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Online Only Auction

with inspection and pickup at onsite location of

6967 Lord Fairfax Hwy, Berryville, VA  22611

Wednesday September 19 2018 at 8:04 pm

One person’s collection of Early Advertising & Country Store Related Collectibles

1990 ford F150 XLT Lariat is an extended cab

Electronics, Black Powder Long-guns

Locals will remember this address location as Pigeon Hill Store.


First time bidders will need to set up an account to bid, click on blue button and follow steps.button

INSPECTION DATE AND TIME:  Monday September 17 2018 – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

PICK UP DATE AND TIME: ONE DAY PICK UP: Thursday Sept 20th 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

AT ADDRESS OF 6967 Lord Fairfax Hwy, Berryville VA 22611

Auction Terms & Conditions Hash Auctions Bid Terms: Upon registration, bidder accepts terms of this auction. 1. Registration required with valid credit card. 15% Buyers Premium. CARD ON FILE WILL BE CHARGED THE NIGHT OF THE AUCTION – MAKE SURE IT IS THE CARD YOU WANT USED BEFORE REGISTERING Virginia State sales tax of 5.3% will be charged for purchases unless a valid tax exemption number is provided with payment. Otherwise, you will pay sales tax. 2. Before you bid, know that items are required to be removed from the Auction Location on the designated pickup day. Items not picked up on designated pickup day will be charged on your credit WITH A 10% LATE PENALTY and are subject to be considered abandoned. ONE DAY PICK UP: Thursday Sept 20th 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm 6967 Lord Fairfax Hwy, Berryville VA 22611 THIS IS A FIRM DAY AND TIME, no exceptions. Everything must be removed by 7pm. Make plans to take everything in the lots you buy. BRING BOXES AND HELP, Trucks, Trailers, WHATEVER YOU NEED to load and remove your purchases. NO EXCEPTIONS. 3. Due to repeated CC declines we are starting to charge a $20 fee if your CC is declined.*** Please be sure to go into your buyer settings and delete any expired cards or cards that you do not want to use any longer, prior to registration. 4. The auction company shall not be held responsible for any “miscued” bids by bidder. IE: Decimal in the in wrong place, you bid on the wrong thing, the cat jumped on the keyboard, etc. 5. All sales are final. Hash Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All property is sold “as-is” and it is the bidder’s responsibility to determine the exact condition of each item. You may call if you have any questions not covered in our descriptions or pictures. We welcome you to call if you are not able to make it to preview for your own viewing. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion. Absolutely NO refunds will be offered. 6. By bidding on any item, the bidder shows acceptance of the terms of the auction. 7. The auction company reserves the right to refuse service or decline registration to any person.



