 – Eight glass globes one has damage
182 – Five small totes of light & lamp repair parts
183 – Two boxes of light & lamp repair parts
184 – 5 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, cord, sockets, brass, etc
185 – 9 porcelain ceiling/wall mount light fixtures
186 – 4 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, cord, sockets, brass, shelf brackets etc
187 – 3 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, glass prisims, brackets, drip trays
188 – Group of lead crystal lamp pedestal bases – approx 15, and shoe box of small oil lamp style chimneys
189 – 5 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, brass brackets and trim pieces
190 – 6 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, brass socket covers, extension rods, arm brackets, etc
191 – Group of 13 glass light/lamp shades frosted, pink and yellow colored glass various styles
192 – 4 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, cord, sockets, brass, etc
193 – Group of 10 spools of lamp electric cord, some close to full others have a little only
194 – 3 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, glass prisms, and arm brackets
195 – Gray of brass wall sconce fixtures there is 4 matched sets plus 2 other individual pieces, 2 sets are double bulbed others single, one set with prisms
196 – 3 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, glass prisms and arm brackets
197 – Group light fixtures, 3 ceiling lights one oil lamp canister all for parts or repairs
198 – 5 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, shade yokes, brass and metal trim pieces, ceiling fixture, 16 boxes of keyless cb sockets 2″ high having 10 pieces per box
199 – 5 small totes of light/lamp repair parts,
200 – Group of 4 sets plus one extra piece of brass wall sconces fixtures double bulbed need cord look nice other wise
201 – 5 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, plastic sockets, card board sleeves, extension rods, etc
202 – Group of 18 clear glass light globes, various styles
203 – 6 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, cord switches, sockets, brass, lamp dimmer, etc
204 – 5 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, brass trim etc
205 – Group 11 glass lamp globes, shades, and middle pieces, one pink glass rest green glass
206 – 5 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, sockets, electric outlet boxes, cardboard socket covers, etc
207 – Group of six glass lamp shades globes, white, frosted, clear glass various styles
208 – 3 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, glass prisms, drip trays, arm brackets
209 – 5 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, brass covers, trim, socket sets, arm brackets etc
210 – Group of 18 clear glass oil lamp chimneys various styles
211 – 5 small totes of light/lamp repair parts, sockets, plastic socket threads, wire sockets, hardware for shade yokes, bags of chain nuts and other hardware, etc
211a – Smart Choice security monitor 15″ plus the 40 hour continuous video cassette recorder
212 – Colored slag glass ceiling light fixture 22″ Some damage. See pics.
213 – Ceiling light 5 bulb chandler fixture,
214 – Glass Shade ceiling light fixtures 6 bulb dome style shade
215 – Ceiling light fixture chandler for parts or repairs
216 – Early fancy ceiling light fixture, heavy brass with shell style flower pedal shade nice decor 22″ tall
217 – Ceiling light fixture 5 bulb shows age wear
218 – 6 bulb ceiling light fixture for repair or parts
219 – Six bulb ceiling light fixture
220 – Light weight brass 5 bulb ceiling fixture for repair or parts
221 – Older 5 bulb ceiling fixture shows wear
222 – Small light weight brass 5 bulb ceiling fixture shows wear
223 – Lot of five lamp shades – various sizes
224 – Lot of seventeen glass globes – various styles
225 – Large group lot of mini lamp shades – approx 40
226 – Group lot – two small totes of glass chandelier arms, one glass lamp base – no guts, and three lamp middle pieces
227 – Lot of four cloth lamp shades -three matching and one large
228 – Vintage pot metal cast works pole light fixture having 8 chandler bulbs, big cast topper bracket holding the white glass shade needs some light socket repairs but neat pole topper light here this is a outdoor street or garden type pole light guys about 16″ dia at shade about 30″ in height look this one up on Monday
229 – Four shoe box totes of light & lamp repair parts- wire in touch controls, screw on plastic socket rings, oil lamp burners, etc
230 – Lot of four glass ceiling shades