1A Primitive warehouse bag cart
2 Minolta Maxxum 600si camera with 50mm lens, camera bag, and Tamron 72mm lens
3 Pentax ME camera with 50mm lens, Tabo flash attachment, JC Penny 72mm lens, camera bag, and Pana-Vue 2 slide viewer
4 Mamiya / ekor 1000DTL camera with 55mm lens, Vivitar 2600 flash, Canon 200mm lens, Speedlite 199A, etc
5 Sony Digital Mavica video camera with bag and power cord
6 Collection of advertisement tins, bottles, and boxes – box flat of
7 Cameras & accessories – Canon EXee, Canon Sure Shot, Nikon Fun-Touch5, etc
8 Canon A1 camera with 135mm lens, 50mm lens, Asahi lens, and more
9 Tin kitchenware – utensils, cookie cutters, tart molds, etc
10 Canon Pellix camera, Sunpak auto 422 flash attachment, filters, etc
11 Steel train steam engine numbers
12 Collection of advertisement tins, bottles, and boxes – box flat of
13 Architectural half round window, older wooden framed 31 x 18
14 1957 Chevrolet hub caps, set of 4
15 3 Advertisement cans, transmission fluid – 2 metal Columbia, and 1 Quaker State cardboard
16 2 Tin signs, and display board of hardware
17 2 White House bottles – 1939 World’s Fair, and pint size vinegar
18 Jars – Jumbo peanut butter with lid, and 3 canning jars – Ball Mason 3rd “L” style quart with zinc lid, half pint & quart Atlas E-Z Seal with locking lids
19 Bottles – 2 dairy, whiskey, medicine, etc – 12 total
20 Dad’s glass root beer mugs, set of 8
21 4 Dessert sets – 7-pieces per set with gold decorated trim with boxes
22 Advertisement mugs – set of 6 Dad’s root beer, 2 A&W, and one misc Dad’s
23 Anchor glass – case of 4 dozen 6-1/2″ footed 6″ dishes
24 2 Pipe wrenches – 14″ & 18″
25 3 Older metal seals
26 Kitchenware – slaw board, egg beater, and misc utensils
27 Wood plane, 14″ marked JER. W. Flickwer, and T.T. Smith
28 Chemical duster
29 Misc – Brass horn, mini brass oil lamp-no chimney, tin pie plate, and 3 small stove dampers
30 3 Iron lamp bracket, missing wall mounting piece, rusty
31 RJR Tobacco cutter
32 Trench shovel
33 Steam whistle
34 Ice tongs – 18″ long
35 Wooden sign “House for Rent” – 24 x 15
36 3 Fishing rods with one reel
37 Table lamp made from wooden wheel hub, 28″ tall – no shade
38 Marble top washstand – single drawer over single door and left side double drawers with spoon carved designs and glass pulls- top is missing backsplash – 30 x 18 x 31
39 Type set tray and divided drawer shaped box
40 Model trains – 4 engines, track, controllers, tunnel, life-like trees, etc
41 Toy cars & trucks – Tonka, Lesney, Husky, Matchbox, etc
42 Pull toys – Donald Duck, and Fisher-Price Jalopy
43 Toys – Dominoes, Ralston Straight Shooters, Crossword Lexicon card game, and small cars/trucks – Maisto, Lesney, etc
44 Carded toys – Kellogg’s Racing Nascar, Ertl WB Sylvester, Hot Wheels, etc
45 Child’s wooden tool box with tools
46 Erector set, No. 7-1/2 Engineer’s Set with motor, booklet, and case
47 Toys – Pez dispensers, flute, yo-yo’s, noise maker, and more
48 Matchbox car case with 33 cars – Lesney, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc
49 Advertisement tins, bottles, and boxes – box flat of, mostly medicines
50 Misc – advertisement bottle pourers and openers, tin “Hartling’s” advertisement thermometer, misc decanter stoppers, straight razor with box-rusty, etc
51 Microscope – Model 3MW Microset with instructions and box
52 Oak youth slat bottom rocker- has broken bottom rocker, but we have the parts
53 5 Scrub brushes, and 2 wall paper paste brushes
54 Misc advertisement pieces – Gunston Hall extracts, Han-Dee steel wool pads, Economy party set, etc
55 Soft Spun Sanitary Tissues, 36 boxes total
56 Shaker sets, 12 total
57 Coffee advertisement bags – Gunston Hall, Rising Sun Tavern, Golden Rod, Ponda, etc
58 Advertisement tins, bottles, and boxes – box flat of mostly medicines
59 Toy cars / trucks – Midge Toy, made in USA, etc
60 Wooden advertisement crate, “Carters Ink”, Finger jointed – 14 x 11 x 6
60a 3 Blue glass quart Mason’s canning jars with zinc lids, embossed Patent Nov 30th 1858
61 Coin banks group – spice bear, Liberty bell, barrel, piano, clock, mechanical clown, etc
62 3 Leesburg, VA druggists bottles – bed bug poison, Aqua Ammonia, and Elixir Lactopeptin – “Edwards & Son”
63 2 Wooden duck hunting decoys
64 Oil lamp with bundle of wicks
65 Glass – ruby cut-to-clear decanter with stopper, and blown glass cruet
66 Metal wash tub 21 by 20
67 Box lot of vintage kids toys
68 Copper tub no lid
68a Lady figural flower frog
69 Oil lamp 14 inches tall
70 Three gallon jug Kehoe and lynott Pittston PA
71 White covered dish with dog on top
72 Brass trinket box
73 Gallon jug with blue glaze whites Utica NY
74 Blue glass candlestick holders – with glass prisms and shell shaped base
75 Grey glazed one gallon crock with blue glaze floral design – G.W. Braun, Buffalo, NY
76 Etched Cambridge 12″ bowl
77 2 Gallon jug – Robt. Schwartz, Nanticoke, PA
78 Salt dips – 4 masters, and 3 individual
79 Gunther Beer advertisement shakers, pair of
80 Vintage hotel telephone Strongburg Carlson brand
81 Desk ink well with stick pen
82 2 Hunting knives – One Timber Rattler with sheath, one curved with wooden handle
83 3 Straight razors – one with case, one with damaged edge
84 Leather pistol holster, marked 1942 US
85 5 Glass insulators – 4 blue are marked Canadian Pacific Railroad
86 Tiles, Minton brand – 25 total, 6 x 6
87 Knives – 4 pocket, 1 hunting, and 1 Franklin Mint letter opener with box
88 3 Winross trucks – Atlantic & Louis Dreyfus Energy tankers, and Toy Show transporter
89 1950’s Photos – Old Dominion Speedway Manassas, Virginia, 3 total, framed 11 x 9
90 Coca-Cola tin soda bottle carrier with 5 glass Coca-Cola bottles, dated December 25, 1923
91 Box of VHS tape movies
92 2 Tonka toys – dump truck & loader
93 Black powder long rifle
94 Black powder Civil War musket, dated 1859
95 Black powder 1861 US Springfield musket
96 Black powder flint lock musket, Barnette, London
97 World War II style homemade sword – 29″ long
98 World War II bayonet with sheath – 17″
99 Masonic sword – 36″ long
100 Display of pin back buttons & ribbons, mostly political
101 Store display brushes rack
102 5 Belt buckles
103 Metal commercial ceiling light fixture, 19″ diameter
104 Wooden toys – truck, airplane, tool box, cut-outs, noise maker, etc – also includes tambourine, and child’s iron
105 Model trains lot – transformer, track, small cars, American Flyer box, and cut & assemble book, in wooden wine crate
106 Kitchenware – cookie cutters, tinware cream can, tulip design shakers, Rumford biscuit cutters, etc
107 Kitchenware – glass juicer, red handled stackable lunch pail, and two glass choppers
108 Nut tin of buttons
109 Glass cigar box store display top
110 Pottery – brown over white bean pot, and vase
111 Ammo casings – some brass, some steel with advertisement boxes
112 Tin cream can with lid
113 Hay hook
114 Bottle caper with box of caps
115 Marble based table lamp, 26″ tall – no shade
116 Advertisement boxes – Chateau Cheese, Huntley & Palmers Reading Biscuits, and crystallized strawberries
117 3 Cigar boxes
118 Dresser box of costume jewelry – buckles, bracelets, sweater clips, etc
119 Sports cards album – mostly baseball
120 Brass wall sconce light fixtures, pair of
121 Baby bottles, box flat of 10
122 Costume jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, beads, etc – box flat of
123 Advertisement boxes – Paddy soap pads, Victoria kitchen matches, Barkers hog worm powder, and mineralized cow feed supplement
124 Vintage greeting cards, 4 boxed sets