231 – Group lot – glass chandelier arms, plastic socket cups, box of threaded tubes, and four glass lamp middle pieces
232 – Case of eighteen school house light shades
233 – Three small totes of glass prisms & prism chains
234 – 24″ Westinghouse ceiling medallion
235 – Four small totes of brass light repair parts- arms out-riggers, spacers, etc
236 – Lot of eight brass wall sconces with a few glass prisms
237 – 26″ Angelo ceiling medallion
238 – Three ceiling light shades
239 – One box & one small tote of light & lamp repair parts – some brass, some glass – wall sconces, oil lamp burners, spacers, etc
240 – Lot of five glass ceiling light shades
241 – Three small totes of light & lamp repair parts – sockets, socket sleeves, etc
500 – “Faith” cuff bracelet
501 – Three minimalist cuff bracelets-pineapple, fox head, and chevron arrow
502 – Three minimalist cuff bracelets colored stones
503 – Heart cutout sterling ring size 7.5
504 – Pair of occupied Japan wall hanging
505 – Goebel Hummel figure small bee
506 – Occupied Japan figures
507 – Small jewelry box with a charm bracelet some charms are sterling
508 – 1963B “Barr”dollars
509 – 15 old wheat pennies different dates
510 – 15 old wheat pennies different dates
511 – 50 wheat pennies different dates
512 – Statue made from volcanic molten lava purchased in South Korea
513 – Southern Exchange Company Strasburg Junction, Va wax seal (for lettering) brass hand 2″ tall
514 – Tray lot with medals, pins, miltary playing cards, etc
515 – Beaded American flag purse
516 – United airplanes collector series airplane prints
517 – Klein tools knife
518 – Sterling ring size 7 5
519 – 14k gold ring size 6
520 – Small train engine – 6″ long
521 – 10k gold ring size 6 sapphire diamond
522 – 10k gold sapphire ring size 5 5
523 – Treasure box lot -Cigar box with foreign paper money, vintage postcards, V nickels, charm bracelets, wrist watches, Scotty dog figure, pins, etc
524 – Cigar box with US and foreign coins, Carson silver dollar, medallions etc
525 – Great Britain and foreign coins
526 – Tray of jewelry
527 – Clock keys
528 – Ronald and Nancy Reagan thank you card famed
529 – Measuring cup grease/ broth filter 

1380 – Six pieces of shelving glass measure 24×12 and 30×16.5
1381 – Rustic decor candle holder
1382 – Nine seat cushions
1383 – Home decor wall mirror 36×50
1384 – Faux Shutter wall decor 30×18
1385 – Home decor 2in faux wood blind 72×72 white
1386 – Floor easel in package
1387 – Wood 6pane window
1388 – Wood 6 pane window
1389 – Wood 6 pane window
1390 – Wood four pane window
1391 – Golfclubs and bag
1392 – Star Wars costume, ninja costume, and Spider-Man pjs 5T
1393 – Colorful ottoman 18x18x19
1394 – Bissell pro heat pet runs
1395 – Wrought iron pole display piece 3 sprawl feet looks like light pole but is not you decide
1396 – Tan colored Microfiber living room sofa used needs some cleaning but still usable sofa, seller code CH
1397 – Tan colored Microfiber living room loveseat used needs some cleaning but still usable sofa, seller code CH
1398 – Pet Gear, pet stroller red color nice condition double wheel set on all four corners all mesh with zippers look real good this one is ready for your pets, small to medium size dogs
1399 – Living room wing back chair and matching footstool, crafted for “Levitz” Queen Anne footed used of course shows some use wear especially on arms but should clean up
1400 – Wooden pantry or other multiple use storage cabinet, single door front 4 usable shelves inside 20w x 24d x 51″ tall nice condition
1401 – Modern Oak office desk chair or other use chair it is on wheels slate bow back design like new condition
1402 – Home decor piece, Asian decor carved drum base at one time great for planter 24″ tall with 10″ top opening. Some cracking, see pics.
1403 – Pine student desk, 2 drawers with a sitting stool bench to come along desk is in natural color nice shape 28 x 20 x 29″ tall
1404 – Maple counter stool 13 dia seat x 24″ high
1405 – Blue ceramic Asian decor table lamp has pleated shade but shows creases wear
1406 – Home furnishings lamp or plant stand black colored finish with designer spindle decor nice modern look 13.5 x 13.5 x 28″ tall
1407 – Asian decor serving stand, black lacquer with silver Bird and floral design center 23 dia x 9.5″ high
1408 – Table, nice work craft room or child’s play room table, laminated wood top on metal legs, 47 x 32 x 24″ high
1409 – Home decor table lamp, black in color palm tree designer base with black bell shaped shade 37″ tall
1410 – The Leg Lamp, this is a vanity size The Christmas Story Leg Lamp with fringe shade 12″ tall, place for a tea light.