125 Advertisement tins – one Warrenton, Virginia fruit cake
126 4 Ceramic village houses with light cords
127 Toys – Jack-in-the-box, tin horse trailers, trucks, etc – box lot
128 Misc – Coca-cola waste can, Thompsons Dairy bottle, Masons canning jar, glass canister jars, Green Meadow Dairy bottle, etc
129 Packaged stretch socks, various sizes – box flat of
130 Advertisement coffee bags – Golden rod, Pounda, Rising Sun Tavern, etc
131 Sewing supplies Bias tape – 12 boxes various colors in “Wright’s” advertisement boxes
132 Ball point pens, 4 boxes – 1950’s-1960’s era, no bar codes
133 Glass medical syringes, box flat of
134 2 Thermometers – 1 National Biscuit Company plaque type, and 1 plastic Farmall scene-cracked cover
135 Advertisement boxes, & bottles, mostly medicine
136 65 flour bags, 24lb size – 62 Ideal, 3 Germania Mills – all Fredericksburg, VA
137 Tin Marlboro sign – 18 x 22
138 Advertisement boxes – Lipton, McCormick, Sauer’s, Marcal, and more
139 Military tote lot with lid – canteen, mess kit, belts, bag, etc
140 Household – German tea set, Coca-Cola glasses, amber glass beverage pitcher, etc
141 Candy boxes with Janney’s Stick Candy advertisement, 2-1/2 lb. size “Janney-Marshall Co. Fredericksburg, VA”, approx 30 total
142 Lucky Star pencil tablets – 3 packages of 2 Dozen each plus 2 extra
143 Candy boxes with Janney’s Stick Candy advertisement, 5 lb. size “Janney-Marshall Co. Fredericksburg, VA”, approx 16 total
144 Lucky Star pencil tablets – 3 packages of 2 Dozen each plus 2 extra
145 6 Vintage jar opener / lifters – “The New 1948 Grabber Wrench” with original packaging
146 Scissors Sharpeners, with Welsh’s Coal advertisement & 4 digit phone number, box flat of
147 Lucky Star pencil tablets – 3 packages of 2 Dozen each plus 2 extra
148 Safety-matches, Janco brand “Janney-Marshall co. Inc. Fredericksburg, VA. U.S.A.” one sealed package of 12 packs of 12 little boxes (144) plus one partial package missing one pack of 12
149 Packaged stretch socks, various sizes – box flat of
150 Fletcher 8″ oil lamp wicks – 1 sealed package of 144, and 1 partial package
151 Union trade mark sandwich bags, 16 boxes of 100 white waxed paper bags
152 Flea-Tox, case of 12 cans – kills fleas and lice on dogs, cats, birds, poultry, & humans
153 Safety-matches, Janco brand “Janney-Marshall co. Inc. Fredericksburg, VA. U.S.A.” 3 sealed packages of 12 packs of 12 little boxes (144) each
154 Janco brand orange & black pekoe tea bags – case of 48 boxes of 16, Janney-Marshall Co. Inc. Fredericksburg. VA.
155 Advertisement egg cartons, Purina Layena Eggs – 8 total
156 50 Flour bags, 24lb size -Ideal brand, Fredericksburg, VA
157 Toys – Mickey Mouse rolly-polly, Fisher-Price phone, Huffy Puffy pull toy, xylophone, cobblers work bench, wooden car, caps, and much more
158 3 Galvanized buckets
200 1990 ford F150 xlt lariat is an extended cab with 7 foot bed is a four speed with 302 gas motor has cloth seats up front and leather seats in the back, truck does not run so your buying as is will need to bring roll back or trailer to haul it, does have rust on fenders and does not have current inspection is a half ton truck with 145 thousand miles and is 4 wheel drive
201 100 gallon diesel fuel tank 54 inches long
202 Black smith bench vice
203 Three fire place inserts
204 Hobart brand commercial deep fryer not tested by us
205 Dahle brand paper cutter with measuring Matt
206 Sony radio
207 Sony multi channel a receiver and Sony DVD player
208 Fisher sound stage and pioneer disc player
209 JVC Stereo with double cassette, tuner &  speakers
210 Box of vintage license plates
211 Four statesman brand vintage car tube’s
212 Hp design jet 4500 printer that is 42 inches printer unit do not have power cord’s your buying as is
250 Tin colanders – 17 total