1411 – White pedestal base dining table with 17″ leaf, will make a round table 44″ nice condition
1411a – Pine child’s play kitchen sink base cabinet double doors on front on wheels, plastic wash pan for the sink 40w x 17d x 31″ high counting back splash
1412 – Red painted fern plant stand 10″ top shelf x 40 5″ tall
1413 – Asian decor jinger jar type table lamp, painted ceramic base with designer fabric shade 25″ tall
1414 – Oak occasion stand nice foyer lamp stand having single drawer clean ready to use condition 24w x 18d x 29″ high
1415 – Sears Heat Gun with the original box older plastic housing gun has a cool and heat selection I tested and boy does it work well
1416 – Healthkit Laboratory Oscilloscope
1417 – Box with selection of lead solder figures couple painted most not
1418 – Quart size jar with glass marbles shooter size marbles also.
1419 – Metal organizer drawer filled with watch makers repairman parts Watch Springs in there packages
1420 – Fishing lot, small plastic organizer with worms, and Instant Fisherman Flying Lure rod in box
1421 – Harleysville Davidson parts accessories group in there packages
1422 – P-40 Team Collectible Redskins Plane in the box
1423 – Cuckoo clock with the leaf pendulum and the iron Pinecone weights
1424 – Nice cute wood storage crate to fit the collection of 45rpm records that also come along
1425 – 1970s Mar metal train village cabin, plus early tin train engine toy, and some set up village accessories
1426 – Home furnishings magazine stand, floor model type with double bins on each side spindle turned legs carry handle top with floral decor paint needs refinished or painted solid condition
1427 – Stanley contemporary style living room end table, single drawer with frosted glass pane top insert and wood secondary shelf nice shape, 24w x 28d x 26″ high
1428 – Black home decor floor lamp with plastic shade
1429 – Black home decor floor lamp with plastic shade
1430 – Youth size drafting table
1431 – Pair of home decor table lamps square design bases with bell shaped shades 26″ tall
1432 – 60s era pine 8 drawer dresser, 4 narrow top drawers with 2 deep drawers to each side missing one small top pull otherwise nice condition 52w x 14d x 30″ high
1433 – Black gaming chair
1434 – Black gaming chair
1435 – Small oval top wood foot step stool 13 x 9 x 9″ high
1436 – Wood step stool stand center hand carry hole on top oak wood some peeling on top board 15th x 12 x 17″ tall
1437 – Cherry drop leaf coffee table 19w x 54 long with 9″ drop leaves
1438 – Sanyo boom box radio
1439 – Brass table fabric bell shaped shade 27″ tall
1440 – Pine sofa or foyer table having 2 drawers turned decor legs nice shape 48w x 15d x 30″ high
1441 – Little Green Bissell portable deep cleaner shampoo machine
1442 – Pair of home decor nickel finish table lamps swing adjustable arm style with designer fabric shades 27″ tall
1443 – Knotty pine kitchen table make a nice work table in craft room or laundry table also 55 x 40 x 30″ high
1444 – Electrolux vacuum cleaner canister and power head parts no hoses buy for the parts we have
1445 – Nice full/queen size bed, ivory color post and arched design, with set of matching wooden rails nice condition
1446 – Group of C,B, Radios
1447 – 12 kids Little Golden Story Books
1448 – Group of 45rpm juke box records variety of artists
1449 – Box flat group of misc toy cars matchbox/hot wheels type
1450 – Wooden painted bed lap tray tilting tray style for eating or reading
1451 – Group of silver plated dishware, platters, coasters, candle snuffer, trivet, etc
1452 – Snow Board by North Shore with boots and safety helmet, plus Da Kine storage bag
1453 – Twin size bed, mahogany finish with arched design includes wood rails nice shape
1454 – Pine carpet step stool or maybe even a small child’s time out seat you decide. Some animal scratches or bite marks.
1455 – Mengel furniture 4 drawer chest of drawers needs painted or refinished seller code FP, 34w x 19d x 43″ high, will match lot 1456 also
1456 – Mengel furniture 8 drawer dresser needs painted or refinished seller code FP, 34w x 19d x 43″ high, will match lot 1455 also
1457 – Jeff Gordon Road Race Tyco race track set looks like new box opened but is complete
1458 – Bell & Howell 16mm sound motion picture projection equipment loudspeaker type LS-170/PFP-1, with nice metal case marked Signal Corps U,S, Army
1459 – Pine wall hanging medicine cabinet glass pane front door with open top shelf above and towel bar below 18w x 6d x 33″ high
1460 – Lounge/TV room sofa, tan colored Microfiber with jackknife style fold down into flat bed clean nice condition, seller code CH
1461 – Whitney brand furniture maple chest of drawers 3 narrow top drawers over 4 drawers listen the top has some use scratch marks in the finish should polish over otherwise real nice solid condition 38w x 20d x 46″ tall
1462 – Belleek 19″ tall dresser lamp with fabric bell shade
1463 – Modern style bedroom dresser with attached mirror, dark stain finish 8 drawers has some finish use wear marks here and there 70w x 19d x 38″ high base 77 with mirror, seller code 2G
1464 – Entertainment room flat wall console media stand dark finish color glass doors on each side center with shelf over 2 drawers back top does flip up for wire and other storage access dark color finish seller codeX2, 63long x 21d x 32″ high shows some use wear marks
1465 – Portable office printer type cabinet stand black color 26w x 20d x 26″ high
1466 – Group of 5 new packs of window curtain panels
1467 – Album of Comics First Covers
1468 – Kitchen wares group, meat grinder, utensils, food chopper
1469 – Box of Topps Baseball Gum Cards
1470 – Complete set of 1967 MGM Mysteries of India May Cards 55 cards in protective sleeves
1471 – Box of collectors papers and cards, comics, etc
1472 – Lamborghini Diablo collectors car
1473 – Aluminum dog figure souvenir coin bank with dog tag from National State Bank Bolder Colorado 9″ long x 6″ high
1474 – WWI Mess Kit
1475 – 13 Marvel Comics various titles
1476 – Travel Charger new in box
1477 – Bird feeder heavy duty plastic made cabin style
1478 – Ceiling light fixture with double bulbs and glass shade
1479 – Metal plant stand base no top piece 11 dia x 33 tall
1480 – Three black office lobby chairs fabric seating needs some cleaning, seller code CH
1481 – Small black laminated stand media type 25 x 15 x 15″ high
1481a – 1970s era Coca-Cola cooler top lid coin operation coke bottle dispenser cooler does not work you need to restore
1482 – Two kids seats 15″ high
1483 – Nice black office chair stationary style with arms faux black leather nice chair guys
1484 – Remo weather king practice drum on stand
1484a – Child’s youth size bed with mattress but does have staining bed in nice shape though
1485 – Twin size quilted mattress used but looks to be okay
1486 – Queen size pillow top mattress has a little staining
1487 – Queen size padded headboard with folding metal bed frame brown faux leather headboard
1488 – Bed bench brown faux leather padded seat top with slotted wood shelf under 40 x 20 x 18″ high, seller code US
1489 – Casana furniture company, queen size bed sleigh bed style headboard with flat wood footboard dark stained match to lots 1490, 1491 also sells separate seller code CH
1490 – Casana furniture company, nightstand pull put writing board over 2 drawers dark stained match to lots 1489, 1491 also sells separate seller code CH
1491 – Casana furniture company multiple drawer dresser with mirror, dark stained match to lots 1890, 1490 also sells separate seller code CH