251 Club aluminum pot set – hammered finish, 6 pots & 6 lids – note Dutch oven lid is non-matching
252 Flea-Tox, case of 12 cans – kills fleas and lice on dogs, cats, birds, poultry, & humans
253 Safety-matches, Janco brand “Janney-Marshall Co. Inc. Fredericksburg, VA. U.S.A.” 3 sealed packages of 12 packs of 12 little boxes (144) each
254 Safe-Way Roach Ribbons, 24″ long – 18 packages of 3 each
255 Advertisement packages – Putnam Dyes, Roll-o Cigarette Tobacco, Stoven & X-Ray Stove Polish
256 Safety-matches, Janco brand “Janney-Marshall co. Inc. Fredericksburg, VA. U.S.A.” 3 sealed packages of 12 packs of 12 little boxes (144) each
257 8 Boxes Plee-zing facial tissues, and 20 boxes of Soft Spun sanitary tissues
258 Lucky Star pencil tablets – 1 open package, and a stack of loose – approx 6 dozen total
259 3 Gunston Hall Coffee jars
260 Sierra Tableware by Hazel-Atlas Glass Co. – case of 24 footed dessert cups
261 Advertisement boxes & tins – Borden’s, Lipton’s, DyanShine, Rat-Tox, Victoria, Janco, Marcal, etc
262 Light bulbs – box & flat of various sizes & styles
263 Wooden toys – cars, trains, stack toys, etc
264 Records / 33’s, various artists – Rod Stewart, Gene Pitney, Barry Manilow, The Everly Brothers, and more – also includes album of CD covers only
265 Books – Royal Wedding, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, FAD (Fairchild Aircraft Division), The White House, etc
266 Tin advertisement motor oil cans – Columbia, & Plee-zing brands, 7 total
267 Can labels, Janco brand
268 Fishing reels, Garcia 3000, JebcoXRL80, etc – 4 total
269 Fishing lures
270 Figurines, shakers, dolls, glass nativity figures, etc
271 Records / 45’s, various artists, some with sleeves
272 Almanacs, some late 1800’s – box of
273 Can labels – Stickleys Peaches, and Queen Shenandoah Brand
274 Comic books – Marvel, Image, Valiant, etc, box of
275 Music CD’s, various artists – box of
276 Dolls of the world, clowns, etc, box of
277 Houseware – green depression grill plates, chamber pot with lid, vase, celery dish, mixing bowl, figurines, etc
278 4 Cassette tape cases, filled with cassettes
279 Snoopy collectibles – ice shaver machine, books, bank, figures, etc
280 Long handle iron work trident fork, and vintage reach grabber stick
281 Costume jewelry – Reed & Barton pewter apple necklace, Egyptian style beaded collar, polished stone bracelet, and more
282 Enamel 2-pc clam steamer pot, good clean condition
283 Silver-plate – serving utensils, glass lined footed salt dip, bottle stopper, letter opener/stapler, bell, cobalt lined mini mug, etc
284 Lighters – Marlboro, lion shaped, etc
285 Toys – metal airplanes, top, lead cow figure, small Tonka dump truck, small cars, etc
286 2 Iron work oil lamp brackets – missing wall mounting piece
287 Misc – wooden mallet & masher, 2 granny forks, 1 stir-up, honeycomb pumpkin decoration, mug, etc
288 3 Print blocks
289 Trinkets – letter openers, book mark, small Delft wall plate, candle wick scissors, token, pin back, etc
290 2 Burlap potato advertisement bags, good graphics – Wirz Inc. & McPhersons Country Club Farms
291 Silver-plate carving sets, and butter knives
292 4 Toy guns with 1 holster – Mountie, Trooper, etc
293 Misc – chalk ware vases, miniature crystal figurines, finger oil lamp base only, Exxon Humble tanker truck with box, cobalt medicine bottles, beer stein, lamp globes, and more
294 Dish ware – Le Creuset beverage pitcher, Pfaltzgraff Winterberry mugs, individual soufflé dish, and misc pottery & painted china dishes – Box lot
295 Commercial cappuccino machine – clean, but not tested by us
296 Chandelier – 12 bulb style brass with glass globes – 26″ diameter by 19″ high with 19″ chain
297 Chandelier – brass & etched glass 3-bulb style – 10″ diameter by 19″ high