1492 – Folding camping cot
1493 – Group of Bed Parts, headboards, rails, metal rails, all for parts and pieces
1494 – Dining table with four chairs some finish wear not overall not bad 60×39 seller code FP chairs need to be cleaned
1495 – Set of pedestal dining table bases only mahogany with brass lions feet on casters
1496 – Two softwood side chairs both need to be re-clamped and tighten down, but a good project for painters
1497 – Wood 4drawer file cabinet 18x25x54 modern oak
1498 – Comic book group lot
1499 – Sport cards, tickets, magazines, etc
1500 – Tray lot of bells
1501 – Tray lot of china
1502 – City cruiser turbine car 1964 and London series bus
1503 – Flat of buttons
1504 – Masons aprons free masonry
1505 – Metal tool chest 26x12x19
1506 – Vax shop vac works
1507 – Faux Marble like 6 drawer dresser with mirror has damage to the base 69x22x36 seller code GE
1508 – Horse sleigh scene painted storage trunk 22x11x12
1509 – Black kitchenette table seller code X2 measures 29x29x29
1510 – New Daisey Utility Vanity Laundry Tub and cabinet white with the faucet nozzle extension type new we kept the original box to go back in also guys nice piece here as the bottom is a pull out drawer also seller code X2 28x22x36
1511 – Maytag Cloths Dryer, white Bravo XL electric n nice clean condition
1512 – Dining table with leaf and four chairs some marks in finish and chairs 66x42x30 chairs have some staining
1513 – Side table with undershelf drawer missing and has been repairs 18x18x23
1514 – Four piece faux wicker sunroom set some damage to the chairs and the cushions need a good cleaning
1515 – Faux wicker storage ottoman and storage trunk seller code 2S 35x20x29 16x16x6 some roughness
1516 – Nest of three black stands 20x20x18
1517 – White bathroom cabinet 27x24x34 needs cleaning
1518 – Pair of Boat seats/chairs fold down backs on pedestal bases
1519 – Side chair has damage
1520 – Side chair
1521 – Side stand will make a good paint project 19x15x23
1522 – Shark vac needs new batteries
1523 – Shark fabric steamer seller code US
1524 – Dining table with leaf only use wear and some green paint 52x38x30
1525 – Pair of barstools one has tear in seat 23″ tall seller code x2
1526 – Home decor stand with 3 basket drawers 16x10x29
1527 – 58qt Tote with lid
1528 – 58qt tote with lid
1529 – 58qt tote with lid
1530 – Blow up air mattress size 80x60x18
1530a – Natural and white kitchen table 59x35x30
1531 – Asian style home decor lamp no shade
1532 – Bookshelf 32x19x47 hutch top piece only
1533 – Bookshelf hutch top piece only has some roughness 37x15x47 missing one shelf
1534 – Sewing machine stand only 37x20x30
1535 – 6 drawer dresser 50x18x34 some scuffing on edge but overall not bad
1536 – Kenmore Dryer electric missing one back panel corner trim
1537 – Home decor lamp with shade
1538 – White end table some paint is starting to chip 24x18x30
1539 – Sewing stand base 47x18x31 no machine
1540 – Painted side Chair plank bottom type grape and fruit painted back nice decor chair
1541 – Marble top occasional stand with drawer over door 19w x 15d x 28″ high
1542 – Red XL Fitness seat
1543 – Nice metal patio or bistro table chair set, gray painted metal mesh top 4 person seating with 4 four chairs table is 30 x 30″
1544 – Glass top end table 28″ round top beveled glass on metal base
1545 – Home furnishings Bird Cage, Big portable style with feeder racks, and pans 40 x 30 x 68″ tall white color
1546 – Group of books
1547 – Postcards and 1st Day Issue Covers
1548 – Collectors bottle, Otto Huber Brewing Brooklyn NY
1549 – Collectors medicine bottle, “Rawleigh’s”
1550 – Collectors medicine bottle, Furst-McNess Co Freeport ILL.
1551 – Group lot toys and other misc
1552 – Early press back bentwood arm rocker needs refinished or painted
1553 – Padded seat piano bench fabric needs replaced or really cleaned seller code CD
1554 – Modern oak writing table desk, having center key board drawer with side drawers trend style base 60 x 30 x 30″ high
1555 – Nice metal patio or bistro table chair set, gray painted metal mesh top 4 person seating with 2 chairs table is 30 x 30″ note one bolt on stud is broke we zip stripped it and works fine
1556 – Two metal chrome finish armed chairs aluminum made in nice condition
1557 – World market NARA wooden floor lamp with box
1558 – Oval mirror with a white/gold wash finish measures 32″ x 27″
1559 – Beveled glass mirror with gold finish frame heart design with beads, measures 29 1/2 inches wide 35 1/2 inches tall
1560 – Electronic Sports craft air powered turbo hockey table , proximately 88 x 50″
1561 – Nice metal patio or bistro table chair set, gray painted metal mesh top 4 person seating with 2 chairs table is 30 x 30″
1562 – Adjustable bathtub assist chair
1563 – Pair of metal patio chairs, both have damage
1564 – Aluminum exhibition stand picture frame with roll up banner, including carry case. Please note: each one has a different printed banner, buy it for the NICE stand
1565 – Aluminum exhibition stand picture frame with roll up banner, including carry case. Please note: each one has a different printed banner, buy it for the NICE stand
1566 – Aluminum exhibition stand picture frame with roll up banner, including carry case. Please note: each one has a different printed banner, buy it for the NICE stand
1567 – Aluminum exhibition stand picture frame with roll up banner, including carry case. Please note: each one has a different printed banner, buy it for the NICE stand
1568 – Aluminum exhibition stand picture frame with roll up banner, including carry case. Please note: each one has a different printed banner, buy it for the NICE stand
1569 – Aluminum exhibition stand picture frame with roll up banner, including carry case. Please note: each one has a different printed banner, buy it for the NICE stand
1570 – Aluminum exhibition stand picture frame with roll up banner, including carry case. Please note: each one has a different printed banner, buy it for the NICE stand
1571 – Aluminum exhibition stand picture frame with roll up banner, including carry case. Please note: each one has a different printed banner, buy it for the NICE stand
1572 – Exhalt curved Aluminum exhibition stand picture frame with roll up banner, including carry case. Please note: each one has a different printed banner, buy it for the NICE stand
1573 – Nice metal patio or bistro table chair set, gray painted metal mesh top 4 person seating with 2 chairs table is 30 x 30″ note one bolt on stud is broke we zip stripped it and works fine
1574 – Enamel top kitchen table with drawer, some pitting on enamel, measures 40 inches long , 25 inches wide, 30 inches tall
1575 – Footstool on wheels
1576 – White painted stand with drawer, two boards on top, measures 19 1/2 inches wide 18 1/2 inches deep 28 inches tall
1577 – Plant stand Metal base with tile top, 27 inches tall with a 10 x 10 top
1578 – Improvements brand handcrafted tropical hardwood outdoor patio chair
1579 – Mud room bench with storage, lid has lift cylinder 32 inches long by 16 inches deep by 30 inches tall, some veneer cracks
1580 – Painted Chest on chest, 6 drawers
1581 – Gate leg drop leaf table with two leaves, wear in finish, measures 30 x 40 inches closed, 86 inches with leaves up
1582 – Book Fine Indian jewelry of the southwest the Millicent Rogers museum collection by Shelby J Tisdale
1583 – Coach Purse and small handbag, wear in both, bigger on is No. KO5Q-6314
1584 – The Franklin mint Star Trek 25th anniversary commemorative chess set. – partial set, missing pieces. The pieces are produced in pewter and played it with 24 karat gold or sterling silver with a crystal hexagon on base. No storage box
1585 – Four bottles, pure olive oil and three baking powder
1586 – Nine bottles, omega oil, north of England sauce that Joshua Longfield, Castoria, HH Hays sons, Scheidt
1587 – Engraved Chippendale international silverplate tray with rosary beads and pendants
1588 – Five picture frames
1589 – Warman’s Majolica identification and Price God by Mark F Moran
1590 – Copper tea kettle, made in England
1591 – Two bottles Benj H Grate bottling works, Redbank New Jersey
1592 – Baccarat Crystal water goblet with box
1593 – Group lot: coach leather bag, World War II army air corps napkins, lotions by Crabtree and Evelyn, my flat in London handbag , peepers glass cases
1594 – Group of Christmas decorations including universal statuary Corp. figures, angel figures, glass snowman fabric Santa Claus bears in a sleigh