298 Toys – John Deer wagons, tractor, small Tonka dump truck, yo-yo’s, Packaged Days Gone By cars, and more
299 Slag glass ceiling light – 15″ diameter by 13″ high not including chain
300 Buttons, card of 30 – mostly metal military
301 Coffee advertisement bags – box flat of Golden Rod
302 Toy cars, shoe box tote full – Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Majorette, etc
303 Paper goods – booklets, early 1900’s almanacs, Farmers, Mechanics account books, etc
304 Tile trivets – 17 total, various scenes
305 Allergy Pro air purifier – tested & working
306 Records / 33’s, various artists – Dean Martin, Marty Robbins, Barry Mannilow, Ronnie Milsap, Johnny Mathis, and more
307 Youth spindle back rocking chair, painted black
308 5 Advertisement labels – Mount Vernon Brand Apple Cider Vinegar, National Fruit, Winchester VA – 14″ diameter
309 Magazines, circa 1950’s – Handyman, Home Craftsman, Useful Ideas, etc
310 Misc – zinc canning jar lids, tinware muffin & tart pans, misc utensils, brass fire hose nozzle made into a lamp, etc
311 Men’s dress hat, size 6-7/8 with hatbox
312 Buttons – card of 30 metal, some state seal style
313 Buttons, card of 48 metal General Service style
314 Patches, small container of Civil Air Patrol, and State
315 Military Uniform – Navy jacket & pants
316 Buttons, 75 total on 2 cards – all metal, CSA, eagle, and coat of arms styles
317 Toys – small Tonka loaders, Tootsie Toys, Buddy L, and more
318 Buttons, card of 47 – all metal military, initials, anchors, etc – plus three lapel pins (top row right side)
319 Paper goods – post cards, matchbooks, and maps
320 4 Advertisement labels – Queen Shenandoah Brand, Martinsburg Fruit Exchange, Martinsburg, W. VA. U.S.A. – 16″ diameter
321 Toys – Madame Alexander “Susanne” doll, and 3 stuffed plush teddy bears
322 Records / 33’s, various artists & genres – bluegrass, classical, country, etc
323 Advertisement boxes, bottles, & tins – mostly medicines – large box flat of
324 RCA repairman’s case full of television & radio tubes with original boxes, does have some mold smell, but I’m sensitive
325 Sports cards, baseball, basketball, and football – nice group lot here
326 Animal jaw bone14″ long, possible hog bore
327 Coca-Cola fishing rod & reel, in sealed carded package
328 Coupon post cards with K-9 Dog Food advertisement
329 2 HP Laser Jet print cartridges, 98A
330 Toys – Schoenhut piano, Fisher-Price turtle pull toy, rocking horse, wooden pull string clown, etc
331 Holiday string lights and misc decorations, Sterilite tote full-no lid
332 Dishes – Fireking Primrose covered casserole dish, jelly glasses, pie plate, mini vases, trinket box, etc
333 Glass – etched green depression double handle 9″ bowl, floral serving tray, footed pressed glass compote with flower arranger top, etc
334 Glass – Etched footed clear depression cake stand & pair of candlestick holders
335 Anchor Hocking Jade-ite 4-pc nested mixing bowl set in sealed original box
336 Pink depression serving dishes – 1 footed 11″ bowl, and 1 center handled sandwich / tidbit server
337 Misc – glass atomizer, pottery flower frog, milk glass shakers, and small creamer
338 22-pcs Pink Depression glass with dogwood flower design – creamer sugar, cups, saucers, salad & bread plates – partial set
339 Glass – Green swirl art glass top hat, green glass powder / candy dish, and white swirl syrup-cracked
340 Painted china, 24-pc Demitasse cups & saucers – 1 cup is chipped
341 Painted china 15 platter with pheasant design
342 Pink depression glass – 4 stemware wine goblets, 7 salad plates, 3 cups, etc
343 Mini light shades & globes, box lot
344 Toys – My Pal 2 electronic talking robot and Tekno the robotic puppy, both with original boxes

Hash Auctions VAAF 692

Auctioneer: Brian Hash, VAAR 2032   WV 1122