1595 – Values and identification books American antiques, Victorian house wire, antique investigator, what is it, bottles field guide
1596 – Group lot: grinder, candy container, Dr Cardwell’s home cookbook, spirit of your life service ware, three boxes of vintage electric candoliers, tin cup
1597 – Group lot lighting products lamps and shades, table and floor style
1598 – Pet gear Inc travel lite trifold ramp 71 inches long by 16 inches wide for animals up to 200 pounds
1599 – Lasko Performance 12 inch oscillating table fan
1600 – Table lot: hardware and tools, Howard stern cassettes, pet jackets, Shirley temple VHS tapes, hip-hop man figurine, Halloween action figure, Super Bowl 18 Coca-Cola bottle, snack bowls, salad bowls, skillet, shot glasses, pig figure, Shenandoah valley of Virginia trinket box, serving trays, soap, racks, Christmas decorations and more
1601 – Table lot: holiday lights, the world book year book, blue Willow, Ridgway England plates , clear vases and milk glass vases, vinegar bottles, Longaberger bag, laptop bag, jelly jars, cookie tins, baskets, 25 anniversary candleholders and much more
1602 – Three-piece lot box with VHS tapes and two empty totes, some damage no lids
1603 – Commercial grade portable and folding adjustable garment rack
1604 – Table lot: glasses, lunch bags, dish strainer, snack plates, relish dish, utensils , green mugs and bowls, Field & Stream coffee pot, presto coffee pot, tube pan and other bakeware, pictures and more
1605 – Large Tote with lid
1606 – Group lot: Christmas themed decorations, tapestry table runner, snack trays, angels, ribbon, tins, plates and more
1607 – Group lot: baskets, harvest candle centerpiece, oil lamps, candleholders, gratitude fragrances, Maw and paw figures
1608 – Three boxes: books, lampshade, keyboard, silk linen texture fabric sample, bags
1609 – Table lot: dishes, rabbit and pumpkin decor , candleholders, clear stem glasses, salad bowl, ceramic pocketbooks, basket, tea kettle, dad’s helping hand, five year diary, nut bowl, Nate McLouth bobble head, laser engraved cheese board
1610 – Box lot Redskins binder, on plastic lampshade, part of china set, records
1611 – Group lot glass light shade, fan, baby dolls, partial Lincoln Logs, Mickey Mouse, Roto Broil cooker fryer, thermos, horns, tools, toys
1612 – Book and magazine lot: lots of Home Craftsman do-it-yourself handyman’s
1613 – Group lot: Topsy Turvy tomato planter, Duracell headphones, hard hats, Lantern, Power Steamer, crate, nuts and bolts, easy home repair complete step by step to do it yourself books
1614 – Group lot: tote away playset, doll style school desk, Little Red Wagon, doll high chair, Fisher Price tool case
1614a – Youth bed with Sealy baby soft mattress
1615 – Group lot of model airplanes and tips and techniques for building model planes book
1616 – Electronics lot, Bogen model c100 B, philco parts, transistor and diodes
1617 – Operation manuals and field reference manuals, plane gliders and helicopters, defense mapping School Fort Belvoir Virginia, aviation weather, the giant airships
1618 – Three boxes of books
1619 – antique collector books kovels antiques and collectibles price guide, pewter marks of the world, the Curious collector, Illustrated Guide to the American Glass, and encyclopedia antiques
1620 – Sony Audio Video Control Center digital delayed surround AM FM stereo receiver model Str – d450 Z Plus RCA speakers and Sima VHS rewinder
1621 – Group of Table parts legs, Bases, top
1622 – 24-inch interior door
1623 – Five pictures, four are canvas painting
1624 – Counter top and under the counter mount sink measures 36 inches at the widest by 56 1/2 long
1625 – Boxed cocktail table signature design by Ashley
1626 – Skid lot of lighting fixtures sloped ceiling white baffle, semi clear cones and more
1627 – Group lot with blowup Scooby Doo, baseball bat bag with bags and helmet, and a stadium seat
1628 – Group lot with cooking books, snowglobe, glassware etc
1629 – Group lot with google kit, radio, meat thermometer, etc
1630 – Disney villains picture 24×36
1631 – Crossing walking street signs
1632 – 58qt tote with lid
1633 – Group lot with Ronald Reagan books, school portrait, advertisement pieces, books etc
1634 – Group lot with CDs, decorative decor, zen gardening, pin up calendar, etc
1635 – Group lot with vintage toys, hallmark keepsake ornaments, antique toy world, etc
1636 – Tote with lid
1637 – Tote with lid
1638 – Tote with lid
1639 – Group lot of home decor
1640 – Charlie brown and Lucy wood signs both 47″ tall
1641 – Andreas veigel stuttgart-bad cannatatt photo enlarger
1642 – Two heat fans one works the other blowers breaker
1643 – Tote with lid
1644 – Daybed White metal frame includes hardware and trundle.
1645 – Wooden bed frame, no hardware
1646 – Easy Wheels folding grocery cart